How self-confidence can equal success for franchisees

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Self confidence can help franchisees

Self-confidence is an integral factor in the success of most entrepreneurs. It allows individuals to believe in their decision-making abilities and push onwards, even when times are tough. Here, we take a look at how self-confidence impacts franchisees and what you can do if youre suffering from a lack of self-confidence.

Why is self-confidence is relevant to franchising?

Self-confidence is hugely relevant to all types of business model, but particularly to franchising. As a franchisee, youll be responsible for building a new business from the ground up and will often be operating in high-pressure environments. Anything that affects your ability to do so jeopardises the success of the business. As the manager, youll regularly be making tough decisions that require clarity of thought and the self-belief to push through your ideas. Its often the case that successful franchise development depends on a strong and confident leader to keep everything running as it should.

How do you know if you suffer from a lack of self-confidence?

Though many individuals are aware of their own self-doubt, many people go through life without recognising that their lack of self-confidence is holding them back. Consequently, it's essential to be able to identify the signs, signals and symptoms of low self-confidence if you're to begin resolving the issue.

Some of the most evident signs of a lack of confidence are feelings of anxiety, insecurity, and fear. In many cases, it wont be clear as to why youre suffering from these feelings and in others, it will. Similarly, a damaging preoccupation with what others think and say can be a symptom of self-doubt. Franchisees could also be troubled by low confidence levels if they find themselves too afraid to act or take risks, if they're overly sensitive to criticism, or if they're continually measuring themselves against their peers and feeling that they dont match up.

The potential effects of a lack of confidence

While the above list isnt exhaustive, it does identify some of the key signs that youre suffering from a lack of confidence. Low self-confidence can have a dramatic impact on your ability to perform to the highest standards. It can leave you unwilling to take risks, paralysed by inaction, and unable to make decisions. A certain amount of self-belief is necessary if youre to direct a business through the everyday challenges youll encounter as a franchisee, and anything that prevents you from operating under pressure will have a detrimental effect on your managerial abilities.

A lack of confidence can also have other, less obvious effects. One of the key ways it can disrupt a business is by reducing your ability to communicate well with employees, customers and other businesses. This is an important skill in most successful franchises but is essential to businesses where sales or everyday customer interaction are prominent activities.

A lack of self-confidence is often normal

One of the most common misconceptions surrounding confidence is that people either demonstrate great self-confidence or have none whatsoever. This binary approach suggests that individuals are either confident or not, completely ignoring the fact that we change over time and our attitude and perspective shift too. In reality, confidence is a broad spectrum upon which we are sometimes higher up and sometimes lower down. To a certain extent, a lack of self-confidence is perfectly normal. Even those who are outwardly supremely confident have their moments of self-doubt. There are also plenty of ways you can begin to tackle self-confidence issues.

Ways to work on a lack of self-confidence

While its often easier to improve your self-confidence with the help and support of other people, it can be achieved on your own. One of the most important ways you can begin to raise your confidence levels is by breaking tasks down into smaller parts. This ensures you get the satisfaction of completing a task more regularly, which in turn encourages you to attempt more things and to push yourself harder.

If youre attempting to help someone else with their lack of self-confidence, communication is a great way to do so. One of the major contributors to low self-confidence is the feeling that you dont measure up to those around you. Acknowledging that we all sometimes suffer from self-doubt helps reassure individuals that they arent alone in feeling this way and that theyre probably overly harsh on themselves. By talking about the issue and discussing how we lack confidence, it becomes readily apparent that were not as isolated or insecure as we thought. Likewise, communicating about confidence allows us to recognise the issue and begin to think about ways to manage it. Finally, talking about a lack of self-confidence in a group context can enable us to start enjoying the sensation of self-doubt as a sign of personal growth and development.

Training also has a prominent role to play in improving self-confidence. Much of the time, we suffer from low confidence levels because we're unsure of ourselves or have been put in new or challenging situations. By providing individuals with thorough training in those areas where they're unsure of themselves, we can improve their confidence by providing them with the safety net of experience. Training also gives us a sense of movement, momentum, and constant improvement. This in itself is an excellent way of tackling low self-confidence. Its important to remember that the best franchises to buy are those that offer this type of training and support.

The problem of over-confidence

Though we've so far only discussed the issues associated with a lack of confidence, having too much confidence in yourself can be equally as damaging. Over-confidence can blind you to the advice of others, make you look arrogant or egotistical, and prevent you from seeing the reality of the situation in front of you. It can affect your relationships with employees and customers and is just as likely to harm the business as a lack of self-confidence.

Self-confidence is essential if you're to succeed as a franchise manager. However, too much confidence and you're likely to make poor decisions, too. That's why it's necessary to strike a delicate balance between the two. If you are suffering from a lack of self-confidence, it's important to remember that it's a common phenomenon - nearly everyone doubts themselves at some point. Likewise, it's important to begin looking at ways to improve your self-confidence. When you believe in your own abilities, business management is that much easier.

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