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Flash Global franchise

Flash Global provides premium freight services to across diverse markets.

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    6% of monthly turnover
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Are you ready to accelerate your entrepreneurial success in the booming road freight industry?

Seize the opportunity to become part of our dynamic franchise network with our cutting-edge franchise opportunity tailored for business-to-business (B2B) excellence.

About Flash Global

Established in 1980, Flash by Redspher is a global leader in B2B premium freight, serving over 78 countries worldwide. Over the past 40 years, Redspher have established themselves in the premium haulage market, now with 49 offices in 19 countries and 600 employees worldwide.

Flash Global Franchise Van Trusted by many big brands including Renault, Airbus, Alstom and Audi, Redspher have established themselves as one of the most trusted haulage companies in the world.

We have established partnerships with tried and trusted freight providers giving us access to over 6,000 vehicles and 600 aircraft and helicopters. We have over 1,500 longstanding road partnerships and 300 freight handling agents across Europe.

Our franchise network operates in Turkey, Serbia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Tunisia and Morocco, and now we are looking to replicate the success of those franchisees here in the UK.

Why Choose a Flash Global Franchise?

No Premises Required – Break free from traditional constraints. Our franchise empowers you to operate without the need for physical premises, minimising overhead costs and maximising profits.

No Vehicles Required – Leave the logistics to us. No need to invest in a fleet of vehicles; instead, utilise our state-of-the-art platform, providing access to a network of reputable and trusted freight providers.

Exclusive Software – Gain a competitive edge with our specifically developed software for premium freight services. Streamline operations, enhance efficiency and provide an unparalleled service to tour clients.

Fast Growing Market – Dive into a market on the rise. The road freight industry is experiencing unprecedented growth, and our recognised brand is at the forefront, offering you a unique opportunity to capitalise on this momentum.

Blue-Chip and Corporate Clients – Join a brand with a stellar reputation. Benefit from our extensive portfolio of blue-chip and corporate clients, instantly elevating your credibility in the market.

Recognised Brand – Partner with q well-established and recognised brand that stands for quality and reliability. Leverage our brand’s reputation to build trust and secure long-term business relationships.

Flexibility and Independence – Be your own boss. Our franchise model provides the flexibility to manage your business on your terms while enjoying the independence that comes with entrepreneurship.

Training and support provided

Flash Global Franchise Vans
Protected Territory – Enjoy the security of a designated and protected territory, giving you exclusive rights to serve businesses in your area.

Training and Support – Receive extensive training and on-going support to ensure you are well-equipped to navigate the road freight industry and build a successful business.

Freight Provider Platform – Access our comprehensive platform that connects you with a network of reliable and trusted freight providers.

Technology Integration – Stay ahead with our cutting-edge technology R:Tech that simplifies operations, enhances communication and keeps you informed in real-time.


The ideal Flash Global franchisee

Flash Global Franchise Lorry TruckWe are seeking individuals with a entrepreneurial mindset, exceptional interpersonal skills and a focus on delivering quality services/ As a team player you will collaborate with like-minded individuals dedicated to success.

While not essential, business experience within the transport sector is highly valued, as it will enable you to leverage your expertise to navigate the industry and drive your franchise to new heights.

We are interested in talking with:

People who are considering or are determined to start their own business.

People whose goals and ambitions are to be independent and an entrepreneur, rather than an employee.

People who like and don’t mind hard work, and have the intrinsic energy and motivation to be ready to go in a new direction.

People who have an affinity with digitalisation and data.

People who are team players preferably with sales and account management experience or dynamic graduates who want the autonomy of being their own boss and who can learn fast.

Join Us and Drive Your Success!

We have a limited number of territories available so don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to own a premium road freight service franchise and become part of a dynamic network in this fast growing sector .Contact us today to learn more about this exciting opportunity.