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21/10/2018 18:00 | Food franchises

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If you’re looking to get into the food sector, franchising presents a unique opportunity. Depending on how much you’re willing to invest, there are restaurants, kiosks, or delivery businesses to choose between. Here, we walk you through the options on offer.

Food industry jobs

The food industries – particularly the fast food sector – have benefitted from a long association with franchising. Many of the world’s biggest food brands have utilised the franchise system to build global empires and bring their products to people in diverse countries, all across the planet. When you think of the most popular names in food, you’re probably thinking of businesses that have thrived due to the franchise model.

However, franchising has also been responsible for the spread of many types of food jobs and business besides fast food restaurants. In recent years, up-market brands that focus on a more luxurious dining experience have prospered by adopting a franchise structure. Likewise, food distribution companies are also experiencing a great deal of success due to this unique means of business expansion.

Food industry jobs UK – the economic context

For budding entrepreneurs, the food industry is a remarkably tempting proposition. Consumer expenditure in restaurants and other types of eating establishment totalled approximately £85 billion in 2017. An astounding 43% of UK consumers eat out at least once a week and spending has not experienced a year-on-year drop in more than a decade.

The franchising sector contributes more than £15 billion to the UK economy and currently employs around 621,000 people across the country. Food franchises constitute a large percentage of the 45,000 franchises operating on the high street and are a significant factor in the sector's success. Interestingly, more than 50% of franchises now claim an annual turnover more than £250,000.

These statistics point towards the fact that the food industry and franchising are a match made in heaven. The sheer diversity of investment opportunities also means business-orientated individuals can choose the type of organisation that best suits them.

Types of food franchise

In the UK, the food industry is a diverse and varied sector. Though the franchise model cannot be applied to all food business (for instance, farming and other forms of traditional food production do not lend themselves well to franchising), the system is utilised throughout much of the industry. This includes;

Restaurants – whether it’s fast food or fine dining, franchising has been at the heart of the restaurant industry for a considerable amount of time. It’s fair to say that UK consumers would not have the kind of choice they enjoy today were it not for franchising.

Delivery – there’s a growing trend for organic farming operations to franchise their distribution networks. Franchises like Wiltshire Farm Foods and Riverside have had a great deal of success building their operation in this way.

Vending – many UK franchises specialise in vending services and that focus on providing retailers with EPOS displays or fitting machines in suitable locations.

Food trucks – food trucks have achieved wide-spread success in the US and Australia, and the UK is finally catching up.

Franchising allows individuals to fit out their van quickly and to generate business by adopting an established brand identity.

Our top tips for potential food franchisees

Though there's enormous variety within the food sector, there are many franchises that offer fantastic returns on your investment that can probably be considered the best in the industry. Below, we take a look at five of these exciting investment opportunities.

1. Papa John’s

Alongside Dominos, Papa John’s is one of the world’s leading pizza delivery businesses and a popular UK franchise. With more than 350 franchise units open in the UK, it has developed an extensive national network and can offer franchisees excellent support.

To become a franchisee, an investment of £170,000 to £225,000 will be required. This entitles the franchisee to a 10-year term, a comprehensive franchise package, and ongoing support and guidance.

2. Subway

Subway can boast that they have the most restaurants of any business in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry. Their model is much emulated but never bettered, and franchisees benefit from one of the most recognisable brands in the world.

A Subway franchise will cost around £100,000. For this fee, franchisees will be granted the right to operate under the Subway name and utilise its trademarks. You'll also receive help selecting and fitting a location, as well as launching your new store. The Subway franchisee support system is second to none, and all new team members are provided with a great deal of guidance.

3. Dunkin’ Donuts

Offering high-quality coffee and delicious doughnuts, Dunkin' Donuts has more than 70-years of experience in the fast food industry. Particularly popular among young consumers, the franchise's principal products are very much in demand across all UK markets.

If you’re dreaming of becoming a Dunkin’ Donuts franchisee, you’ll need to have liquid assets amounting to approximately £1,200,000 and a net worth of around £2,300,000.

4. Wiltshire Farm Foods

Wiltshire Farm Foods is one of the UK’s leading frozen food delivery franchises. Delivering from 75 localised shops, the business specialises in providing meal packages to customers around the country – particularly those who find it difficult to leave the house and would otherwise struggle to shop.

To become a franchisee, you’ll need capital and liquid assets of around £80,000 to £150,000. This will entitle you to training, ongoing support, marketing guidance and the right to operate under the Wiltshire brand, amongst other things.

5. Wolf

The newest of our top five food franchises, Wolf specialises in Italian street food in a casual but luxurious environment. Emphasising speed, convenience, ambience, and healthy eating, Wolf offers a unique, “fast-casual” dining experience.

A total investment of approximately £200,000 is necessary to become a franchisee. The franchisor has scouted locations ready and waiting for the right franchisee and offers a comprehensive training programme that prepares new business owners for the challenges ahead.

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