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Your Local Takeaways franchise

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By owning a Your Local Takeaways franchise, you will be putting yourself in the best position to run a localised food ordering platform to compete with the likes of Just Eat and Deliveroo. We provide you with the best technology and guidance to make sure your area can be a success.

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About Your Local Takeaways

Your Local Takeaways began its journey in March 2022 when our first area launched in Bury.

Your Local Takeaway Franchise App

Since then we have since launched two more areas In Bolton and Blackburn. Our model also has success outside of the United Kingdom, operating under the name ‘ Delivery Champs’ we also run another 3 areas in Pakistan, with our app being the dominant food delivery app in Sheikhupura, Lahore and Chiniot.

Our decision to Franchise Your Local Takeaways was a simple one! After setting up 3 successful areas outside of the Uk and 3 within the UK, it was clear to see that the model not only works but thrives! Our intention is to run areas all over the United Kingdom and we aim to start by running as many areas as possible in the South of England for the time being before moving further north and eventually in to Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

For this model to work and to be a success, we need somebody who is local to their chosen area, somebody who is driven and willing to work unsociable, long hours and someone who understands that their area will not become profitable over night.

The app is built to compete with the likes of Just Eat, Uber Eats and Deliveroo. We guarantee that any updates and changes needed to keep your app up to date and competitive will be made to ensure you can keep pushing until you have the most used food delivery app in the area.

Training and support provided

From the moment you sign your contract, you will be given all the support you need until the day you launch to put you in the best possible position of making your launch a big success.


It’s in everyone’s interest that your area is a success and we are confident that if our model is followed that within time your app will be very profitable.

From learning about the system, designing your graphics for your app, to being helped to approach takeaways and restaurants, we have a team available every step of the way. Every member of our team has experience in working with or running either a Delivery Champs or Your Local Takeaways area, so you’re in safe hands.

Our designer will make sure you have everything you need to approach takeaways from Leaflets, banners, business cards and all your social media graphics. Our Area manager will be there to ensure you set your socials up correctly. If you don’t have any previous experience in sales, don’t worry, our Area Manager will make sure you know exactly what to say to make sure you get your target takeaways on board in time for launch.

Our system is an easy one to use and you will be taught the ins and outs of exactly how it works. From setting up takeaways machines for them to receive orders to being able to manage day to day orders. Once you feel comfortable using the system yourself, you will have no issues setting these machines up yourself and ensuring each takeaway feels comfortable using the machines themselves.


The ideal Your Local Takeaways franchisee

Your Local TakeawayBury Figures

When looking for the right person to run a Your Local Takeaways area, there are a few key things were looking for.

None more so than a hard working individual. This model can be ran successfully around a full time job but will also require you to work some very unsociable hours. Takeaways can open as early as 7am and close as late as 3/4am. When it comes to finding time to approach these takeaways you could have meetings spread out on the same day from as early as 7am and have another at 11:30pm. It is something that needs to be done to guarantee you find time to meet all takeaways you want on your app, working around not only your busy schedule but theirs too.

Previous sales experience is a bonus, meaning you will be able to go straight into takeaways full of confidence of being able to persuade takeaways to join your app. It’s not essential that you have previous sales experience as it is a pretty easy sell and you will be helped by your area manager every step of the way.

A people's person – Everything this app is built around is the local effect and keeping everything within the community. If you are a person who can bring people together and have the confidence to create not only business partnerships but relationships with takeaways owners, then this will help your app grow into something like what we have built in Bury, in which in less than 9 months we have built a massive community feel around our app.


Your Local Takeaways' history

The Your Local Takeaways franchise has been a long time coming after success within 3 areas in England as well as 3 abroad in Pakistan.

Your Local Takeaway Delivery Champs Sheikhupura FiguresIn May 2021, Delivery Champs launched in Sheikhupura and within a few months it quickly became a household name, competing with Food Panda ( Pakistan's equivalent to Just Eat )

It wasn’t long before we expanded into Lahore and Chiniot soon after, fast forward to the beginning of 2023 and we are now the leading food delivery app in both Sheikhupura and Chiniot.

After the success abroad we made the decision to test the model in the Uk and followed the same pattern putting all our focus into Bury and building it over the past months into a position in which is competes with the likes of Uber Eats and Just Eat. Blackburn and Bolton have since launched and allowed us to establish ourselves before we decided to push our model further down south and eventually across the rest of the United Kingdom.

We feel that the time is right now for us to push on and as we continue to develop and improve our app, also push our model all over the country. Our intention is to have 150 areas by June 2024. If you have any interest in joining the Your Local Takeaways family and running your own area, then contact us, arrange a call and we will give you all the details you need to find out how you can run your very own food delivery app.