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One Delivery franchise information

One Delivery is the largest fast food and restaurant delivery service in the country and is offering an exciting franchise business opportunity for budding entrepreneurs. If youre thinking of starting a franchise, then you could join the 65 other One Delivery franchisees in major cities all over the UK.

This delivery franchise provides hungry customers with food from their favourite well-known fast food outlets, as well as independent restaurants. This means that customer choice is not restricted to the usual meals of pizza, Chinese or Indian but can include roast dinner, fish and chips and burgers, thanks to One Delivery.

Established in 2013, this is a relatively new franchise but one that is in prime position to dominate the market. One Delivery has now built up an excellent reputation for its quality, fast and convenient service and is appreciated by people with hangovers up and down the country.

Whats required?

As a franchisee, youre in control of when you work. You can set your hours to fit around other commitments. Being able to run this delivery franchise on a part-time basis provides you with the freedom and flexibility to enjoy the benefits of being a business owner without the full-time commitment which is very often required.

This is a great franchise business opportunity for anyone wishing to earn an extra income alongside a full-time job or those who want to run a business around the needs of their family. As a One Delivery franchisee, your busy periods will typically be evenings and weekends, freeing up your days to pursue other interests.

You dont need any prior experience of running a business or working in the delivery industry as youll receive full training on the website and dispatch system. Youll also receive all the support you need when starting a franchise with One Delivery, including marketing material to promote your business within your local community.

How it works

It couldn't be easier or quicker for customers to order their favourite foods to be delivered straight to their door. They log onto the One Delivery website, place their order, then sit back and wait for their food. The seamless service also allows them to track the location of their food, so they know when to expect it.

The process is pretty straightforward for participating restaurants too. They receive a real-time update when an order is placed and then can print it out at the tap of a button to give to kitchen staff. When the order is nearly ready the restaurant notifies a driver that collection is needed. When the driver arrives, specialist equipment is used to keep the food fresh and hot while it's on its way to the customer's address.
As a franchisee, your profit comes from a margin placed on the food of approximately 20% as delivery is free. This is a great franchise opportunity that benefits local restaurants, the customer and you.

Case studies

There are over 65 franchisees that have already invested in this delivery franchise. There are many reasons that franchisees have given for choosing One Delivery. Here are just a few:

The demand is out there
Jeremy from Nottingham become a franchisee in August 2014. He was understandably nervous when he first invested as there was no guarantee that his business was going to take off. However, thanks to the massive demand for a fast and reliable delivery service, Jeremy is doing between 20 and 30 deliveries every night. And with no signs of demand slowing down, Jeremy couldnt be happier that he decided to take a risk on One Delivery.

Its a simple concept
Dean started his franchise in Cardiff in May 2014 as he wanted to earn a bit of extra cash. But thanks to the simple concept and straightforward business model, Dean has quickly grown his franchise and now manages a team of delivery drivers. Fulfilling hundreds of deliveries every month, Dean has been able to leave his salaried job to become a full-time franchisee.

Support is on hand whenever its needed
Tom began his journey as a One Delivery franchisee in June 2015 in Southend. Having never owned a business before, Tom was concerned that he wouldn't have the necessary skills and experience to make his franchise a success. Tom needn't have worried though. The support and advice that he's received from One Delivery have been first class, and Tom is excited about the developments and marketing activity that the business is investing in to raise awareness of the brand even more. This level of support and advertising are elements of a business that Tom would have missed out on if he'd decided to open an independent venture.

Financial information

Starting a franchise with One Delivery is much more affordable than youd think. In fact, you could be your own boss in return for a franchise fee of just £995.00.

The management fee is £75 per month plus a 5% - 12% fee on credit card orders. The remainder is yours to keep and, based on other franchisees, youre likely to turn a profit by month three.

And the future looks bright. The average person in the UK spends a whopping £110 or more every month on takeaways. With the average order value for One Delivery customers at £23.00, you can make between £8 and £9 for every delivery.

This has led to many franchisees achieving a turnover of £35,000 plus in their first year. In fact, this is just a fraction of what can be earned by dedicated and hardworking franchisees. Some One Delivery franchisees have reported that they're expecting to turnover more than £100,000 in their first year of trading.

The UK restaurant food delivery sector is now valued at over £5bn and growing so now is the time for you to sink your teeth into this food delivery franchise.

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