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The best burger franchise opportunities in the UK

If you’re looking to break into the restaurant industry with a successful burger business, there are plenty of fast food franchises to choose between. However, not all offer franchisees the same potential for growth and expansion. Here, we take a look at our four best franchise opportunities and provide a little insight into what makes them special.

Top burger franchise opportunities

Loaded Burgers

Loaded Burgers positions itself in the fast-growing gourmet burger sector, distinguishing itself from the competition by providing customers with giant mouthfuls of the finest ingredients around. Developed by five brothers who were tired of only being able to find skinny, unappetising burgers around London, Loaded Burgers offers fresh and lip-smackingly good burgers at a reasonable price. Ideal for those individuals looking to make the most of a carefully considered and highly successful brand image and who want to deliver a premium product at prices that won't put customers off, this franchise is one to watch out for in the coming years.

To become a franchisee, Loaded Burgers requires a minimum investment of £20,000. For this initial startup cost, franchisees will be granted rights to use the Loaded Burger image, name and identity, provided with shop equipment, and receive a great deal of support and assistance. This includes an initial training period, help to select a restaurant location, and advice on marketing and growth strategies. Loaded Burger's dedicated franchise specialists will be on hand to offer support throughout the early phases of the business.


Hooters is one of the most well-known restaurant brands in the world. Having been in operation for 35 years, the franchise has grown significantly and remained a favourite eatery for a wide range of customers. With its unique combination of tasty burgers, well-mixed drinks and iconic Hooters Girls, a Hooters franchise is an incredible opportunity to start a burger business that's instantly recognisable. With around 500 sites in over 120 countries, the Hooters brand is as strong as ever and continuously looking to expand through the acquisition of new franchisees.

Due to the nature of the business and its name recognition, Hooters stipulates that new franchisees must have a net worth of around £2,000,000 and have an interest in operating at least three restaurants. While this may seem high compared to many of the other burger franchises on offer, Hooters is a radically different proposition. With an iconic image and established client base, it’s far less of a risk than many of the newer burger franchises currently emerging. It’s also able to offer an enormous amount of support, training and industry expertise to its new franchisees. This covers everything from selecting a business location to training staff and distributing marketing materials.


Wimpy is another iconic burger brand that’s looking to expand throughout the UK by attracting new franchisees. Like Hooters, Wimpy has carved out its specialist niche in the market. It was the first fast-food chain to open in the UK and once boasted over 500 stores nationwide. While the rise of American giants like McDonalds and KFC have since dwarfed that number, Wimpy has put into place a carefully considered and expertly branded plan to expand through a powerful franchising model. With 60 years of experience in the fast food sector, the franchise is ideally placed to provide franchisees with all the support and assistance they require to succeed.

To open a new Wimpy franchise, a minimum personal investment of £220,000 is required. Potential investors may also want to consider the option of setting up a Wimpy Express unit for just £80,000. Both of these figures include the £10,000 franchise fee and entitle the new franchisee to trade under the Wimpy name while receiving a great deal of support from the franchise. Wimpy offer a two-week training course and ongoing support to ensure franchisees have the best possible chance of growing their business. One of the fundamental ways they do this is through the Wimpy National Franchise Council, a body established to represent franchisees and as a means of allowing continuous dialogue between franchise units and central management.


Rocket’s unique approach sees it targeting fast-casual diners with high-quality food that's quick to serve and tastes delicious. Part of the highly respected, Irish restaurant group, RocketRestaurants Ltd., Rocket’s can offer franchisors a choice between two distinct restaurant models. The first – Eddie’s Rocket’s – makes the most of retro American diner décor to create a high-energy atmosphere that’s conducive to the type of dining experience most of their customers desire. The second – Rocket’s Restaurants – is better suited to smaller locations, where space is a premium, and the focus needs to be on providing a better burger every time.

Different levels of minimum investment are expected depending on which of the two investment opportunities franchisees choose to take advantage of. For instance, with the smaller Rocket’s Restaurants option, a minimum investment of anywhere between €200,000 and €600,000 can be expected. For the larger Eddie’s Rocket’s option, investors will require somewhere between €400,000 and €1.4 million, depending on the size and location of your chosen property. Both choices entitle the franchisee to access a wide variety of support systems, including assistance in selecting commercial premises, training programmes, and ongoing business support throughout the franchise’s developmental stages.

All four of our top burger franchises offer franchisees something a little different. With Loaded Burgers, we have a gourmet food outlet focusing on bringing big, juicy burgers to customers all over the country. With Hooters and Wimpy, we have two very different franchises with established names and huge brand recognition. Finally, with Rocket’s we have a business that specialises in providing excellent food quickly, and that has demonstrated its ability to adapt and succeed in countries all over the world. Whatever your preference, make sure you’ve done your research and you understand exactly what each is offering you before finalising your decision. Once you have, a popular and profitable burger franchise could be yours to own.

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