Diamond Logistics franchise

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Diamond Logistics franchise

diamond logistics: the fastest growing courier and fulfillment franchise business in the UK.

This is a unique growth opportunity: You can build and manage your own specialist, fast-growth courier and fulfilment business, all with the support of the Diamond HQ team that has led them to be the fastest growing courier company in the UK. Built up with over 25 years of logistics and business experience diamond logistics made it into the Virgin Fast Track 100 in 2016 and the Financial Times Europe’s top 1000 fast growing companies in 2017 and they want you to become part of their Shared Success story.

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About Diamond Logistics

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Diamond do not franchise anymore.


diamond logistics provides customers with a one-stop logistics solutions, with 3 unique services: same day, overnight & international and fulfilment.

Along with quality client care that is second to none. Their ‘Shared Success’ principle means it’s all about mutually beneficial partnerships – between couriers, clients, carriers and franchises. It’s a supportive relationship that delivers success.

This is a unique growth opportunity:

You can build and manage your own specialist, fast-growth courier and fulfilment business, all with the support of the Diamond HQ team. With over 25 years of logistics and business experience diamond logistics have won a few awards including being featured in the Virgin Fast Track 100 in 2016, FT Future 100, FT 1,000 Europe’s fastest growing companies and they want you to become part of their Shared Success story.

Want to learn more about this award-winning opportunity? Request our FREE, non-obligatory franchise prospectus here.

Why diamond logistics

diamond logistics is the only courier and fulfilment franchise which offers the full-service profile in same day, overnight and international express and fulfilment from parcels to pallets plus storage, pick pack and despatch services too.

Diamond logistics delivery franchise awards

Whether you are starting your own business or needing to add something to your existing courier service, a diamond franchise could be exactly what you are looking for.

There’s minimal capital expenditure, reasonable working hours and a proven formula for success. One that has got diamond logistics into Virgin Fast Track 100, 2016.

It’s very different – ground breaking in fact - for the UK courier industry. So if you’re starting up on your own or looking to improve your profit substantially, then you want to make sure your business model is right.

You need to find suppliers that can offer you the best service at the lowest rate to make your services competitive and profitable. And you need a brand and marketing campaign that is just waiting to add your personalised touch to it to offer the complete logistics solution.

diamond logistics does all of that with same day, overnight and international, and fulfilment services PLUS provides you with the support of the diamond family – at HQ, in sales, marketing and operations and your fellow franchises. 

The diamond franchise package

A diamond franchisee can expect to be equipped with everything that the franchise owner requires to launch, develop and manage a successful, profitable and sustainable business.

The initial programme involves:

  • Comprehensive training
  • Launch programme
  • Promotional package
  • Stationary package
  • Bespoke software (despatchlab) unique to diamond franchisees
  • Webpage
  • Operations manual
  • Licensing rights

The earnings opportunity

diamond franchises are high profit adaptable business models that allow for the natural ebb and flow of business, both annually and seasonally so that during quite times, your costs go down, not your profits.

The unique minimal capital expenditure model means that overheads are kept low and franchises operate with efficiency. You can expect your courier business to turn over at least £1 million in 3 years, if not considerably more when the sales programme is followed properly.

(For those courier and fulfilment company proprietors adding a diamond franchise to their existing business you can expect this to be added to existing turnover).

Diamond gives a template to exponentially increase your income and create a saleable business asset. It’s not easy running a successful company. But a network partner franchise with diamond logistics is a gift of brand and knowledge so you can jump on to a business development trajectory that will make your business grow. Without making rookie errors.

*New Module Franchise

Do you have an existing logistics business? Looking to add additional services?

If so, a modular franchise may be the answer.

diamond’s modular franchise opportunity is tailored to your own existing personal or business interests and is the perfect entry level franchise.

Add a modular new service onto your existing business at a fraction of the cost of a full franchise. Prices start from £12,000 per module.

  • Non-exclusive territory
  • Services of your choosing – pick sameday, overnight/international or fulfilment – 1, 2 or all 3!
  • Full 3 days training
  • 1-day launch
  • Service specific diamond stationary package
  • Access and integration with despatchlab, our logistics platform – sameday, overnight/international AND fulfilment in one system.
  • Access to all the carrier accounts – TNT, UK Mail, DX, DHL, Yodel, Whistl and more
  • UK support desk
  • diamond university to upskill your team and you personally – from everything from entrepreneurship, to service specific training
  • 3 national events a year – for training, inspirational networking and a jolly good knees up!
  • Turn your modular franchise into a full franchise at any stage.


The ideal Diamond Logistics franchisee

Who is right for diamond logistics?

To be an ideal Diamond candidate you’ll need to:

  • Be ambitious and self-motivated
  • Want to be rewarded by your own hard work
  • Want to benefit from long term support
  • Like having a sense of belonging to a team
  • Retain your sense of individuality yet be part of a network that enables you to compete with the national and international courier companies and their buying power
  • Be totally committed to excellent client service

Case studies

Success stories

Diamond want you to create a business that offers you the lifestyle YOU deserve. The best people to tell you how diamond franchises are, are the franchisees themselves.

They show that this is an opportunity for the ambitious only. For people wanting to take control in their next career step and become their own bosses.

diamond franchisees know business will grow with the Diamond HQ support. From the finance, to the credit control, to the marketing, many are now at pro – rata £1m revenues. AND Diamond are proven to provide first rate training on how to run a courier company in the 21st century.

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