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CAVAVIN franchise

Join CAVAVIN, the French leader of franchised wine merchants

CAVAVIN allows its franchisees to succeed in selling wines & spirits through its differentiating concept and to select the assortment of their wine shop among 2,000 wines and spirits from partner winemakers offering authentic and exclusive products (with room for external supply)

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  • Average floor space:
    750 square feet, 70m


Join CAVAVIN, the French leader of franchised wine merchants

Each CAVAVIN wine shop is singular even if it benefits from the franchise key success factors.

The main key success factors are:

  • More than 30 years of experience in the section of 2,000 authentic and exclusive products at the best prices. Our 150 international vineyards have a long term partnership with us and for many of them, we are the main distributor (more than 50% of their own sales).
  • A good service level thanks to CAVAVINs franchise logistics and purchasing power.
  • A differentiated merchandising. CAVAVIN created a modern, refined and enhancing universe for the wines and spirits it presents. The wide range available is underlined by a warm and friendly atmosphere.
  • The Wine Sign® is a wine tasting experience to recruit new customers and gain their loyalty. Thanks to a digital application it is a marketing weapon to create a community of customers.
  • From the feasibility study to the opening of the store, we assist you with efficiency: validation of the location, technical and commercial assistance, transmission of know-how, assistance to open the store.
  • We support you to design the wine store working on the plans; we optimize the furniture and specify the wine store decoration.

CAVAVIN Franchise internal wine store view

Each CAVAVIN wine shop offers a selection of wines adapted to its customers and each franchisee can buy out of the logistic platform up to 30% of additional beverage products (wines, spirits or beers).

CAVAVIN Franchise bottles of wine

Each CAVAVIN franchisee brings his own personality in his relationship with his customers and in his business model. He can be owner operator, multi-unit operator, multi-channel oriented (wine shop sales, hotels, restaurants and other BtoB, tastings, ).

Training and support provided

3 weeks of training:

  • One week on products with all wine areas training including food pairings, high end wine exploitation visits,
  • One week of immersion in a wine shop to be trained on wine advice & sales and on the knowhow,
  • One week of tools training at La Baule headquarters.

We support you to design the wine store. We optimise the outfitting to store and to present wines and spirits. We organise congress to meet the suppliers and to adapt the offer.

CAVAVIN Franchise Hertford store front

The ideal CAVAVIN franchisee

We are looking for epicurean entrepreneurs who can be:

  • Owner operator, as our franchisee at Hertford. Year 3 average turnover objective is at £300,000.
  • Or in a multi-channel approach, as our franchisee from Sheffield employing 28 people dealing with hotels and restaurants, trading on e-commerce in addition to the wine shop usual business. Its 2018 turnover is £6 million.
  • Or in a multi units approach, with supervisors monitoring each unit results but also dealing on BtoB.

CAVAVIN's history

CAVAVIN was created in 1985 by Michel Bourel. He is a result of professional reconversion and created CAVAVIN by federating independent wine merchants.
In 1996, CAVAVIN moved to a franchise model. Michel Bourel is for his second term in a row President of the French Franchise Federation.
In 1997, opening of a new platform in Gurande and launch of a new commercial strategy.
In 2005 opening of the hundredth Cavavin wine shop.
From 2007 to 2011, a modernization wind was blowing over the furniture and products offered for sale.
In 2015, the Cavavin franchise celebrated its 30th anniversary.
In 2016, Michel Bourel's son-in-law, Olivier Mermuys, joins CAVAVIN, where he is now Managing Director.
In 2018, CAVAVIN inaugurates its new logistic platform and its new headquarters to give itself the means of its development and to consolidate the quality of service to its franchisees.

CAVAVIN Franchise annual wine congress

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