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Healthy food businesses

It’s safe to say that there is a growing trend of healthy eating in the UK, as health and wellness is becoming increasingly important to many consumers. The retail health market has risen by 1.4 percent year on year to reach a staggering £20.8 billion, so the proof’s in the – low-fat, gluten-free, vegan - pudding (AHDB Consumer Insights: Evolution of Health, 2019).

Consumer trends are also driving the UK organic sector, as almost £45 million is spent on organic products every week (The Soil Association). Also, the organic market is increasing for the eighth year running, and its 5.3 percent growth last year will contribute to its predicted value of £2.5 billion in 2020. Evidently, the organic, free-from and healthy eating movements have gone from being niche interests to mainstream consumer behaviours.

Why is running a restaurant a good way to capitalise on the healthy eating trend?

There’s clearly significant investment potential when it comes to the healthy food industry. With its market value growing each year, there’s never been a better time to start your own lucrative business in the sector.

Owning your own restaurant allows you to express your creativity and passion for food by designing your own menu and dining experience. It’s also rewarding seeing customers enjoy their experience at your restaurant. The UK spent around £49 billion on eating and drinking outside the home in 2017, so why not start your own healthy food franchise and capitalise on the demand?

We’re now going to take a look at seven of the top healthy food franchises in the UK.

Top 7 healthy food franchises in the UK

Though there are plenty of independent or privately-owned healthy food businesses popping up, there is also a considerable number of health food franchises opening across the UK.

These businesses have benefitted from the franchising system’s ability to facilitate brands’ rapid expansion, and have been able to reach a broader audience in a shorter amount of time. With this in mind, we thought it an excellent opportunity to take a look at seven of the most popular health food franchises on the market.

1. Humpit

Millennials are having a huge influence on healthy eating trends. It’s thought that, in 2017, the proportion of people aged 18 to 24 who turned to vegetarianism rose from nine to 19 percent (YouGov). So, what better franchise than Humpit, which advertises itself as the only 100 percent plant-based franchise in the UK, to get involved with?

With a menu that's primarily focused around super-tasty, super-healthy hummus, the company has also managed to build a popular brand that resonates with UK consumers.

An initial investment of £30,000 is required to open a new Humpit franchise, though the total capital needed to grow the business is likely to amount to £70,000. This includes the £15,000 franchise fees.

2. The Avocado Show

Studies have shown that 95 percent of vegans think that their diet is healthy (YouGov), and one franchise that shares this view is The Avocado Show. Centring its offering around healthy food, almost half of its diverse menu is suitable for vegans.

If there’s one superfood that can be said to be the engine behind the growing demand for healthy eating options, it’s the humble avocado. Photogenic, delicious and full of goodness, the avocado has been the Instagram generation’s food of choice.

So, it makes sense that an avocado-based restaurant would soon become the next big thing. Based in Amsterdam, the brand has experienced enormous success and is now looking to utilise the franchise model to move into new markets.

While you'll need £400,000 in the long run, would-be franchisees need to find an initial investment of £200,000 to join the Avocado Show team.

3. Salad Box

Salad Box also originates from outside of the UK. Nevertheless, it has had an incredible impact on the UK franchising industry and is set to become one of the healthy fast food sector’s biggest success stories. Launched in Romania in 2011, the company now operates 10 company-owned businesses and 60 franchises in 12 different countries.

Though the cost of opening a Salad Box franchise can vary drastically depending on its location, the franchise charges a royalty fee of 4.5 percent of net income and a 1.5 percent marketing fee.

You can register your interest on its website if this sounds like the healthy food franchise opportunity for you.

4. Bagel Corner

On the hunt for regional or national master franchisees in the UK, Bagel Corner is a brand that focuses on, you guessed it, delicious bagels! Since its launch in 2010, it has expanded to 30 locations in France. On top of its primary offering, it also sells healthy salads and soups that are prepared fresh in front of customers’ eyes.

Its popularity can be attributed to its competitive prices, rapid service time and friendly staff.

The ambitious brand is keen to open 100 restaurants across Europe by 2020. Keen to be the next franchisee with this healthy food brand? You’ll need a minimum investment of £500,000.

5. The Skinny Kitchen

Another healthy food franchise is Skinny Kitchen. Launched in Ibiza in 2014, the business began running pop-ups in London later that year. Restaurants in Bournemouth, Canterbury and Belfast have followed, and new locations in London are also on the cards.

To acquire the rights to a Skinny Kitchen franchise unit, you'll need to raise somewhere between £100,000 and £300,000. The franchise charges a royalty fee amounting to five percent of turnover.

To discover more, click here.

6. Wolf

This Italian food franchise prides itself on being convenient, fast and healthy. Contrary to how Italian cuisine is generally perceived, all of Wolf’s recipes steer clear from high carb content and saturated fats. This doesn’t mean they compromise on taste though!

On top of this, ingredients are sourced locally as much as possible. Meat comes from British farmers and the rest from respected Italian purveyors.

When you become a Wolf franchisee, you’ll take part in a four-week intensive training programme to get you to grips with all aspects of the business model. This is as well as ongoing support from experienced members of the franchise team to make sure you are on track.

To see full details of the franchise opportunity, including what you’ll get in return for your investment of £200,000, click here.

Eating healthy is smart, starting a healthy food franchise is smarter

This article has demonstrated how much our food preferences are changing in the UK. The healthy food industry is incredibly lucrative at the moment, and shows no signs of changing. Interested in starting your own business? You can see a full list of our healthy food franchises here. And, if you’re intrigued by organic food franchises in particular, check out another one of our articles that discusses the topic in depth.

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