My Local Farm Box franchise

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My Local Farm Box franchise

Fresh, local, seasonal produce sourced, packed and delivered by local foodie experts.

A truly unique Franchise Business Opportunity to join the UK’s first and only fresh food box subscription franchise service

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    £150 per month
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About My Local Farm Box

Established in 2020 My Local Farm Box offers fresh, local, seasonal produce in a weekly, fortnightly or monthly subscription box. Produce is bought direct from local, sustainable ethical producers and sourced, packed and delivered by local foodie experts, also known as our franchisees.

The business ethos is focused on offering truly local, seasonal, organic where possible, fruit, veg, meat, fish (where possible) and artisan produce from sustainable, ethical producers in a recyclable, reusable box.

As a My Local Farm Box franchisee you will be part of a growing network of franchisees and have the backing and strength of the My Local Farm Box team. We can learn from each other and feel proud to be part of a ‘larger family’.

Franchisees will be given an exclusive and agreed trading area. We have identified a limited number of franchise territories in the UK, each offering an excellent opportunity for the ambitious entrepreneur to build a highly profitable and successful business in a geographic area.


There most certainly is! According to the Royal Mail, in 2018, the subscription box market in the UK was expected to reach £1 billion by 2022 however due to the pandemic this figure is only set to increase.

On 30-Jun-21 The Retail Times reported that:

"UK consumers are increasingly seeking out alternative avenues to treat themselves and others during the pandemic. Between 2017 and 2020, spending on subscription boxes purchased as gifts for others increased by 121%. This segment of purchasing saw particular growth over 2020, driven by the greater difficulty in purchasing physical gifts, and the potential for subscription boxes to represent thoughtful gifts

during lockdowns when many friends and family were apart. Almost 60% of shoppers who were surveyed said they had purchased a subscription box as a gift."

Read More Here

Another area of rapid market growth happening right now in the UK is that of “buying local” and “supporting local” producers and both Coronavirus and Brexit along with our global environmental issues puts My Local Farm Box in the heart of what is truly a rapidly expanding market on the minds of millions of consumers right now.

Our boxes are sourced, packed and delivered by local foodie experts who share our passion; who can discover and share the best produce their local community has to offer.

The My Local Farm Box produce is showcased via our state-of-the-art e-commerce website where customers are instantly directed to their local “shop” which is operated by our local foodie experts. Customers can view and choose their box and add artisan and essential produce to complement their subscription.


My Local Farm Box have developed a truly comprehensive “turn-key” Franchise Package to

help our Franchisees set up their Franchise and trade successfully.

Our Franchise Package includes:

  • An exclusive, protected geographic territory
  • Rights to use the MLFB Trade Mark & Brand
  • Rights to use the MLFB Know-How; Operating Methods & Systems
  • Initial Training & Support
  • On-going Training & Support
  • State-of-the-art E-commerce website
  • Advice and assistance with all aspects of starting your new business
  • Advice on sourcing produce
  • Sales Generation Support – initial and on-going
  • Sales & Marketing Materials
  • Comprehensive Admin Support – allowing you to focus on building and operating your business
  • IT Solutions – our MLFB Operations & Admin Systems and Processes
  • Franchise Business Manuals

In contrast to a conventional business, investing in a My Local Farm Box Franchise can provide a greatly improved starting and on-going business. The franchise training programme provides you with considerable up-front know-how and expertise as well as an easy to use fully functioning e-commerce website.

Substantial effort has been made by the My Local Farm Box management in preparing a detailed programme for all our new Franchisees.

Training and support provided

Training is an essential element in any business and at My Local Farm Box we pride ourselves in delivering quality, focused training across the business. During your initial training you will meet and work with the Management Team of My Local Farm Box and their key personnel.

The training will be specific to individual requirements covering the following topics:

  • Introduction to the My Local Farm Box, Code of Ethics, our Mission Statement & Strategy
  • My Local Farm Box commitment and support structure for our franchise network and your business
  • Company Systems and Procedures
  • How to operate a My Local Farm Box Franchise
  • Administration, financial systems, general administration systems training
  • Sales and marketing procedures, marketing plan
  • Day to day operations
  • Time management, setting goals, networking and relationship management
  • Communications
  • Membership of local organizations, local marketing activity We will actively assist and support franchisees to grow sales revenues in their designated territory and will work collaboratively with them.

My Local Farm Box will advise, support and work closely with franchisees to develop each territory. Our comprehensive, on-going e-commerce support and administration package results in a strong relationship between My Local Farm Box and franchisees. We view this relationship as a key strength in the success of each franchisee and the business overall.

The ideal My Local Farm Box franchisee

We are only recruiting a select few franchisees across the UK, for a limited number of franchise territories, each offering an excellent opportunity for the ambitious entrepreneur to build a highly profitable and successful business in a geographic area.

My Local Farm Box franchisees can come from any walk of life, but they must all possess:

  • A passion for local, seasonal produce and are keen to turn their passion into a business
  • The desire to support local communities and being environmentally aware
  • Great customer service skills,
  • Astute negotiating abilities
  • The ability to manage their time efficiently.

My Local Farm Box's history

It all started with a chap called Dan and some strawberries and cream. It was midsummer in the Surrey Hills and Dan was eating strawberries and cream, normally one of his favourite puddings however something didn’t taste quite right. He discovered the strawberries (bought from a supermarket) were in fact from Spain and not from one of the numerous strawberry farms within a stone’s throw of where he was eating and My Local Farm Box was born.

Many (more delicious) strawberry and cream desserts later My Local Farm Box now champion local farmers, growers, bakers, brewers, fishermen and artisans up and down the country to bring you the most delicious, freshest, seasonal and local (to you) produce we can find. You’re welcome.

My Local Farm Box was established in November 2020 by experienced franchisor Dan Twiselton using a tried and tested franchise model to enable the company to grow rapidly and to take advantage of current market conditions and trends.

CEO Dan has a successful track record using this model to grow a franchise network with another company previously and is now using this experience to grow My Local Farm Box.

This is an exciting opportunity to get in at the ground floor and to benefit from what is a rapidly expanding market sector.

The business is supported by high levels of customer demand, has excellent projected margins and exciting potential for expansion. This is a niche business and My Local Farm Box aim to build a strong reputation for quality and exceptional service delivery.