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Originally posted on 29/10/2017. Updated on 01/04/2019.

Gone are the days when healthy eating was confined to the month of January, following a surge in new years resolutions to eat better, get fitter and, essentially, be happier. Although healthy foods have always existed, its only been in more recent years that businesses have recognised the demand for such products, and hence there is scope for health food businesses to become incredibly lucrative. An incredible 72 percent of Brits are consciously buying healthier foods and roughly 43 percent are prepared to spend more on organically-sourced produce.

Many health food franchises have benefitted from more and more UK shoppers adopting a vegetarian, vegan or flexitarian diet. Over the last three years, the number of consumers opting for vegetarian foods has increased by 26 percent.

This indicates that the organic, free-from and healthy eating movements have progressed from being niche interests to mainstream, socially accepted behaviours. But why?

Increased Awareness Drives the Trend for Healthy Eating

The healthy eating phenomenon taking over the UK is due to two key factors. Firstly, there has been a huge rise in health vloggers taking over social media. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube provide an outlet for health experts, nutritionists and fitness gurus to spread the word about clean eating and living healthily. Pictures of superfoods such as kale and avocados accompany vegan, gluten, and sugar-free recipes to encourage the audience to embrace healthy eating.

Secondly, thanks to government and charity campaigns, there is a wider awareness of the dangers of obesity and diabetes - two major health concerns in the UK. Many have started exercising regularly, while others study nutritional labels before buying food from the supermarket. Use of fitness trackers has also increased with research from Mintel finding that three million fitness watches and smartwatches were sold in 2015 alone.

Take a Bite Out of The Healthy Eating Opportunity

The healthy eating trend has had a positive impact on the food and beverage industry, with sales of specialist food such as gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan products on the rise. In the UK, the organic food market growth is outperforming that of the non-organic food market and its a trend thats set to continue. Here are some of our healthy fast food franchise opportunities for you to consider so that you too can take advantage of this growing market:


This franchise puts a healthy twist on online food shopping. Every week Riverford delivers over 47,000 boxes of fresh fruit, vegetables and organic goods directly from their farms. There are already 58 existing franchisees selling an ever-growing range of organic produce, from meat, eggs and milk to wine, as well as the renowned recipe boxes. If youre looking to become part of one of the most flexible healthy fast-food franchise opportunities in the UK, this could be the right investment for you.

It works by orders from your customers being processed every day at your regional farm. These are then picked, packaged and dispatched during the night. Theyre delivered in chilled vans to refrigerated collection hubs in your area so that everything is kept as fresh as possible. Youll manage marketing activities, events, customers accounts and orders through a database, linking Riverford offices to yours at home.

Youll get to learn about how the organic food and produce is farmed and treated so that it reaches your customers as fresh as possible by spending five days training at Riverfords Devon Farm. Youll also receive training on how to acquire and retain customers, as well as how to use the online ordering system and accounts procedures. Youll no doubt enjoy many privileges as a franchisee, including being able to manage your own time as well as being able to attend events to learn more about how to engage with your customers.
In order to invest, you will need a minimum investment of £40,000.


Humpit sets itself apart from its competitors by claiming to be the only 100 percent plant-based franchise in the UK and, hence, it is one of the UKs most promising new businesses. Its on the hunt for regional franchisees all over the UK to serve a diverse selection of pitas, falafel, salads, pickles, sauces, juices and its unique, hot iced HUMPTEA. The main menu focus, however, is on its tasty, healthy hummus.

The brand has managed to create a brand that really resonates with the countrys consumers. There is no doubt that the franchise is heading in the right direction, with it winning the Virgin Start-Up of the Year award at the 2015 Foodpreneur Festival.

There are both sit-down and takeaway concepts alike and it is looking to franchise both models, based on the suitability of the location and its surroundings. Due to there being scope to operate from incredibly small sites with low fit-out and running costs, a Humpit franchise can be an affordable and accessible option for entrepreneurs aspiring to run their own food business without significant capital outlay and risk.

The franchise team will provide a comprehensive training programme and ongoing support. Its operational model is clear and it will help with all the essentials necessary to run a site successfully and, most crucially, profitably. From help in choosing the site, to advising on the fit-out, to product training and marketing support - you name it, they will cover it.

If youre interested in opening a Humpit franchise, an initial investment of £30,000 is required, though the total capital necessary to grow the business will amount to approximately £70,000. This amount includes the £15,000 franchise fees.

The Avocado Show

Theres undeniably one superfood in particular that can be said to be the driving force behind the growing demand for heathy eating options - the humble avocado. The Avocado Show is on the lookout for franchisees to join it in becoming the number one restaurant and lifestyle brand in avocados.

A minimum investment of £200,000 and total investment of £400,000 is required, as well as franchise fees of £31,000.

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