Sushi Restaurants - What Franchises Are There?

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sushi restaurants

Over the last decade, UK consumers have developed a taste for sushi and are now spending considerable amounts in sushi restaurants and on high street lunch sets. This makes launching a sushi franchise a very appealing investment.

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Sushi restaurants London

While there are a large number of highly successful, independent sushi restaurants in London, there are very few sushi franchises. Though restaurants such as SushiSamba, SticksnSushi, and Sushi Tetsu are all big names in the citys lively culinary scene, none of them offers franchising opportunities.

Best sushi restaurants in London

The one exception to this rule is Yo! Sushi. By far and away the biggest sushi franchise in the country, Yo! Sushi is currently looking for new franchisees to grow the brand further and bring excellent sushi to customers all across the UK.

Nine things you need to consider if youre opening a sushi franchise

Launching your franchise requires a great deal of thought and careful consideration. To give you a brief overview of what youll need to think about, weve compiled a list of nine questions youll need to ask yourself before starting the business.

1. What is the competition like?

As with all business ventures, its essential to develop a good understanding of who the competition is before establishing your franchise. If the market is saturated with enterprises just like yours, it's going to be challenging to stand out from the crowd. If similar businesses are struggling in a particular area, it might be because there's something about the location that makes it ill suited to that kind of business. Studying the competition allows you to work out what your sushi restaurant must do and what it can't afford to do if it's to succeed.

2. Where should you open?

One of the most important considerations for any franchise is where you are going to launch. Location is incredibly important, and business owners need to perform a large amount of market research before you make any decisions. Look at what competitors have done in the past and what they're doing now. What worked and what didn't? Where are businesses currently flourishing and where are they struggling?

3. What type of business do you want to operate?

Food franchises come in all shapes and sizes. Some even move. When looking for a franchise or contemplating setting your own business up, its important to consider whether you want to run a large, sit-down restaurant, a small kiosk, or even a food truck. The amount of capital you require for each will vary drastically, and the returns you can expect will differ too.

4. Do you want to serve sushi exclusively?

While there are few franchises that serve sushi exclusively, there are franchises specialising in serving a broader Asian cuisine. For instance, Wok&Go and Wok to Walk both offer investors an excellent opportunity to own their own Asian-styled food franchise.

5. Do you want to be the franchisor or the franchisee?

Currently, there arent many sushi franchises out there on the market. As weve already mentioned, Yo! Sushi is the biggest name in the business, and beyond them, there are few other opportunities to invest in a sushi franchise. With this in mind, it might be a good idea to ask yourself whether you want to be a franchisee or whether you want to try your hand at being a franchisor. Does running your own franchise appeal to you? Would you rather build a business from scratch and launch your own franchise? If so, maybe creating a business from scratch is a better idea.

6. How are you going to finance your venture?

Finance is one of the most significant issues for all business owners. The vast majority of food franchisors and franchisees have to borrow from large lenders to finance their venture. However, a small minority can find capital from other sources. For instance, it may be possible to completely self-finance a less expensive franchise, or franchisees might be able to rely on friends and family for investment. Either way, its necessary to consider your financing carefully as one wrong step at this stage can hamper your efforts in the long run.

7. How will you market yourself?

There is a diverse array of ways in which you can market your franchise and introduce the business to a wider audience. In the modern business environment, social media and digital marketing play a significant role. Some companies have built a recognisable and popular brand on social media platforms alone. Some businesses prefer traditional TV spots or print advertising. Whichever path you choose, you'll need to factor in costs and think about how best to reach your target audience.

8. What is your long-term plan?

Your long-term goals should always influence your short-term behaviour. After all, every little step contributes to the broader journey. If you understand where your business is heading in the long term, it gives you far more opportunities to set up the organisation in a way that maximises the chance of achieving these aims. For instance, if you want to build a sushi franchise that you can operate part-time, you should try and ensure that the management system and structures required are in place as early as possible.

9. Who is going to help you in your business venture?

Though many people enter into a franchisee agreement on their own, partners also run a considerable number of franchises. This effectively doubles the knowledge and expertise at your disposal and gives you twice the chance of success. However, even if you do go it alone, youre going to need a little help.

For instance, its highly recommended that all franchisees utilise a legal advisor to look over any contracts you have to sign. Similarly, many franchisees opt to have their accounts looked over by a financial advisor. If you surround yourself with talented individuals, youll improve your chances of building a successful business, so make sure you think long and hard about whom you want to go into business with.

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