Top 3 Lebanese Food Franchises in the UK

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Lebanese Food Franchise

Are you a big fan of hummus, falafel and baba ghanoush? Well you’re not alone. Lebanese cuisine is taking the UK culinary scene by storm. If you’re on the lookout for a new business opportunity, why not check out our top Lebanese food franchises in the UK?

The UK public is becoming more and more aware of the benefits of Lebanese cuisine, not only for our taste buds but for our bodies as well. With its huge variety of delicious and nutritious food, Lebanese restaurants are cropping up across the country, treating its customers to the traditional cuisine of Lebanon. In this article, we consider three of the best Lebanese food franchise opportunities and discuss why investing in this sort of franchise is a wise business move.


Reasons why starting a Lebanese food franchise is a good idea

1. Lebanese cuisine is steeped in history and culture

The Lebanese take their food very seriously. A tradition of warm hospitality is rooted in Lebanese culture. It is never too much trouble to feed unexpected visitors, and mealtimes often turn into lengthy social engagements. This is often replicated by Lebanese restaurants that create an authentic, welcoming experience that customers can’t get enough of.

2. Consumers want to eat healthily when they eat out

Lebanese cuisine is typified by fresh foods such as fruit and vegetables, bread, rice, pulses and nuts. Olive oil, garlic, lemons, herbs and spices are also key to many traditional dishes. In more rural areas, families will pick fruit and vegetables from their own gardens, and food is rarely reheated and eaten second time around. UK businesses can replicate these healthy traditions to attract the growing numbers of people wanting to eat nutritious food when dining out.

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Top 3 Lebanese food franchises in the UK


Due to the healthiness of many Middle Eastern recipes, cuisines like Lebanese are set to surge in popularity as the UK shifts to a healthier, more active lifestyle. So why not consider starting a Lebanese food business to capitalise on the expanding marketplace?

The UK doesn’t have an abundance of food franchises that specialise in Lebanese food, but the ones currently available are expected to be particularly lucrative. Let’s explore what’s on offer…

1. Elfalafel

Elfalafel is a Middle Eastern restaurant specialising in - you guessed it - tasty falafel! It has established a sterling reputation at its Edinburgh site over the five years it’s been in operation.

  • Becoming an Elfalafel franchisee: You’ll be joining a brand that classes itself as young, vibrant and keen to innovate. In fact, it’s the first falafel company in the UK to introduce chilli and spinach variations of the falafel.
  • How much you need to invest: To get a breakdown of the investment costs, head to Elfalafel’s website to request further details.
  • What you get for your investment: Franchisees can look forward to receiving initial training and ongoing support. This includes regular visits from a member of the franchising team, and helpful training manuals. All marketing materials, including the website, menu and brochures, have already been designed and produced for you.


2. Humpit Hummus

Hummus is a consumer favourite when it comes to the Lebanese diet. This winning franchise takes advantage of our newfound love for the blended chickpea dish, serving it alongside a selection of pitas, falafel, salads, pickles, sauces and juices.

  • Becoming a Humpit Hummus franchisee: The franchise isn’t currently looking to expand its UK franchise network with us, but you can check its website in case it reopens the opportunity. 
  • How much you need to invest: If you’re interested in opening a Humpit Hummus franchise, an initial investment of around £30,000 is required, but the total capital necessary to grow the business will be approximately £70,000. 
  • What you get for your investment: You can opt to launch a sit-down café or a takeaway site, depending on your chosen location. Whichever model you go for, the franchise team will provide a comprehensive training programme and ongoing support covering everything from help with site selection to fit-out, product lines and marketing.

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3. The Avocado Show

Despite only being launched in 2016, The Avocado Show has cultivated an enormous fanbase of eager customers desperate to sample the brand’s unique, avocado-themed menu. Fans created a huge online buzz and camped in front of the first store before it even opened, and to this day, long queues of customers wait to be served. 

While it isn’t strictly a Lebanese food franchise, its menu is packed full of fresh, healthy goodness, which is a classic feature of the Lebanese diet.

  • Becoming a The Avocado Show franchisee: This restaurant franchise is looking for ambitious entrepreneurs who are ready to create a lasting partnership through mutual goals. To succeed, you’ll need to be business-minded and have an awareness of real estate and labour laws. You should also have a fun, friendly attitude to reflect the brand’s values. Head over to its client profile to apply.
  • How much you need to invest: Franchisees should be willing to make a total investment of £400,000.
  • What you get for your investment: The Avocado Show uses a software system, POS system and online training programme to streamline franchisees’ work. Further training and support setting up their facilities will help franchisees to maximise their success as they continue on their The Avocado Show journey.

You can find some more opportunities in our article covering the top five Middle Eastern food franchises in the UK

It’s delicious and healthy - why not start a Lebanese food franchise?

Lebanese food franchises are nowhere near as prevalent in the UK as they are overseas. However, there is clearly a demand for the colourful, nutritious cuisine, with an abundance of Lebanese restaurants in London and other UK destinations. 

If you’ve not found what you’re looking for in this article, why not browse our healthy food franchise opportunities?

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