Lebanese Food Franchises in the UK

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Lebanese Food Franchise

As the food scene becomes more and more diverse in the UK, the public are increasingly becoming aware of the benefits of Lebanese cuisine, not only for our taste buds but for our bodies as well. With its huge variety of delicious and nutritious food, Lebanese restaurants are cropping up across the country, treating its customers to the traditional cuisine of the Lebanon.

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What is Lebanese Food?

The Lebanese take their food very seriously. A tradition of warm hospitality is rooted in Lebanese culture, meaning that there it is never too much trouble to feed unexpected visitors, and mealtimes often turn into lengthy social engagements.

Lebanese cuisine is typified by fresh foods such as fruit and vegetables, bread, rice and nuts. Olive oil, garlic, lemons and herbs and spices are also key to many traditional dishes. In more rural areas, families will pick fruit and vegetables from their own gardens, and food is rarely reheated and eaten a second time around.

A typical Lebanese restaurant will serve marinated and grilled meats, seafood and salads. The Lebanese diet is fairly reliant on lamb, which is often marinated or minced and grilled on skewers. Kibbe(h) is a particularly popular dish, made with minced lamb and cracked wheat paste, and with a similar texture to pat. Stuffed vegetables are also common, as well as shawarma (stuffed pitta bread), laban (homemade yoghurt) and baklava, a sweet pastry made with nuts and honey.

Lebanese food is often eaten as a mezze, with lots of small dishes of hot and cold food.

Lebanese Food London

As the capital of the UK with a huge international food offering, London has plenty of Lebanese restaurants to choose from. Chamisse is one of these, and has been voted top Lebanese restaurant in London. Based in central London, Chamisse offers hot and cold mezza, barbequed meats, shawarma, soups and desserts. Hungry customers can even get their fix of Lebanese food without leaving the house, thanks to the restaurants home delivery service.

A similar restaurant is Ceru, which is proud to offer Levantine food. Ceru serves dishes originating from the southeast corner of the Mediterranean, encompassing Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Syria, Turkey, Egypt and Cyprus. With restaurants in South Kensington and Soho, Ceru sources many of its ingredients from Londons own food markets and boasts a menu of over 100 different dishes.

Lebanese Food Franchises

However, food franchises that specialise in Lebanese food can be found all over the world. Lets take a look at a few of the options for potential franchisees looking for investment opportunities.

Mezza Lebanese Kitchen

This restaurant has been offering its customers traditional Lebanese food for 25 years. It has ten sites in Nova Scotia and one in Dubai. With dine-in and takeaway options, Mezza Lebanese Kitchen provides its customers with the opportunity to enjoy its food late at night and for corporate or party occasions. The restaurant franchise considers it important to keep up with the times, installing tablets in each outlet to aid online ordering and distributing loyalty rewards points.

Franchisees can opt to open a standard 1,600-2,500 square foot street-front store, catering for up to 50 people, or the brands food court model, which is between 400-500 square feet and perfect for shopping centres, universities, hospitals and airports. Those who choose to invest in a franchise will benefit from an intensive training scheme, gaining knowledge on everything from food to marketing, providing investors with the ability to run their own restaurant even without any previous experience in the industry.

Mashawi Lebanese Grill

Dubai is clearly a popular destination for Lebanese restaurants, as this franchise has two locations across the UAE capital. Combining rich Lebanese cuisine with distinctive Arabic hospitality, Mashawi Lebanese Grill offers salads, mezzeh plates, grilled meats, seafood, desserts and fresh juices and shakes.

Franchisees have two options when it comes to franchising with Mashawi Lebanese Grill a standard restaurant requires 1,775 square feet of space, while a Mashawi Express can be opened on footprints of just 700 square feet.

Similar franchise opportunities at Point Franchise

While Point Franchise does not currently work with any Lebanese restaurant franchises, there are some similar restaurant opportunities available to get involved with.

Humpit Hummus

Those looking to invest in a food franchise that offers Levantine cuisine should look no further than Humpit Hummus, the only 100 percent plant-based food franchise in the UK. Humpit Hummus treats its customers who can dine in or take away to hummus, pitas, falafel and salads, as well as its signature iced HUMPTEA.

Currently operating in Sheffield, Leeds, York and Newcastle, the brand is looking for potential investors to expand the chain further afield. Some experience in the food or hospitality sectors is desirable, and investors should be willing to spend £70,000 on their new venture. Humpit Hummus will be happy to offer support with site selection, store fit-out and marketing campaigns.

The Avocado Show

Taking the humble avocado commonly used in Levantine cooking The Avocado Show takes advantage of recent food trends by offering its customers all-things avocado. Even before it first opened its doors in 2016, this food franchise had already established a huge customer base thanks to social media, which helped to spread the word about its imminent launch. This is an immensely popular brand, with queues often forming to access the franchises tasty and nutritious avocado dishes.

With an increasing number of consumers turning to avocados for a quick and healthy snack or meal ingredient, the potential for this franchise continues to grow. Those willing to invest £149,000, plus £31,000 in franchise fees could stand to make a significant return on investment. An online training programme will ensure that franchisees are equipped with all the skills and know-how to run their restaurant with maximum efficiency. Ongoing training will also support franchisees once their restaurant is up and running.


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