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Healthy food franchise

For a good few years now, Brits have started to change what they eat and how they perceive food. Whether it be the surge in health foods, veganism, vegetarianism, locally sourced produce or organic produce, it is safe to say that the number of UK consumers looking for healthy food options is on the rise.

How much do we like healthy eating?

The UK’s health kick is demonstrated by the fact that 72 percent of us are buying healthier foods on purpose and about 43 percent are happy to spend more money on organically-sourced produce. It has also been found that over the last three years, the number of consumers buying vegetarian products has increased by 26 percent.

Therefore, gone are the days where food businesses predominantly comprise of unhealthy fast food chains and restaurants; with more and more healthy food businesses being conceived every day, the health food industry is booming. With people being conscious about their health and their body image; organic, free-from and nutritious foods are becoming more popular than ever. Even some people who aren’t gluten intolerant are opting to eat gluten-free options for the other perceived health benefits. This is supported by 19 percent of shoppers saying they are willing to spend more on lactose, gluten and yeast-free products. This therefore increases the demand on food manufactures, supermarkets and restaurants to provide for everyone’s evolving wants and needs. ¬

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Healthy Food Franchises

There is plenty of scope to make the most of this lucrative industry, whether that be with a health food shop, a health food brand, a health food delivery business or a café dedicated to serving healthy food. Whilst there are a considerable amount of independent health food businesses launching across the UK, there are also plenty of health food franchise opportunities. The advantage of the latter is that you can benefit from the franchise’s tried and tested business model, established brand name and trusted customer base. This should help you become profitable in not time.

Tips for Starting a Healthy Franchise

Starting a food franchise sounds like an exciting opportunity to express creativity, showcase your ideas, and passion for your brand. However, in this industry, with its perks, comes many challenges. Here are some basic tips of what to consider when starting a health food business:

Avoid using too technical terms.

You may be eager to boast what makes you stand out from the competition, however putting too much emphasis on a health term that people don’t understand can actually be more of a burden to customers. Whilst it is important for customers to know what they are eating, in some instances, and where not necessary, it can confuse people. Targeting the niche of a market will limit your customer base. For example, it was found that using the term ‘paleo’ on packaging bewildered customers as they were unsure whether it was an ingredient, or indicated meat content. Unless people were following the paleo diet or had heard about it, it ended up with the general customer perceiving the term in a negative way. Therefore, try not to use fad words on your products so you don’t restrict yourself to one part of the market and there is scope to expand product range.

Research your ingredients carefully

It is imperative to find a balance between delivering a quality product and for a reasonable price. For instance, the founder of health drink company WOW says that chia seeds suppliers vary drastically in price and quality. They also submitted samples to labs to assess quality level, ensuring that their offering was the best it could be.

Be careful with your money

After you have established your health franchise’s product, packaging and brand, the next challenge is getting food retailers to stock it. Buyers will only be interested if you can prove your product sells.

Whilst these tips are most applicable to retailing heathy food products, they can be applied to all types of healthy franchises.If starting a healthy franchise sounds like your next business venture, take a look below at some of the best healthy franchise opportunities available through Point Franchise.

Healthy Restaurant Franchises


Humpit is unique in its offering, claiming that it’s the only 100 percent plant-based franchise in the UK. The healthy franchise serves a range of pitas, falafel, pickles, salads, sauces, juices and its exclusive HUMPTEA. The centre of the menu, however, and what complements all of these tasty ingredients, is hummus. The brand is on the lookout for franchisees across the length and breadth of the UK.
The increasing demand of healthy food options and the British love affair with hummus had not gone unnoticed by the brand, who took the opportunity to capitalise on this market.

Humpit offers both a dine-in and takeaway concept and is franchising both models, based on contextual factors like location. Humpit is a great healthy franchise choice for franchisees not wanting to shell out on a hefty capital and taking too much of a risk. With it being possible to serve delicious hummus and pitta from very small sites with low running and fit-out costs.

Franchisees will receive initial training and ongoing support so they are confident in the operational running of the franchise.

Interested franchise need an initial investment of £30,000 and a total investment of £70,000. This includes the franchise fee of £15,000.

The Avocado Show

The UK has become mad about avocados. The Avocado Show is on a mission toe number one restaurant and lifestyle brand for everything avocado. Every dish has sustainable avocado as its main element, but each with a unique spin comprising different ingredients. The brand, which was founded in 2017, boasts that each menu item is stunningly presented and served swiftly.

The ideal franchisee has an entrepreneurial mind set, is able to run a team and is sociable and fun. The Avocado Show encourages likeminded individuals around the globe to get in touch and help expand its fresh concept.

In order to invest, interested franchisees need a minimum investment of £200,000 and a total investment of £400,000. Franchise fees are £31,000.

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