Q&A: Does Majestic Wines Franchise in the UK?

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Does Majestic Wines franchise in the UK

Have you got the ambition to start a business and an interest in fine wines? Why not combine the two by setting up an alcoholic drinks store? Let’s take a look at the UK’s largest specialist retailer in the sector and ask: Does Majestic Wines franchise?

You’re probably familiar with the Majestic Wines brand; there are more than 200 local branches across the UK selling high-quality alcohol at an affordable price. Here, we’re finding out whether there are any Majestic Wines franchise opportunities. 

History of Majestic Wines

Majestic Wines has always championed quality and value for money in its product range. It only sells interesting drinks and never recommends a brand unless it truly believes in it. 

Employees are all passionate and knowledgeable about wine and enjoy sharing insight and advice to customers. The business only hires people who are “friendly, enthusiastic and refreshingly down to earth”. Plus, every worker is professionally accredited by the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET).

While the wine sector has a bit of a reputation for snobbiness, Majestic Wines aims to eliminate this kind of atmosphere and instead makes sure customers feel relaxed. It’s always experimenting with possibilities and looking for the next big trend. As the business says, “We live and breathe wine, and we taste our fair share too.”

In 2015, Majestic Wines acquired Naked Wines at a cost of roughly £70 million. And by the end of 2016, it had seen a double-digit sales increase. 

Today, Majestic Wines is the biggest specialist wine store chain in the UK. It has more than 200 branches in operation, as well as two in northern France. A workforce of over 1,000 people are always on-hand to advise and guide customers. It provides a click-and-collect service from every store, as well as delivery options for those ordering online. 

Does Majestic Wines franchise? 

No, there are no Majestic Wines franchise opportunities currently on offer. 

The business did use a form of franchise model in 2017, when individual store managers were able to take control of their shops, staffing and discount options for a share of the profits. While CEO Rowan Gormley initially expected over half of the business network to effectively become franchise units, just a quarter took on the new model. 

However, the company was sold to US private equity firm Fortress Investment Group for £95 million in 2019, and the company doesn’t advertise Majestic Wines franchise opportunities with external investors. 

How to get involved with Majestic Wines

If you’re interested in getting involved with the Majestic Wines business, you could either join it as an employee or take part in its affiliate scheme. Members can earn commission by providing links to the company’s website and products. Every time someone uses it and places an order, you’ll receive a share of the profit.

On average, Majestic Wines orders total £130, so there’s good revenue potential for those involved in the affiliate scheme. Plus, the company offers a wide range of wines, beers and spirits, which are regularly reduced with special offers. There’s also a gift range, as well as free delivery on orders of more than five bottles and free click-and-collect options on every order. 

The wine retail market in the UK

According to WSTA, 81 percent of UK adults drink wine. As a result, the wine and spirits sector generates around £50 billion per year and employs more than 350,000 people in the UK. Research suggests there are roughly 800 independent wine retailers in operation, around 200 of which bear the Majestic Wines name. 

Similar franchise opportunities

Although there are no Majestic Wines franchise opportunities, there are plenty of alternative ways to start a wine store business. Here are just two of the franchising options in the profitable sector. 


This leading French wine and spirits distributor has been in operation since 1985 and franchising since 1996. Franchisees select a range of products from a catalogue of more than 2,000 wines and spirits originating from 200 international winemakers. If you join the franchise, you’ll also host wine tasting experiences. 

  • Becoming a Cavavin franchisee: You can choose to run your business as a single unit owner-operator, with revenue potential of £300,00 or be ambitious and become a multi-unit franchisee. You’ll employ staff to oversee your locations and work towards generating a £6 million turnover. 
  • How much you need to invest: You’ll need to make a total investment of around £100,000 to get your Cavavin store up and running.
  • What you get for your investment: Each franchisee gets three weeks of training, covering everything from product range and food pairings to tasting sessions. You’ll also get to visit Cavavin’s headquarters in La Baule, France. At the start of your contract, Cavavin helps with your store fit-out and supplier introductions. 



If you're a lover of Italian wines, this up-scale bar concept could be the perfect franchise opportunity for you. Veeno is a high-end Italian wine cafe chain offering delicious Italian cuisine and quality drinks. Although it's a relatively new network, it's already a provisional member of the BFA and has won multiple awards such as the 2016 English Italian Award and the Best Multiple Operator Award.

  • Becoming a Veeno franchisee: You’ll target professionals and big spenders who share the brand's passion for high-quality food and wines. The concept is simple: always promote the traditional Italian lifestyle and provide an excellent service with attention to detail. You’ll serve genuine Italian food and drink in cafes decorated with photos of Italy. 
  • How much you need to invest: Veeno has ambitious plans to grow throughout the UK and Ireland in the next few years, so it’s seeking driven individuals who are passionate about food and drink. You’ll need to make a minimum investment of £75,000 and have enough funds to cover a total investment of £100,000.
  • What you get for your investment: Your franchise package will include a unique, four-week training academy course, which will teach you everything you need to know about how to build profitable, popular franchises with sustainable customer bases. Plus, assistant managers and staff-level employees also receive tailored training programmes as part of their ongoing professional development.

Get started today

View our full selection of wine store franchises or browse opportunities in the wider food and drink industry. You can also find out more about joining the franchise industry by using the search box to find guides on specific topics. 

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