Ever Dreamed of Running Your Own Bar? Here Are 4 Bar Franchises to Consider.

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Bar Franchises

If youíre interested in starting a business in the food and drink industry, chances are youíve considered opening a bar. Becoming a franchisee with a pub or bar franchise can be a fantastic investment Ė especially if you love socialising and being a part of the community.

According to recent research, we Brits drink an average of 9.7 litres of alcohol per year Ė thatís the equivalent of more than two bottles of wine a week. You may have heard that the number of pubs in the UK is falling, but this is still a highly profitable industry. In fact, it is expected to make a total revenue of £19 billion this year.

By taking notice of consumer preferences and knowing what drinkers value in their pubs and bars, you can make sure you invest in a business model that will stand the test of time. For example, a survey by YouGov revealed the factors that consumers put above all others when choosing which bar to visit. Welcoming staff was prioritised by 28 percent of people, while efficient service was important to 26 percent. After this, a good atmosphere was a vital consideration to 25 percent of drinkers.

Current bar trends

Another way to make sure you attract a good number of customers is to keep on top of industry trends. The last year has seen a rise in the popularity of flavoured gins, for example. So, why not look out for franchises that have extensive spirit selections, or allow you stock your own choice of drinks?

On the other end of the spectrum, there is also increasing demand for low and zero-alcohol drinks. As more and more people choose not to drink at all, businesses that stock substitutes for beer, wine, spirits and cocktails should be able to cater to a larger market than those that donít. While it may seem counter-intuitive for your bar company, itís a no-brainer if you want to welcome as many customers as you can.

Finally, customers are now very interested in the sustainability of the businesses they hand their money over to. By making sure you use ethical suppliers and eliminate environmentally damaging business practices Ė like handing out plastic cups, for example Ė you can make sure your business is successful in the long term.

Our top 4 bar franchises

Have you always dreamed of opening your own bar under an established franchise brand? If so, here are some of the most popular franchises in the bar sector:

1. Bar Sport

A renowned international bar franchise specialising in premium bar products and services, Bar Sport is the biggest sports bar franchise in the UK. Itís a BFA member, and it provides sports memorabilia, an excellent choice of food products such as Champion burgers and beef steaks, and stylish rooms with HD TVs.

The Bar Sport brand is all about creating a fun atmosphere and making the customers feel special. This is a business that prides itself on its excellent customer care and ambiance, where people can have a great time while they watch their favourite matches and enjoy delicious food and drink.

This could be one of the best franchises to buy if you have an enthusiasm for sport and delivering first-rate hospitality. If you think you could be a good fit, youíll need an initial investment of £60,000. This includes the franchise fee, the cost of acquiring a new licence, start-up costs and a training programme with strategies for marketing, sales and business techniques. Bar Sports charges a management service fee of five percent and a marketing fee of one percent.

2. Lateo Boutique

A premium drinks boutique brand that specialises in luxury coffees, spirits and ales, Lateo Boutique offers licences for its boutiques, bistro bars, events services, cafes and VIP services. It also provides ongoing support for licensing, marketing, business development and sales, including product training and seminars.

Lateo Boutiques' business concept centres on bespoke client packages at very competitive prices. This brand also offers tailored gift packages and VIP services for special occasions such as birthdays. Plus, with a broad target market ranging from music festivals to Christmas markets, there's a robust year-round demand for Lateo's premium drinks products. That means franchisees have high earning potential, depending on how many hours theyíre willing to put into their business.

This franchise is always interested in hearing from people who have the drive and motivation to run their own business. You'll need to look smart and presentable, work with integrity and show plenty of enthusiasm for hospitality, although no formal experience in this sector is necessary.

Youíll need to have a minimum investment of £10,000 and pay a franchise fee of £2,000 to open a Lateo Boutique Franchise. However, you may be eligible for funding support to help you get your business off the ground. Lateo Boutique expects its franchisees to earn approximately £200,000 in revenue after the first two years, so this is one of the best franchises to buy when you consider the relatively low minimum investment and the potential to earn a substantial income.

3. Veeno

If you're a lover of Italian wines, this up-scale bar franchise concept could be the perfect business opportunity for you. Veeno is a high-end Italian wine cafe network offering delicious Italian cuisine and quality wines. Although it's a relatively new network, it's already a provisional member of the BFA, and has won multiple awards such as the 2016 English Italian and the Best Multiple Operator awards.

This franchisor believes the company has a very competitive alternative business concept and customer experience to the traditional English pub. Although it targets a broad market, franchisees focus on professionals and big spenders who share the brand's passion for high-quality food and wines. The franchisor has two business models: small towns, and larger towns and cities, and each franchise has its own territory, so franchisees can build a large and sustainable customer base.

The Veeno bar franchise concept is simple: to promote the traditional Italian lifestyle and provide an excellent service with passion and attention to detail at all times. Veeno uses genuine Italian ingredients and recipes to give customers an authentic experience. Plus, each cafe is intricately decorated with high-quality photos of Italy, and staff are trained to guide customers on the most suitable wines to accompany their food choices.

In the next few years, this franchisor has ambitious plans to expand in the UK and Ireland so it can enhance its brand visibility and become the most successful Italian wine cafe franchise in the country. So, itís seeking ambitious individuals who are passionate about food and drink and can demonstrate an entrepreneurial attitude. To become a franchisee, youíll need a minimum investment of £75,000 and enough funds to cover a total investment of £100,000.

Your franchise package will include a unique, four-week training academy course, which will teach you everything you need to know about how to build profitable, popular franchises with sustainable customer bases. Plus, assistant managers and staff-level employees will also receive tailored training programmes as part of their ongoing professional development.

4. Coxtails

If you want to make your customersí parties, weddings and other events extra special, why not become a Coxtails franchisee? Coxtails is a cocktail bar and bartender hire service that operates throughout the UK. Founded in 2009, it has a decade of expertise in the food and drink sector and is now looking for capable franchisees to take the Coxtails brand to new territories.

When you join Coxtails, youíll be bringing your Ďbar-for-hireí to every type of event, from corporate meetings to hen parties. The business has even offered its services at exhibitions and celebrity events.

Youíll be able to choose the Coxtails package that suits your franchising ambitions; The Vintage Mobile Bar Van & Bar Service Package or the Mobile Bar Service Package. The franchisor is dedicated to making sure your business gets off to a great start, so theyíll help you get the right licences, complete cocktail-making training and initiate marketing campaigns.

This is a fantastic opportunity if you love to vary your working schedule. During the summer, itís likely youíll spend a lot of time catering at weddings, while December might see you offering your services at work Christmas parties, for example. With a fully equipped van bar, you can expect to generate sales of over £100,000. To find out more about the costs involved with starting up a franchise, get in touch with Coxtails here.

Starting your own bar

Weíve highlighted a number of different options, from traditional bars, to mobile cocktail bars, to speciality drinks businesses. To browse our full list of pub and bar franchises, click here.

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