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For many, combining the freedom of being their own boss with the challenge of running a pub is perfect. Spending time chatting to the locals, pulling pints and playing an important role in the local community is an attractive thought for aspiring entrepreneurs.

However, in reality, if you want to run your own pub successfully, you need to be prepared to work hard, dedicate long and unsociable hours to the business and have the patience to deal with demanding customers. But done right, you can get a tremendous amount of satisfaction out of making a room full of people happy.

If youre up for this challenging yet rewarding career choice, here is some information about what it takes to run a profitable pub.

How to run your own pub

So, whats really involved in running a pub? Here are just some of the key activities and responsibilities that come with the job when you run your own pub:

Recruiting and training staff

The key to a successful pub is to get the right staff members in place. As your business is customer-facing, your employees represent your pub and your brand. By recruiting wisely, not only with customers receive a good level of service, but it can also take away a lot of the stress that comes with running a pub.

To get the best from your staff, youll need to invest time and effort into planning and delivering your training. You may decide to recruit team members based on their previous experience of working in the industry, but this doesnt mean that they will be adequately trained to represent your pub.

You must ensure that all employees understand their obligations which are outlined in the Licensing Act 2003. Other than this mandatory element, you'll have control over the training that your staff receive. As well as the practical side of your training programme, you should make sure that you spend time sharing your vision and values.

This will create a positive culture amongst team members which will become apparent to customers when they visit your pub.

Stock control

When you run your own pub, stock control is an important task to manage well. Get the stock levels wrong, and you risk not making a profit or satisfying customers, or both. By carefully monitoring the stock, sufficient quantities of each item can be ordered and delivered in plenty of time avoiding unnecessary cash flow issues or overstocking problems.

Serving food

If your pub serves food, you have the opportunity to make more profit. Do it right, and you can stand out from your competitors as you become known as the place to go for good food and drink.

Of course, offering food requires planning, more staff and adherence to additional licensing and food safety regulations. But it will be worth it if youre prepared to put in the effort required. Firstly, you must decide what type of food you're going to offer. Whether you choose pub grub or gastro food, you need to ensure that you offer something different to the other pubs in your area, so people have a reason pick you.

Once youve decided upon your menu, you need to recruit for kitchen and waiting staff. Ideally, you should get staff on board that have previous kitchen experience as training someone from scratch for this type of role will be time consuming and expensive. If you dont have the necessary skills, you should also consider recruiting a head chef.

Not only will the quality of the food produced be higher, but it will also take the stress of managing the kitchen away from you. This allows you to continue to run your own pub effectively and without distraction.

Business development

Your pub may be well stocked, serving the best food by excellent staff members but if you dont invest in marketing your business, customers wont know about it. Marketing is a necessary task if you want your pub to be successful.

Promoting your business and giving customers a reason to choose your pub over any other in your area is an activity which should be prioritised. This will enable your business to make a healthy profit and grow if you have ambitions to do so.

Are you right for the job?

You dont need to have any particular qualifications or even any previous experience to run your own pub. What's more important is the dedication and determination required to be a success.

You need to be prepared to work long hours and be available at all times, even if youre not physically present at your pub. Youll also need to be good with people. Customers expect a friendly welcome when they visit a pub which youll need to provide even if youre tired.

So, if youre enthusiastic about the pub trade and youre willing to throw yourself into the job, then this could be the career for you.

Run your own pub UK

If running a pub sounds like your ideal career move, why not consider investing in a pub franchise? This way youll get to run your own pub while enjoying the support of an established business.

For example, the Marston's Pub franchise has over 180 years experience and in that time has managed to create the perfect pint. Customers in over 1,700 pubs up and down the country get to enjoy a wide range of drinks while franchisees benefit from a stable business with a proven franchise system.

When you invest in a Marston's Pub franchise, you buy into a company that is committed to delivering exceptional customers service. For a franchise fee of just £25,000 plus VAT and a further £20,000 of working capital, youll get the chance to run your own pub. As well as providing all the training you need, Marstons help you get your business off the ground quickly by not collecting rent or payment for utility bills and dealing with any repairs as and when theyre needed.

This will enable you to get on with being a successful franchisee running a profitable pub.

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