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Owning a retail franchise

If you've been looking to invest in a franchise with high potential for growth but havenít yet found the ideal business, take a look at Cash Convertors or Cash Generator. With a pre-owned goods franchise, you can help your customers make money, without losing out yourself. Offering a variety of services, these two franchises provide potential franchisees with an excellent opportunity to own their own business and grow it from the ground up. Here, we take a look at what makes them attractive business prospects.

Second-hand retail franchises

Used goods businesses are an increasingly common fixture on the nation's high streets. However, few can compete with the brand recognition and purchasing power of our biggest franchises. Cash Converters and Cash Generator have positioned themselves in a market thatís expanded year on year. In part, their success is due to widespread consumer culture and the constant, rapid evolution of technology. Both factors contribute to an economy in which goods are soon outdated and replaced, and neither factor is likely to become redundant any time soon. This means the market for second-hand goods is expected to keep on growing for the foreseeable future.

Cash Converters


Cash Converters can trace its origins back to Perth, Australia, where its first store was opened in 1984. Since then, international expansion has resulted in the retail franchise growing to encompass more than 700 stores, in over 20 countries. Cash Converters boasts over 200 units across the UK alone and has become one of the nationís most recognisable pre-owned brand names.

As well as selling second-hand goods, the franchise also provides pawn-broking loans and personal finance services. The business works hard to maintain high standards across the franchise and understands how much its reputation depends on being perceived as a credible retailer and service provider. Thatís why the franchise carefully considers every franchisee applicant and will only partner with those theyíre sure are capable of offering consistently high standards of service.


To become a Cash Converters franchisee, an initial investment of £39,000 is required. However, the total investment needed to set up a Cash Converters franchise is somewhere in the range of £150,000 to £250,000. While the initial figure covers the franchise rights Ė enabling the new franchisee to operate under the Cash Converters name Ė the more significant figure encompasses all the capital required to set up a new unit. For this level of investment, the franchise estimates franchisees could soon be seeing a monthly net income of £17,000, with expected revenue of £204,000 over the first two years.

What you get in return

In return for your investment, a franchisee receives a turnkey business model that's ready to roll out in your territory. It also covers stock procurement, early working capital, and your commercial propertyís fixtures and fittings. Cash Converters help to secure your business premises and dedicated computer systems that track sales data and provide you with essential analytical insights into the franchiseís performance.

As with any franchise, training is of vital importance. Alongside an initial training period, those opening a franchise will be provided with help in business planning and basic management. A range of specialist courses is available for those who want to develop particular skill sets. For instance, specialist training related to jewellery valuation is undertaken by many Cash Converter franchisees.

Cash Generator


Cash Generator is a UK-based business that opened its first store in 1994, in the city of Bolton. Though it traditionally specialised in only the buying and selling of pre-owned goods, the provision of personal finance services has become an increasingly important part of its operations in recent years. The business has now grown to over 220 UK stores, the vast majority of which are franchises.

Inspired by the second-hand stores, he found in the United States; founder Brian Lewis decided to bring the business to the UK and then expand overseas. Cash Generator is now one of the biggest second-hand store networks in the world, with over 700 units in 21 different countries.


To start a Cash Generator franchise, a minimum personal investment of £80,000 is required. However, the total cost of investment is thought to be around £250,000. Within Cash Generator's business model, franchisees are encouraged to expand and grow with their business, and many investors now own more than one franchise. It is also expected that franchise owners will step back from the day-to-day running of the business once itís fully established. By allowing their staff to take on the more routine tasks, franchisees are free to work hard at growing the business and expanding Cash Generatorís operations.

What you get in return

In return for your investment, franchisees will be given the rights to trade under the Cash Generator brand. The franchise will also assist in the setting up of the new unit, providing many of the resources required to launch successfully. However, one of the biggest benefits of working with Cash Generator is its incredibly through training programme.

Designed to prepare franchisees for every aspect of business management, the six weeks, classroom-based training period covers customer service skills, lending practices, currency transfer regulations, and retail operations, amongst other things. This is combined with practical in-store experience with one of their existing franchisees and on-going support and training thatís tailored to meet your individual needs. Cash Generator has accumulated years of franchise experience and are always on hand to help their franchisees with whatever's needed.

A competitive franchise opportunity..

If youíre looking to invest in a pre-owned goods franchise that's demonstrated excellent growth in the recent past, there are only two franchises to consider. Both Cash Converters and Cash Generator are well-respected brands that are actively looking for suitable individuals to become their newest franchisee. If youíre interested, get in touch to request more information and consider your next steps. A sustainable and highly profitable franchise could soon be within your grasp if you decide one of our top two franchises is the perfect fit for you.

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