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Convenience store franchises UK 2018

Whether you need a pint of milk, the Sunday papers or a last-minute bottle of wine, convenience stores offer just that. Located on street corners, petrol station forecourts and high streets up and down the country, the accessibility and ease of shopping locally are growing in popularity. In fact, a survey by GlobalData has found that in 2018, the retail convenience market will increase by 4.1% in the UK, outdoing the total food and grocery market by 0.9%.

With the quality and affordability of food playing a huge factor in this growth, convenience stores offer consumers an abundance of product ranges enabling them to complete their full weekly shop. But as expected, GlobalDatas 2017 convenience survey found that the purchase of the essentials such as milk and bread is responsible for three-quarters of all convenience store purchases.

However, consumer shopping habits are changing. With 25.3% of 25 - 34-year-olds stating that they complete their weekly shop in convenience stores, compared to just 5.7% of 55 - 64-year-olds. Busy and time-pressured younger generations are increasingly using convenience stores for top-up shopping, and weekly shops as speed and ease of shopping become ever more critical.

So, with convenience stores looking to play an even more significant part in our local communities in the future, it's a great time to look at the retail franchise opportunities that are available for investment.

Convenience store franchise opportunities

If you think that you have what it takes to open a retail franchise, then you may want to consider one of our top 3 convenience store opportunities. If you're hard-working, dedicated and self-motivated, these could be the best franchises to buy to become a successful and profitable franchisee.


With its instantly recognisable branding, Londis stores have become a fundamental part of our high street make up. With 1,500 franchisee-owned Londis stores throughout the UK providing thousands of customers a wide range of over 5,000 product lines; it's easy to see why this retail franchise is the number one convenience store in the country.

To remain competitive, Londis have developed simplified promotional and marketing support programmes to encourage store footfall and improve customer loyalty. As a franchisee, youll be provided with free marketing support through personalised leaflets, promotional and seasonal point of sale kits.

Starting a franchise with Londis couldnt be easier. You dont need any previous experience in the retail sector or be able to afford expensive franchise fees; you just need to be committed to protecting the Londis brand and standard. If youre willing to agree to a five-year Fascia and Supply agreement, support four weekly promotions and have stocks in each of the four store ranges, then, you're just the business partner Londis are looking for.

When youre on board, youll get access to free digital marketing support, free online training, and free membership to the Association of Convenience Stores. You can also take advantage of Londis Spend & Save discount scheme. The more stock you order, the more you save. Lower wholesale prices will help improve your profitability so that you can continue to invest in your business.


SPAR has been providing customers with quality and convenience since 1957. So, if youre looking to become part of a well-established, reputable and hugely recognisable brand, SPAR could be one of the best franchises to buy.

Unsurprisingly, with over 12,500 stores in more than 40 countries, SPAR is the largest food store chain in the world. Starting a franchise with SPAR will see you benefit from the experience and expertise that they have gained in their 60-year history.

The support you get when you become a SPAR franchisee focuses on helping you to grow sales and maximise your profitability. Youll be able to take advantage of SPARs store development service. SPAR has created a range of award-winning store formats designed to suit the needs of your customers so that you can be sure that youre making the best use of space. You'll also be allocated a business development advisor who will regularly visit to discuss how to identify and achieve sustainable growth.

And this is undoubtedly one of the best franchises to buy if youre committed to improving yourself both personally and professionally. As a franchisee, youll have access to the online SPAR Guild Training Academy. Here youll receive all the training you need to run a successful franchise as well as achieving valuable retail management qualifications. SPAR franchisees who have completed and applied what they have learnt at the academy to their stores have seen improvements in sales of up to 12%.


Established by John Budgen in 1872, Budgens is considered one of the oldest supermarkets in the country. Today the retail franchise has 150 stores throughout the country, employing 6,000 staff to serve over 80 million customers a year.

Rather than paying membership and franchise fees, as a Budgens franchisee, you'll be expected to purchase a minimum of £10,000 of branded stock through Budgens distributions depot per week. And with a rebate scheme in place, the more you buy the more youll save, delivering increased profitability and value.

Starting a franchise with Budgens will enable you to choose your own location for your store. Following a site assessment, youll receive all the support you need to convert an existing store or open a new one. You can also choose which size store youd like to own and operate. There are several store formats available from forecourt units to larger supermarkets. The most important thing is that you understand the shopping needs of your customer base and match your store format to their requirements.

When you open your new Budgens franchise, a New Store Opening Manager will help you get up and running; from ordering stock to staff recruitment and training. And when youre all set up, youll have access to market leading promotions and free marketing support. Through social media, leaflet schemes and a free online Retailer Toolkit, you're sure to stay ahead of the competition by offering seasonally appropriate deals for your loyal customers.

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