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As the trend for healthy food sweeps the nation, consumers are increasingly judicious about what they put into their bodies. This means that the demand for healthier meat dishes is rising and restaurants that want to stay ahead of the game are being forced to offer higher quality dishes. With this in mind, lets explore some of the best bar and grill franchises currently on the market.


Everyone loves a pizza theyre filling, customisable and can be surprisingly nutritious. If youd like to capitalise on the UKs fondness for the savoury treat, you could start a business with Fireaway.


This pizza franchise offers an alternative to some of its less healthy competitors. Using fresh and nutritious ingredients and an authentic fire oven, Fireaway can create your pizza, cook it and get it onto your plate in under three minutes. The business even hosts childrens parties, so customers can organise a stress-free gathering for their little ones too.

The franchises second income stream comes from its delivery subsidiary, Fireaway Express. This model uses local commercial kitchens and sends customers orders to them through the Fireaway website and recognised delivery platforms such as Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats.

Since being launched in 2015, Fireaway has cultivated a social media following of more than 6,500 people and has nine restaurants located in the south and south east of England. To boost this number, youll be required to make an investment of at least £30,000. However, franchisees are attracted to Fireaways unique franchise model as a result of its low ongoing fees. This is a business that isnt just in it for the profits. Thats why it typically only charges franchisees around £249 per month.


Popularised in 1950s American diners, where consumers could stop in for a delicious, hearty meal, burgers have become a firm favourite worldwide. Today, there is a huge variety of burger bars across the UK. These offer everything from shamelessly indulgent patties dripping with cheese, topped with bacon and served with fries, to vegan burgers made with combinations of nuts, chickpeas, mushrooms, onions, beans and rice. One franchise that sits in the middle of this spectrum is Eddie Rocket's, which focuses on affordable, high-quality meat burgers.

Eddie Rockets

Eddie Rocket's is just one of the four Irish burger brands managed by parent company, Rocket Restaurants. It sits beside Rockets, The Counter Burger and Flash Harrys. There are more than 40 Eddie Rocket's restaurants across Ireland offering customers premium Irish meat that is never frozen.

This fast-casual restaurant franchise appeals to diners that are looking for quality food at a reasonable price and it boasts a six-minute order-to-serving time. It takes the form of an American retro diner, giving customers a taste for 1950s USA. It also operates a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu, maximising the business profit potential, as well as a smaller restaurant format suitable for airport and drive-thru models.

To join this franchise, youll need to find an appropriate location with space of at least 100 square metres and invest between £360,000 and £1.4 million.

Street Food

As more and more people travel abroad and get a taste for the delicious food served from street food carts in far-away countries, the popularity of street food in the UK has soared. You might be forgiven for thinking that these stalls are exclusively operated by small, start-ups that cant afford to buy retail space, but youd be wrong. Wolf is a street food franchise that serves Italian dishes to consumers up and down the UK.


The story of Wolf began in 2015, when its founders launched a street food stall in Chiswick Business Park, London. As it began to be noticed by increasing numbers of passers-by, it was able to expand to multiple locations. Today, it has seven sites and more in the pipeline.

Wolf is loved by a pool of loyal customers for its healthy takes on Italian classics. It strips dishes of their high carbohydrate and saturated fat content and packs in a range of fresh, locally sourced ingredients. This doesnt mean that it compromises on flavour, however. Meat is always marinated for a minimum of 24 hours to ensure that the end result is as tasty as any other dish.

The business is looking to expand by introducing standard or master franchisees to its model, but you must be willing to invest at least £200,000 if you are to become an ambassador for the brand.

Noodle Bar

The health benefits of a fresh noodle dish have been welcomed with open arms by Asian food fanatics across the country. Convenient and delicious, noodle boxes have seen a rapid rise in demand over the past few years, enabling many noodle bar franchises to spring up in busy areas.


Wok&Go first appeared in Chester in 2008 but, today, the business operates 17 restaurants across the UK. It has also taken steps to expand internationally, launching stores in Kuwait and Dubai. Wok&Gos business model should do well with a varied customer base, as it merges food traditions from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Japan to create a unique blend of ingredients and flavours.

This franchise offers noodle and rice dishes that can be customised to individual customers tastes. All you need to do when you nip into a Wok&Go restaurant is select your favourite noodles or rice and fillings, including meat, fish, tofu and fruits and vegetables. Then, just top it off with a sauce, such as black bean, hot chilli, oyster or teriyaki. Alternatively, you could opt for a wrap, salad, soup or Asian ice cream.

Wok&Go prides itself on its quick service, frying up the ingredients as soon as the customer places their order. This makes it an ideal destination for those in need of a quick, easy, delicious and nutritious meal to eat on the go. To get in on the action, youll need to invest around £200,000.

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