Our top 5 franchises to keep kids entertained

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Top kids franchises in the UK 2018

If you’re a lover of children and feel passionate about providing them with entertainment and activities that stimulate their developing minds and bodies, while also ensuring they have a great deal of fun, we’ve got some franchises that should interest you. Our list of the top 5 franchises to keep kids entertained includes a variety of businesses, each of which is aimed at a slightly different market, and each of which has its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages. Here, we take a look at each of them in turn and offer you some insight into what makes each franchise such an attractive proposition.

Kids franchise opportunities UK

Jump Arena

Jump Arena was established in 2015, with centres in Leeds and Luton. Since then, the franchise has grown to encompass ten units spread around the country. With the hope of becoming the country’s leading trampoline park operator, Jump Arena is currently looking for new franchisees to join their team.

The franchise prioritises family fun but also understands that their product appeals to customers of all ages and inclinations. Consequently, they've worked hard to diversify their product and introduce a vast array of services that both attract new customers and provide franchisees with additional revenue streams. These services include workout sessions, sporting events, and birthday parties.

To buy a Jump Arena franchise, it’s necessary to raise an initial investment of £200,000 and an additional £25,000 +VAT for the franchise fee. In return for this investment, franchisees receive access to experienced architectural and construction teams, as well as the franchise’s POS system, and their booking system. New franchisees will also receive comprehensive training and ongoing support once the business is up and running.

Creation Station

Creation Station is the UK’s leading arts and crafts franchise and has been attracting kids, adults, and families to one of their 100+ franchise units for over 15 years. Born of a mother’s concern that there wasn’t a wide range of child-friendly activities to stimulate a growing brain, Creation Station set out to establish themselves as one of the country’s most exciting child-orientated franchises. Having worked closely with the British Franchising Association (bfa), the franchise has become a well-respected example of how a successful franchise should conduct itself.

The minimum initial investment in Creation Station is set at £5,500 +VAT. This makes it the most affordable kids franchise on our list. However, just because the startup costs are low, doesn’t mean you can’t expect a great deal of help and support in setting up your business. New franchisees are inducted on a five-day training course that covers all the essential elements of business management, marketing, and day-to-day operations. After this period, franchisees keep in regular contact with the Creation Station management team, who ensure that standards are maintained and that all franchisees receive the assistance they require.


Founded in 1997 by Maxine Clark, Build-A-Bear is one of the most recognisable kids' brands in the country. With over 400 stores across the country, the franchise's network has grown to encompass the vast majority of the country. Based on a unique concept, that's yet to be replicated as successfully anywhere else, Build-A-Bear allows kids and adults to create and customise their own teddy bear, before taking it home to treasure forever. With an incredible number of clothing and accessory combinations, the customer has complete control over how their bear turns out, making each creation a unique and personal toy.

To start a Build-A-Bear franchise, you'll require an initial investment of at least £3,740,000. However, the franchise does suggest that anywhere up to £9,000,000 worth of working capital may be needed to make the business a success. In return for this investment, franchisees receive assistance with kitting out their store location, are offered extensive training, and receive ongoing support and guidance. Finally, franchisees also have access to the bulk-buying power of the entire Build-A-Bear network.

Jo Jingles

If you’re considering owning a franchise aimed at young children, you may want to take a look at Jo Jingles. Founded in 1991, the franchise now boasts over 700 centres and a network of approximately 90 franchisees. Jo Jingles offers music-based classes for children aged between 3 months and five years. The classes concentrate heavily on singing, dancing, and movement, all of which stimulate the children’s developing senses, educate, and entertain.

A Jo Jingles franchise requires a minimum initial investment of £6,500 +VAT. This entitles the franchisee to one week’s training at Head Office, assistance with digital systems and business management issues, and invitations to regular training and networking seminars, workshops, and conferences.


Razzamataz is one of the country’s most popular theatre, dance, and performing arts schools. Founded in 2000, the Razzamataz theatre franchise has expanded to include schools in England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. The franchise provides coaching to children between the ages of 4 and 18 and aims to reach children of all social and economic backgrounds.

To invest in Razzamataz, it is necessary to raise an initial investment of £9,995 +VAT, as well as £4,000 +VAT for early marketing costs, and enough working capital to cover the initial setup. This investment entitles franchisees to a comprehensive training programme that covers business basics, child security, and bookkeeping, amongst other things. Support continues throughout the length of the franchise agreement, and the royalty fee typically covers marketing costs.


Starting a kid's entertainment franchise is a challenging task. However, once your business is up and running, it can be the most rewarding job you’ve ever had. When selecting between children's franchises, it's essential that you take your time to come to a decision, do your research, and talk to both franchisors and existing franchisees. Consider what will make you happy, what you can afford, and what kind of franchise you want to commit to. Once you’ve signed your franchise agreement there’s no going back, so have a think about which one of our top five franchises is right for you, then make it work!

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