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Top kids franchises in the UK 2018

Interested in working with children? The booming kids entertainment sector of the franchise industry could be the right place for you. Here are some of the top franchises in the UK that provide children’s entertainment.

Running a franchise is something that most franchisees consider very rewarding, with 79% rating the support they receive from their franchisor as ‘good’ to ‘excellent’ [British Franchising Association]. For business-minded people who love working with children, running a kids and childrens franchise could be the best of both worlds, and allow you to:

  • Be your own boss

  • Turn a profit quickly

  • Take less financial risks

  • Enjoy a role you have real passion for

  • Improve the lives of the children that you come into contact with

In this article, you’ll discover just a few of the best franchising opportunities available in the kids entertainment sector. If you’re interested in a franchise, but aren’t sure this is the right sector for you, consider top opportunities elsewhere, such as these top five management franchises and these top ten quick service restaurant franchises.

The value of investing in franchises for entertaining children

Children between the ages of 0 - 15 years make up 18-19% of the population [Office for National Statistics]. This number is unlikely to massively decrease, and other figures - like the amount parents are willing to spend on children’s entertainment - are increasing. With over £28,000 having recently been injected into funding children's extracurricular activities, there’s no doubt that franchises focusing on entertaining kids are thriving.

The number one reason why parents spend so much money and time on out-of-school activities is that children enjoy them. To be sure, ambition and future success are also significant motivations, but it’s heartening to learn that parents agree to pay for those extra guitar and dancing lessons not principally because they think their children will land a better job, or to impress the neighbours, but because they want to indulge simple childish pleasure.
—Mark Cooper, GKP 

Five best children's franchises

1. Noodle Performance Arts 

Noodle Performance Arts was founded in 2012 by Nikki Johnson. Noodle Performance Arts franchises provide performing arts and dance training to kids all over the UK. The business also caters to parties - the “Noodle Parties” offshoot offers a range of character parties, dance parties and mini-discos. 

For the opportunity to work with this award-winning franchise, you’ll need to make a minimum investment of £7,500, and your expected revenue after two years is around £95,000. For your investment, you’ll receive the benefits of the existing brand reputation, equipment, plans, a full training programme, and ongoing management and marketing support.

Noodle Performance Arts is looking for franchisees who are: 

  • Hardworking


  • Passionate 

  • Driven 

  • Experienced in teaching or performance (though this isn’t essential if you’ve got the other three qualities in spades and you’re willing to learn)

2. Sports Xtra 

Sports Xtra was established in 2002 by founder Garreth Lippiat, when he noticed that childrens’ interest in sports seemed to be on the decrease. The franchise aims to increase physical activity in younger children, and is the leading provider of sports and physical activities workshops for children from 2 to 12. There are now 50 Sports Xtra locations across the UK and Asia.

To start a Sports Xtra franchise, you’ll need to make a minimum investment of £19,600, with no additional franchise fees required. For your investment, you’ll receive comprehensive training and access to all of Sports Xtra’s teaching resources. 

Sports Xtra’s ideal franchisee would be: 

  • Business-minded 

  • Good at engaging children 

  • Willing to commit to the promises of the brand

3. Diddi Dance 

Diddi Dance was founded in 2003 by Anne-Marie Martin, who noticed a serious lack of dance classes available to preschool aged children. After a successful seven years, Anne-Marie entered into the world of franchising in 2010. 

Diddi Dance is determined to set healthy habits through different physical dance classes from a very young age. Each dance program explores 16 different styles. The children's franchise has won several awards - some for service delivery, some for franchising best practice - including the EWIF Inspirational Woman Franchisor 2019. 

To start a Diddi Dance franchise, you’ll need to make a minimum investment of £4,995, and for your investment, you’ll receive skills training, support and guidance. 

4. Jump Arena 

Jump Arena was founded in 2015, opening its first park in Leeds. Since then, the business has expanded considerably, and now Jump Arena franchises across the UK offer an indoor trampoline park experience focused on fun and excitement, packed with entertaining activities. 

The Jump Arena experience is suited to kids and adults, making it the perfect place to turn for family fun. 

Jump Arena’s activity offerings include freestyle, dodgeball, foam pit jumps and basketball slam dunks. The franchise also caters for childrens parties and other celebrations.

To become a Jump Arena franchisee, you’ll need to invest a minimum of £200,000. For your investment, you’ll receive extensive support, inclusive of a dedicated construction and architectural team to help you create and launch your park. You’ll also receive training, detailed operations manuals, POS, and a customised booking system for your location.

Jump Arena is looking for franchisees who have: 

  • Passion 

  • Entrepreneurial spirit

  • High level customer service skills 

5. Little Rescuers 

Little Rescuers was founded in 2015 by Carolline, a paramedic and mother of two. The franchise teaches children potentially life-saving first aid skills through the mediums of fun, play, music and teamwork. Little Rescuers specialises in teaching children from ages 3 to 11, on a mission to build their confidence and prepare them for moments of crisis.

In September 2020, first aid was added to the National Curriculum, and ever since, Little Rescuers has been in high demand. If you’re interested in working for a children's franchise that could make an important, life-saving difference, Little Rescuers is perfect for you. The company requires franchisees to make a minimum investment of £5,000, and right now, it’s looking for franchisees who:

  • Are enthusiastic 

  • Are passionate about working with children 

  • Want to make a difference 

  • Choose a career that works for you

Start a fun kids franchise

The rewards of a career working with children are many and various, and the value of providing fun, entertainment and support to the next generation is huge. If you think you’re right for a career working with a kids franchise, don’t hesitate to make your investment in this growing industry. If you’re interested in working with younger children specifically, consider investing in one of the top baby franchises in the UK.

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