The kids that made the royal wedding: Our top 5 childrenís franchises

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Top childrens franchises in the UK

At 12 pm on Saturday 19th May, all eyes were on the beautiful bride, Meghan Markle and her dashing groom, Prince Harry. People from all over the world were glued to their TV screens to see what the bride's dress would be like if Harry would shed a tear, and which celebrity guests would be invited. And we werenít disappointed.

The sun shone on Windsor Castle for the perfect wedding day. Meghanís dress was fit for a princess, Harry looked lovingly at his bride throughout the service, and we were treated to the likes of David Beckham, George Clooney and Oprah Winfrey dressed up in their finery.

But who would have thought that it would be the children at the wedding that would steal the show? Of course, Prince Georgeís gorgeous grin and Princess Charlotteís very royal wave were in all the papers the next day. But the unexpected stars of the day were the pageboys, Brian and John Mulroney, sons of Meghanís best friend, Jessica.

No strangers to the spotlight with their own YouTube channel, the seven-year-old twins could not contain their excitement on the day. The photo of Brian giving a huge gap-toothed grin as he carried Meghanís veil down the aisle went viral online before the service was over and donned many of the front pages of the papers the following day.

If working with children while running your own business is your idea of perfection, then here are five of the best franchises to invest in.

Childrenís franchise opportunities

The right franchise business opportunity for you could be among these popular, well-established and profitable franchises.

Banana Moon

Of all the options for working with children, undoubtedly the best franchises to invest in are the ones that help shape, develop and educate them. Being a Banana Moon franchisee enables you to do just this.

Banana Moon is a day-care service for children between the ages of three months and five years. You donít need to have any previous experience of working with children as a comprehensive training package is provided.

You wonít just learn child care techniques but also how the franchise system works, how to effectively manage the daily operations of the nursery and how to promote your franchise in your local area. To help you do this, you'll also be given marketing material to raise awareness of the brand within your community.


If you prefer a more flexible option but still want to develop and inspire little ones, then this could be the franchise business opportunity for you. Debutots is the leading provider of drama-based education in the UK. As a franchisee, youíll deliver classes in schools, nurseries and mother and baby events in your local area.

Not only do you get to teach children invaluable life skills, but you also get the freedom and flexibility to choose the hours you work. This is why itís one of the best franchises to invest in for parents who are looking to become their own boss while being able to work around the needs of the family.


Intellidance is a low-cost franchise opportunity that helps children to develop through music and dance. Children from 3 months to five years will benefit from attending structured dance classes appropriate for their age.

When you've received your initial training, you'll complete a series of written and practical assessments before you're awarded your certificate. Once qualified, youíll own the rights to the Intellidance license. And the good news is, that there are no ongoing franchise fees, so you get to keep all the profit you make.


Investing in Kumon could be the perfect franchise business opportunity for you if youíre passionate about educating children so that they can build a better future. Operating a Kumon study centre is a full-time commitment which will see you teach children math and reading programmes after school hours.

You donít need any previous experience or a background in education to open your centre. The only criteria you must meet is to be educated to degree level or equivalent, have a full driving licence and pass a proficiency test in both math and English. And of course, you need to be driven and determined to make a success of your franchise.

Youíll receive 11 days of training so that you can confidently apply the Kumon method of learning. Even when youíre running a successful Kumon training franchise, youíll continue to receive regular training to keep you updated with any new and improved teaching techniques.

Leaps and Bounds

Offering an innovative exercise programme for little ones, Leaps and Bounds is a childrenís franchise that parents know and trust. As a franchisee, youíll be responsible for developing 30-minute classes which help improve skills such as agility, balance, climbing and co-ordination. And the benefits arenít just physical. Itís been proven that exercise classes like the ones run by Leaps and Bounds can help with language development by using action songs and rhymes.

As youíll be working with children from toddlers up to the age of five years old, youíll need to be enthusiastic, confident, and have excellent interpersonal skills. As your business grows youíll also need to demonstrate that you can motivate, lead and manage any staff that you recruit to help you run classes. If youíre business-minded, committed and love working with children, then this could be the franchise for you.

Working with children isnít for everyone but with more women returning to the workplace after having children than ever before, now is a great time to start a franchise in the childcare industry. There is a wide range of opportunities available as children benefit from learning more than just reading, writing and arithmetic. Running a childrenís franchise can be fun, rewarding and offer you the flexibility to manage your business around the needs of your own family.

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