Childcare Jobs: Why Not Work For Yourself?

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child care jobs

The Childcare Act came into force in September 2017, and so now three and four-year-olds of working parents in England (there are different schemes in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) will be entitled to 1,140 hours of government-funded childcare each year. This is the equivalent of 30 hours per week over 38 weeks of the year.

This increases the need for childcare jobs significantly as the Government estimates that in the region of 390,000 children will be eligible for this entitlement. So while childcare jobs provide a very rewarding career which is always in demand, you could consider starting your own childcare business. This way you still get the joy of working with children but with the added benefits that come from being the boss.

Setting up a childcare business

But how do you go about starting a childcare business? Well, it helps if youve worked in childcare jobs before as you'll have an understanding of whether you have the patience and passion for working with children on a full-time basis.

Once youre happy that youve got what it takes, you should ask yourself the following questions:

1. Are you physically fit enough?

Looking after children may not appear to be physically demanding but always being on your feet can take its toll. A typical day will see you carrying children, pushing prams up and down stairs, being the horse in games of be the jockey', and much more. All of which will require you to be fit and healthy.

2. Is there a demand for your services in the local area?

There's no point starting a childcare business is there are already plenty of facilities in your area. It's vital that you do your research to identify who your competitors are, how many children requiring childcare live in your area and if you can provide something different from the competition. Your business will not be sustainable if you have no children to take care of.

3. Where will your business be based?

Do you plan to run your childcare business from home or rent premises to keep home life and work separate? If youre planning to be home-based. Then you need to give some thought to how suitable your home is. It may not be large enough or be considered as too dangerous for children without amendments being made. Childproofing your home may come at a considerable cost or include changes that you and your family are not willing to make.

If, however, you'd like to rent premises to set up your business away from home, you also need to meet the required criteria for a childcare business. As well as the safety aspect, location is essential. Being positioned near local schools or offices can make it easier for parents to drop off their child after the school run or on the way to work. Parking facilities are also a must.

4. How many children can you legally care for?

If you choose to run your business from home, then the number of children you can care for depends on their age and if you have your own children under the age of eight. Guidelines state that childminders can look after up to six children under the age of eight. Of these, a maximum of three can be under the age of five and only one can be less than 12 months old.

If the demand in your area indicates that more parents would be interested in using your services, then youd have to create childcare jobs for other individuals to work for you so that the adult to child ratios are not compromised. If this is the case, then acquiring suitable premises may be a better option than setting your business up at home.

5. Are you registered?

The registration process to work with children can be quite lengthy, and there are a number of criteria you must meet to become Ofsted approved. Firstly, youll need to attend an introductory course on childminding and a Paediatric First Aid course before you apply to Ofsted. Once completed youll need to pay a registration fee.

There several mandatory checks that need to be made too. These include a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) and a medical check. Your home or business premises will also be visited by Ofsted to check the suitability of the property to complete the registration process.

6. Have you considered franchising?

There is a way to avoid all of the time, effort and stress of setting up your own childcare business from scratch. You could choose to invest in one of the many franchise opportunities available. This way, you'll receive all the training and support you need to get your business off the ground, while the business model and infrastructure has already been developed. This allows you to get your childcare business up and running much quicker than if you were to go it alone.

Childcare jobs UK

There are many childcare franchise opportunities if you're passionate about helping children to develop and grow both from a physical and educational perspective.

Banana Moon is a pre-school franchise that specialises in daycare for children between the ages of three months and five years. As a franchisee, youll receive all the equipment necessary to cater for 36 children including books, toys, furniture and even high tech items such as touchscreen TV and handheld devices for the children to use.

However, a childcare franchise doesnt just have to provide a supplement to your child's regular schooling. Gymboree offers music and play from newborn to five years old. When you sign up to the franchise, youll get patented lesson plans and all the equipment, apparatus and instruments you need to start the business along with training, coaching and support before and during your franchise journey.

Part-time childcare jobs

If youre drawn to childcare jobs because of the flexibility they provide to work around your family commitments, then there are lots of franchise opportunities for you too.

Sherpa Kids, for example, runs before and after school clubs and holiday activities for primary school-aged children. They provide safe, structured, engaging, and enjoyable activity-based programmes including arts and crafts, music and drama, sports and games, and cooking and technology.

If youre passionate about working with children, theres bound to be a franchise that suits your interests, budget and out of work commitments.

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