Kids Cooking Classes: Taste Success with a Franchise

21/11/2018 08:00 | Food franchises

kids cooking classes

Schools tend to focus on core subjects such as math and English, but there is so much more which can be learnt simply from kids cooking classes. Cooking can help children learn and practice some basic math skills and build language abilities. And the experience of creating delicious and healthy food can help develop their self-confidence and form the basis for positive eating habits in the future.

How to teach a cooking class

Learning to cook is often so much more than preparing food to eat. There are essential skills that can be gained in the kitchen, which means that kids cooking classes can help a child to develop in more ways than just being able to bake a cake.

So, if you have a passion for food and have a desire to pass this on to future generations, you might want to consider starting your own kids cookery school. As well as teaching youngsters how to cook, the classes should also benefit them in the following ways:

Develop basic skills
Simple tasks such as counting eggs or weighing flour can help younger children with basic maths. For older children, reading the recipe together helps to introduce new words to their vocabulary and promote literacy. Being able to follow the steps in a recipe can also improve concentration levels.

Promote a healthy diet
Children are renowned for being picky eaters so introducing them to cooking can open them up to new tastes that theyve never experienced before. By cooking with healthy ingredients that the children may not have tried before youre encouraging them to be adventurous with new foods as well as educating about the best foods to help their bodies grow.

Boost confidence
There is no better feeling than cooking a meal that is enjoyed by others. The praise that children receive when they accomplish a new dish can have a considerable effect on their confidence and self-esteem.

How to start a cooking class for kids

Starting a kids cookery school from scratch requires lots of planning before your business can get off the ground. Start by asking yourself the following questions:

What age children would you like to teach?
The way youll teach a class of nursery age children will be very different from how youll run a course for teenagers. If youd like to cater to a wide range of age groups, then youll need to schedule in times that fit around school hours.

Where will your kids cooking classes be located?
When you start your business, it may be practical to offer kids cooking classes from your home kitchen if you have space. However, as your popularity grows, youll need to consider a better-suited location. The perfect solution would be to hire a school kitchen to teach for the convenience of children being able to attend your classes straight after school has finished. You could also lease a commercial kitchen so that you can store equipment and food there.

How much money will you charge for classes?
Although there is a lot of enjoyment in teaching children an essential life skill such as cooking, its also vital that your business makes a profit. You should ensure that you cover the cost of the ingredients used and that youre charging a fair fee for your time and knowledge.

The answer to these questions will help to shape your business plan. This is an important document that will be needed to secure funding for your new venture and to give you direction and goals to aim towards.

Kids cooking class ideas

If youd love to start your own kids cooking classes but dont know where to start, why dont you consider franchising? This is a perfect idea if youve got the drive and passion, but youd appreciate the additional support and security that being part of a franchise can bring.

If so, then the Smart Raspberry franchise could be just the solution youve been looking for. Established in 2011 by Alicia Cronin due to a lack of cooking classes in schools, word soon spread, and Alicias business began to grow. Due to the demand, Alicia decided to franchise her business in 2016 to take Smart Raspberry to children all over the UK.

If youd like to teach children how to enjoy cooking healthy and delicious food and youre motivated, ambitious and love working with young children, then youre just the franchisee Smart Raspberry are looking for. Experience in teaching or childcare would be preferred but isnt a requirement. Youll need to have the confidence to engage and educate your classes so it will help if youre a real people person with great communication skills too.

As well as being fun and rewarding, this is a low-cost franchise for investors. Youll need £3,995 to secure your Smart Raspberry territory. This fee covers training fees, essential equipment, as well as your own website and email address. Youll also need to fund your initial marketing costs, insurance, a food hygiene certificate and first aid training which will cost in the region of £800.

In return for your investment, youll receive full training to ensure you have all the required skills to make your new business a success. Youll attend a business training course scheduled for one day of intensive learning followed by two days of practical training. Youll then continue to receive on-going support and advice throughout your franchising journey.

To get your business off to the best possible start, Smart Raspberry provides you with essential equipment, including aprons for the children, branded items of clothing for teachers and a recommended supplier list. Theres also access to an online library of class materials, including recipes and time plans for a variety of sessions, including parties, school classes, and holiday workshops.

So, if youre looking for an affordable franchise that will teach children how to cook and grow in confidence, then this could be the opportunity youve been waiting for.

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