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Kids Rugby Coaching Franchise

Rugby is a remarkably popular sport across the entirety of the United Kingdom. Though it's regularly played in schools, there are relatively few chances for younger children to get involved in the game. However, that's all changed with the emergence of a growing number of kids' rugby franchises. Here, we take a more in-depth look at what this new type of business is all about.

Rugby for kids

In the UK, rugby is one of the most popular sports among both children and adults alike. Over the years, youth participation in the game has increased and decreased cyclically. Though the last three years have seen participation amongst 11-15 years old drop, it has also seen a drastic increase in the number of 5-10-year-olds taking up the sport. This bodes well for the future of the sport and suggests there will soon be an upswing in the number of 11-15-year-olds continuing to play the game. It's also good news for businesses that specialise in offering young children rugby classes.

Statistics show that there are currently approximately 279,100 adults playing rugby union in the UK and a further 67,200 participating in rugby league. In England, around 15% of all children aged 11-15 years old play the sport. However, recent studies have also demonstrated that there are enormous discrepancies between different regions within the UK. For instance, an estimated 54% of 11-15-year-olds in Wales play the sport.

Kids rugby clubs

One of the key ways in which the rugby governing bodies have attempted to grow participation in the sport is through increasing the number of opportunities available to children. There has also been an attempt to introduce rugby to a more diverse audience. This is part of a concerted effort to dispel the myth that rugby union is for a particular socio-economic group and to try and create a more inclusive attitude around the sport.

Kids rugby clubs tackle the issue of declining adult participation rates in one particularly important way. Around the country, the biggest problem faced by clubs of all types and sizes is finding a juniors coach that can commit the required time and make the necessary effort. There arent enough experienced adults to have a separate coach for every age group and every local side. Kids rugby clubs tackle this problem by allowing one coach to teach a wide range of age groups and to encourage participation over a larger area. This is possibly due to the way in which a kids rugby franchise allows a coach to make a career out of training juniors.

Rugby franchise

Though there are a remarkable number of franchises that aim their services at children, there are relatively few rugby-based businesses in operation. While educational classes, cooking classes, and dance and theatre classes are all popular options for childrens franchises, kids sports classes are relatively new on the scene. As such, no definite market leader is yet to emerge as the dominant commercial force. Instead, there is healthy competition between a few growing businesses, each of which is looking to establish itself as the go-to rugby class provider. Below, we take a look at three of the most popular franchise opportunities and examine what theyve got to offer.


Rugbytots was launched in 2006 and has spent the last 12 years of business developing itself into one of the largest rugby class providers in the UK. It has also built a significant international presence that means around 60,000 children in 17 countries are now an active part of the Rugbytot network. In the UK alone, there are about 100 franchisees. Together, they offer more than 4,000 classes every week.

To become a Rugbytots franchisee, youll need to invest at least £10,000. However, this is the minimum investment required, and additional working capital is often necessary. In return for your investment, youll become a part of the close-knit Rugbytots franchisee network and be granted the rights to the Rugbytots brand. The franchisor also offers business support, comprehensive training, and all of the kit and equipment youll need to get started. Most impressively, franchisees take on a pre-configured business, meaning they already have a set number of customers and a guaranteed income.

Rugrats Rugby

Founded in 2011, Rugrats Rugby has been providing non-contact rugby classes to boys and girls between the ages of 2-7 for a considerable amount of time. With a heavy focus on team togetherness, as well as the individual skills that constitute the game of rugby, Rugrats Rugby is just as much an opportunity for children to learn how to work together as it is to shape young rugby players. The business classes emphasise fun and constant participation above all else, making them the ideal way for kids to burn off a little surplus energy and begin developing important sporting techniques.

Becoming a Rugrats franchisee requires an initial investment of £3,995, though further investment will be needed if youre to turn the franchise into a full-time business. This fee will cover the first three years of business and will entitle you to a two-year extension (at no extra cost) should both you and the franchisor deem it appropriate. This fee also includes all the equipment, training, and marketing required to get your business up and running.

Try Time Kids Rugby

Try Time was founded by the parents of very energetic and active kids in an attempt to provide their children with an activity that ensured they got outside and did something they truly loved. Since launching, it has gone from strength to strength and encouraged numerous boys and girls to try their hand at a sport that they may never otherwise have had an opportunity to experience.

Starting a Try Time club requires £4,995, as well as a further £700 to cover the costs of the initial marketing outlay. In return, you'll receive all the kit you need, as well as comprehensive training, one year of public liability insurance, and various marketing materials.

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