Taco Bellís New Value Range Fills January With Hot Summer Days

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Taco Bell

Craving Cheesy, Spicy, Crunchy & Grilled Mexican food at a good value? Stop by, weíll hook you up.

With the launch of its new value range, the giant Tex-Mex food chain franchise heats up the post-holiday season blues.

Taco Bell has launched a new value range that promises to melt Januaryís cold winter days away. Across the UK, Taco Bell is turning up the heat in its restaurants with the launch of the new Loaded Beefy Grillers. Last year Taco Bell tested the waters with Dare Devil Grillers and decided to turn up the heat a notch this year with a new value range where customers get to choose from three exciting, new flavour profiles and decide how hot they want their meals.

Taco Bellís BBQ Griller is for the light of heart, the Sriracha Griller is for the adventurous and the Dare Devil Griller is only for the brave. All three meals include deliciously seasoned beef, Mexican rice, warm nacho cheese sauce and crunchy nacho chips, all wrapped inside a tasty tortilla. Available for a limited time only, Taco Bellís new range offers customers with exceptionally delicious hot, hot, or not so hot food that wonít burn a whole in their pockets. With a Loaded Beefy Griller for £1.49 only, the sky is the limit.

Taco Bell UK & Europeís marketing leader, Ellen Gault said: ďJanuary can be a tough time of year after all of the holiday festivities, however just because people are looking for good value doesnít mean they want to compromise on taste.

ďLast year our fans loved our Dare Devil Grillers range so we decided to bring back a range of new flavours, one being the hottest Taco Bell product in the UK yet!Ē

As of the 25th of January, Taco Bell is touting Ďthe most anticipated menu item release of the yearí with its Nacho Fries and as part of the new value range, 20 items will be added to the bargain menu. The Stacker, a folded quesadilla with three layers of seasoned ground beef, melted shredded cheese and nacho cheese sauce will galvanize the menu until the Nacho Fries spectacular appearance later this month.

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