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Papa John's is an international pizza franchise with over 5,000 stores worldwide in more than 40 markets.

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Papa Johnís Whitley Bay storeís change of leadership has led to impressive profit growth in its first month of opening.

Papa Johnís has been celebrating the new owner of its Whitley Bay store in Newcastle Upon Tyne, who has turned the struggling storeís fortunes around.

Franchisee Nazim Vadiwala took over the store just a short time ago and has enjoyed incredible success with his second store. The ambitious Vadiwala has seen a 75 percent increase in sales within just three weeks of opening, showing how hard heís worked to get the store back to its former glory.

Vadiwala is also the owner of the pizza franchiseís Leithwalk store in Edinburgh and explained what motivated him to add another location to his portfolio, despite only joining the franchise four months ago.

ďThe Leithwalk store is doing brilliantly and so I was looking to open a second outlet fairly quickly. Iím from Newcastle, so when Whitley Bay became available I jumped at the chance! Iíve made some changes including installing a double-deck oven to ensure we have the right capacity at peak times and brought in staff I know and trust to run the store. Already the feedback from customers is that the pizza is Ďgoing down really wellí and the results speak for themselves.Ē

He explained that he made sure to focus on getting the branchís key processes in place first before trying to tempt new customer in to the store.

ďI havenít done any marketing yet, apart from putting some information on social media, as I wanted to ensure the key ingredients of both structure and processes were all in place first. Now we are ready to tempt more new customers to try the Papa Johnís promise of: ďBETTER INGREDIENTS. BETTER PIZZA.Ē which means we only use the finest ingredients and fresh dough Ė never frozen - for a better flavour.Ē

Vadiwala encouraged others in the pizza industry to join Papa John, as he said that the franchise offers incredible opportunities for career progression that many other companies do not. He promised that he will soon be expanding his portfolio of stores even further with the help of his dedicated operations manager, Syed Salman.

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