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Veganism is on the up, and is a ripe, rapidly growing market. Increasingly, people are choosing to go plant-based for reasons beyond just health, such as to help protect the environment and to resist animal cruelty. A recent survey estimates there are more than 3.5 billion people in the UK who are vegan, a substantial spike since 2016. However, there are currently relatively few vegan franchises to get involved with. Here well look at some of the exciting opportunities that are out there, as well as some suggestions and ideas for new start-ups, as this market effectively presents a blank canvas for those with creative ideas.

Vegan Business Ideas

There are queues round the block for vegan restaurants from the moment they open their doors, and start-ups are unable to keep up with demand. This all bodes well for making sure your new venture and becoming your own boss is a success. Starting a vegan caf or restaurant franchise would tap into this market, and there are a number of interesting options:


Launched in 2014, Humpit is a hummus and pitta bar which also offers falafel, salads, juices and hot or iced teas. As the UKs first pure vegan, 100 percent plant-based food company, Humpit represents an impressive opportunity for potential franchisees. Humpit recognised the gap in the market for authentic hummus dishes, and serves up hummus with a warm pitta, as well as an on-the-go option of a stuffed pitta and falafel.

With both takeaway and sit-down store models available, franchisees can also choose the function of their franchise. Investing a minimum of £300,000, plus £15,000 in franchise fees will give franchisees access to Humpits introductory scheme which includes product training and marketing support, as well as guidance in choosing a site and fitting it out under the brand name. Humpit is working to build on its previous successes, and is now looking to launch a mobile hummus bar providing tasty food and quick service.

The Avocado Show

Serving everything avocado, The Avocado Show is an innovative franchise to get involved with. Having generated a huge online buzz before opening its first shop in 2017, this brand serves fun and healthy dishes to a large fanbase of avocado lovers. A minimum investment of £60,000 is required from potential franchisees, who can expect to spend a total of £149,000. A hands-on, supportive training programme helps franchisees get their shop off the ground and thriving in the local city or community. As a food company with such a popular business model, and queues of hungry customers lining up since day one, The Avocado Show has huge international potential and represents a fantastic opportunity for franchisees interested in investing in an unique and flourishing business.


Tossed is a salad bar that makes boring, limp salads a thing of the past. With its objective of providing its customers with healthy food fast, is the UKs first cashless restaurant, avoiding cash and instead taking payment with credit/debit cards and Apple Pay. Tossed serves a selection of fresh, exciting and nutritionally-rounded options that everyone can enjoy. Customers can choose from a selection of gourmet wraps, artisanal sandwiches, beverages, sweets, snacks. The food franchise is also a popular choice for vegans, as a result of its emphasis on greens.
Tossed began in the US and now has 24 sites, most of which are still stateside, but there are a few in the UK. An initial investment of £20,000 is required, while investors should spend between £200,000 and £300,000. Franchisees can tailor their franchisee to their own preferences, with two store sizes on offer. 250-1250 sq ft stores are best suited to airports, colleges, universities, shopping centres, medical centres, hospitals, train stations and office buildings, while the more traditional 1,400-2,400 sq ft outlet is ideal for urban and suburban locations.

Vegan Online Business Ideas

Veganism and online shopping are a potent combination in this modern age, however this is still a relatively blank canvas, and its potential is yet to be fully exploited. However, the subscription box/veg box online business model is proving to be very lucrative, attracting everyone from vegans to vegetarians, to people who just want to eat more veg and are looking for a convenient, time saving solution.

There are a number of services, both local and national, but perhaps the most well-known is Riverford Organic Farmers. Riverford offers small, medium or large fruit and veg boxes, delivered to your door weekly, fortnightly, or as and when it is required. Its ethos is organic, rather than wholly vegan, as they do supply dairy products. However, each customer can customise what they would like in their box, making it a safe and popular go-to amongst vegans.

The process of starting your own veg box franchise with Riverford varies depending on where you are and what kind of position you are in business-wise; prices fluctuate depending on the amount of deliveries you do. However, an initial fee of £40,000 is required.

Further vegan franchise ideas

As previously stated, there are not currently a wealth of existing vegan franchise opportunities. However, this is slowly changing, with new ideas and new ventures on the horizon. It might be a shrewd investment to get ahead of the game by investing in vegan business ideas such as the companies mentioned previously.

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