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Golf is a popular club-and-ball sport with many benefits. You can play it your whole life - you donít have to be particularly fit and itís low impact, so it doesnít have a negative impact on the body. Also, golf is an outdoor sport so you can get plenty of fresh air, with the option of playing on your own or with friends. No two golf courses are the same, so each new course brings an element of excitement and mystery.

A relatively new trend is golfís place in the entertainment business. Itís only taken 500 years, but companies have now realised that there is a demand for sports entertainment concepts where you can play golf and have fun with friends.

One of the leaders in the new driving range concept is Topgolf, which utilises Toptracer technology. This concept makes going to the driving range with friends more of an entertaining experience where you can play target games at different ability levels.

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Topgolf - How it all Began

Topgolfís story kicked off in 2000 when two brothers were practising their swings together in Watford. The brothers began to think about what could liven up their range experience whilst helping to hone their skills at the same time. So, they established a concept where they could work on their game, have fun and know where their ball had landed. And so, Topgolf was born.

The Jolliffe brothers developed a golf experience that mixes competition with entertainment. Players can hit microchipped golf balls at targets on an outfield. The brand encourages you to imagine a humungous outdoor dartboard - but for golf. And, providing a little friendly competition are the high-tech golf balls that instantly score each shotís distance and accuracy.

Skip to today, and Topgolf has grown to become a top entertainment venue, with dynamic event spaces and a food and drink menu that trumps any sports bar.

There are golf experts strolling the tee line offering their wise words out to the players. Also, with climate-controlled hitting bays, Topgolf can be enjoyed at any age, skill level and time of year. Topgolfís passion for innovation and providing the best player experience has not gone unnoticed, with Topgolf serving more than thirteen million annual visitors across the globe.

How to Open a Topgolf Franchise

The global sports entertainment community is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with 53 venues throughout the US, Australia and the UK, employing over 15,000 associates. In the UK, the brand operates in Essex, Surrey and Watford.

US investors, Erik Anderson and Richard Grogan, secured the franchise licence for the conceptís initial US locations in the 2000s, later going on to buy the UK facilities. Each Topgolf location makes approximately $20 million revenue a year - half of which comes from food and drink sales. The co-chairman and CEO of Topgolf Entertainment Group, Erik Anderson, says Topgolf is ďstarting to look like a franchise with multiple sources of revenueĒ.

However, there isnít any information regarding franchising opportunities on the Topgolf website, as it is a privately-owned company. Instead, the brand encourages individuals to apply to become a corporate partner. Topgolf helps brands create reach and have an impact on a local, national and global scale. Its integrated campaigns help increase brand awareness in its existing customer base and engages its customers in a dynamic way. The company has developed a multi-tiered approach to satisfy its partnersí business requirements and ambitions.

On average, a Topgolf location costs up to $18 million dollars to build. However, donít forget that it is a huge, global brand and your franchise could get off the ground for much cheaper. On average, this is estimated at $500,000.

Letís take a look at how to start typical golf franchise so you get an idea if investing into this type of franchise sounds like an exciting business venture.

Why consider golf franchises?

The UK already has a lot of committed golfers, as well as golfers just starting out and those who simply enjoy playing the game. Golf franchises come in various sizes and with different customer appeals, allowing entrepreneurs with a love of the green to put their passions into play.

Types of Golf Franchises

There are many types of golf franchises to consider before putting club to ball. From driving ranges, like Topgolf, to indoor facilities, to shops selling golf products, to speciality services like golf lessons, there are so many golf-related franchises that can thrive in the right location. Regardless of what type of golf franchise is appealing to you and the consumers in your local area, you can take your love of golf and take it to the next level by making a career out of it.

The Inventory

The majority of golf franchises must have copious amounts of equipment to make sure that players have all the essentials to play the game. Your golf franchise will need to have a certain lay out and display options to make all of the following accessible: golf balls, clubs, bags, club accessories, footwear, pro-line equipment, giftware, junior equipment, gloves and apparel for all genders and ages.

Ideal Franchisee

Ideally, interested entrepreneurs should be passionate about golf or sports in general and have some level of business know-how. Whether you intend on managing the day-to-day activities of the franchise or hiring a manager, most golf franchises encourage franchisees that wish to have an active role in the business. Also, potential franchisees should have the appropriate funding in place or be in a position where they can receive funding from a bank or one of the franchiseís financial partners.


Like other types of franchises, golf franchises provide a comprehensive training package, including an operations manual to help with the setup of the new company.

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