Top 3 Golf Club Franchises in the UK

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Golf is loved across the UK, by amateurs and fanatics alike. Read on to learn more about some of the best golf club franchises to get involved with and how to become a franchisee in this exciting sector.

Most people enjoy a game of sport, whether it’s with the intention of maintaining fitness, relieving stress or just having a bit of fun. Golf is one game that can deliver on all three. Not only does it involve a lot of walking, but there’s time to chat with friends and get some fresh air too. As a result, there’s a huge amount of potential for entrepreneurs joining a golf club franchise.

If you know much about the industry, you’ll know that there are plenty of reasons to start a golf club business in the UK. For starters, England has more registered golf players than any other country in Europe. 656,000 English players enjoy the sport, and the UK is home to 43 percent of Europe’s golf courses. Let’s learn more about joining the sector…

Top 3 golf club franchises in the UK

Eight percent of Brits play golf more than once a year, bringing the total consumer spending in the UK sector to £4.3 billion. The majority of this is made up from golf club membership fees, which can be expensive – especially if the club has attractive grounds and an upmarket restaurant. But golfers also tend to spend a lot of money on golf gear.

The cost of playing golf as a hobby is enough to put some people off, but it’s also the reason why golf businesses can be so lucrative. Finding the right price for your product will ensure that you balance customer numbers with profit, maximising the success of the business. Here, we take a look at three businesses that have done just that, and offer fantastic opportunities for the right investor.


  • About the franchise: This is a truly special affair. Taking the traditional driving range and revamping it, the Topgolf founders created an innovative, technology-driven space where amateur golfers can go for a fun-filled session of golf with friends. Topgolf was developed with efficiency in mind; players launch microchipped golf balls at targets on an outfield that looks like an enormous dartboard. The balls then record the shots’ accuracy and distance – so golfers no longer have to wonder where on earth their ball went!
  • Becoming a franchisee: Unfortunately, Topgolf isn’t recruiting new franchisees at the moment. Instead, it’s on the lookout for corporate partners. By becoming one, you can benefit from Topgolf’s customised packages and innovative opportunities, which help develop your business. If you’re interested, get in touch with the franchise via its website.

Or, to find out more about this unique golf club franchise, read our information page here.

Did you know? The UK is home to 43 percent of Europe’s golf courses

Indoor Golf City

  • About the franchise: As the name suggests, this business allows its customers to play golf inside with the use of fun golf simulators. Recreating a traditional course, these simulators help users get to grips with the game and hone their skills without having to visit an actual club.
  • Becoming a franchisee: By joining Indoor Golf City, you’ll bring the business’ unique golf experience to sport fanatics across the country. The great news is, there are franchise packages to suit every investor’s ambition and budget so, no matter your situation, you can become a franchisee today.
  • The investment: The amount you’ll invest depends on the business model you choose. If you’re after a low-cost franchise opportunity, why not opt for the mobile golf business model, starting at £9,995 +VAT? Alternatively, Indoor Golf City can provide investors with a turn-key indoor golf centre with six simulators, at a cost of at least £79,995 +VAT.
  • What you get in return: The resources you’re given will vary according to your chosen franchise package. At the very least, your business will be featured on the Indoor Golf City website, but when you invest more, you could benefit from extra simulators, marketing materials and optional bio mechanic training. Click here to find out more and get in touch with the franchise.

Golf Management Group

  • About the franchise: This “procurement partner” helps golf clubs boost their profitability by using its purchasing power to get discounts on vital products like food and drink, branded items, energy and insurance. It works with a network of around 500 clubs across the UK and is using the franchise model to expand even further.
  • Becoming a franchisee: Although the Golf Management Group (GMG) doesn’t explicitly advertise franchise opportunities on its website, it has previously revealed that it’s looking for new business partners. It’s giving away 10 exclusive territories, each covering an average of 128 golf clubs, so there’s plenty of scope for franchisees to turn a significant profit.
  • The investment: GMG hasn’t revealed how much it costs to join the franchise, but one franchisee has confirmed that this is a profitable investment opportunity:

“GMG South East returned almost 200 percent on the initial investment last year alone, and is now growing 50 percent year on year. New franchisees should be able to fast track their returns as we have gained a lot of experience over the last four years. GMG is a great team to work with and I have the independence to work as much or as little as I want.” – Phil Sparks

  • What you get in return: As a franchisee, you’ll get the chance to enrol onto a dedicated training scheme teaching you all you need to know to run a GMG franchise unit. You’ll also be able to rely on the support of the head office team, who are on hand to help with day-to-day issues once your business is up and running. To get in touch with GMG, head to its website.

Start a golf club franchise

Although there aren’t a huge number of UK golf clubs that offer franchising opportunities, you can join the industry in other ways. From setting up a golf simulator business to joining a golf club procurement partner, there are a variety of options to suit budding entrepreneurs.

If you’re interested in browsing similar franchising opportunities, click here to explore our sports business directory.

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