Outdoor Fitness franchise opportunities

The outdoor fitness industry is booming. From gyms to personal trainers, from Parkrun to CrossFit, almost everyone we know is looking to achieve their own personal goal. The fitness industry has grown from a relatively small stature to now offer more fitness choices than ever before. From group activities with a bunch of your best friends to a solo personal training session looking to improve your PB, there is a workout for everyone.

The annual turnover of fitness facilities in the UK in 2017 was £1.88 billion. Stop and think about that for a second. That is a huge figure and shows the wealth of potential available for a keen investor or franchisee. The boost in the fitness industry also shows no sign of slowing down thus far, and as such is the perfect opportunity for someone looking to get a slice of the action.

New fitness trends offer great opportunities

More and more people are using fitness and wellness facilities and they are using a greater variety of methods. With the recent rise in more unique fitness trends, such as Crossfit, Pilates and Boxercise, there are plenty of opportunities for you to build the next great franchise.

One franchise currently recruiting, One Element Fitness, is looking to provide and deliver social fitness all across the UK. With a business model that has proven growth and member retention, they offer an incredible training programme that they have developed and refined over the last decade. They have developed an efficient and effective social media model, and work hard to recruit the best people. You could be the next person on their radar!

They are currently on the lookout for people in areas that are suitable for a One Element franchise. This could be your opportunity to invest and start your own personal franchise.

What makes a good fitness franchisee?

Someone who is people-focused is essential, with the key to outdoor fitness franchises held in social activities and fun fitness.

Obviously, you need a keen interest in fitness and health. It is quite naturally essential for a successful fitness franchise owner. As a business owner, you will need to be incredibly organised, being responsible for your business' growth.

Why start an outdoor fitness franchise?

Running a franchise offers you the ability to take hold of your career and be in control of your own work. Providing flexibility and adaptable working hours can be key to unlocking a new type of career for you. You choose when you work, and you choose how to do it.

With commitment and hard work, an outdoor fitness franchise could be a great success story. Put in the effort and the time and you will see great rewards. Do your research on successful franchises and you will be able to pick up some great tips.

Your outdoor fitness franchise could be the next great success story. Want to help the nation get fitter and achieve their personal goals? Get in touch about outdoor fitness franchises today! 

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