Train Learn Go franchise

Min investment
£4,000 +VAT


Train Learn Go franchise

Turning Your Passion Into Profit

1-1 Mobile Personal Training & Nutrition.

Minimum investment
£4,000 +VAT

Funding support

Total investment

Franchise fees
£4,000 +VAT

Business type

Expected revenue after 2 years

Minimum investment
£4,000 +VAT

  • Operating fee:
    £10 Insurance, £6 Virtual Landline, Mobile Phone, Vehicle
  • Advertising fee:
  • Royalty fee:
    £400+VAT Per Month
  • Average floor space:
    Zero, the service is mobile

About Train Learn Go

What is Train Learn Go?

Train Learn Go is the market leader in providing first class personal training and nutrition directly into peoples homes and is designed to cater primarily to the huge weight loss market but also the 87% of the British population that do not have a gym membership. We identified through years of experience that there are large numbers of the public who would love to exercise but either don't like the gym or simply can't get there due to the challenges of modern life.

So we offer a Convenient, Consistent and Cost effective solution in an untapped and niche market. Clients love our dynamic, fun and flexible approach and as a result referrals come quickly and easily. Please see a 1 minute video below that illustrates what the service offers to the client:

Train Learn Go personal trainer franchise

Why franchise with Train Learn Go?

During your first 3 months we utilise our in house sales and marketing team to generate your client base getting you fully booked up to around 40 sessions per week (8 per day on average).

With a strong total client number of around 25 this provides a solid base for referrals which will be easy to harvest when you need them, and our sales training will ensure you maintain excellent retention rates too. And if that wasn't already enough we aim to have your initial investment back in your bank account within the first 5 months of trading.

Unlike some other franchises you're not constantly trying to find new business, once you have your client base you more or less keep it forever albeit with the odd referral here and there. With no premises and no marketing costs we proudly boast some of the lowest operating costs and therefore some of the best profit margins the business world has to offer and all whist doing a job you are going to absolutely love.


Training and support provided

Train learn go franchise nutrition and weight loss

What do I get?

We understand how daunting this could be perceived. Our CEO has been in the industry his whole adult life since he was19 years old but his Co-Director had no previous experience at all and had spent his previous working life in sales and logistics.

Despite this he performs to the same standards as the CEO himself in client results, referral, and retention. In fact not one of our existing franchisees had any previous personal training or nutrition experience either, yet they are all successful.

How is this possible? 

Well that's because not only are each of our franchisees trained personally by our CEO himself but we also go belt and braces when it comes to your operations training and ongoing support. We have heard plenty of stories about other franchises offering the bare minimum yet expecting miracle results. For the sake of both yours & our sanity and for the future success of Train Learn Go as a whole we go into huge detail surrounding (but not limited to) the following subjects:

  • Nutrition & Weight Management.
  • Nutritional Prescription.
  • Client consultation assessment, analysis and contra indications.
  • Postural assessment.
  • Sales procedure and sales psychology
  • Referral and retention management
  • Physical training & exercise prescription
  • Business management
  • Marketing strategy
  • Internal systems and processes

And much much more. Most of this is done within around 4 days of classroom based training and usually at least 1 full working day on the road with one of our 2 Directors where you can see the masters at work, ask 1000 questions and meet some of our much loved clients. Theres a lot to take in we admit but we are on the other end of a phone/skype/text/email from 9-5 Monday – Friday and it is the 2 top guys you will be speaking to not a 'team' or receptionist. You have their mobile numbers and you speak to them direct. With well over 20 years of experience between them the answer to your question will be right on the tip of their tongue.

The ideal Train Learn Go franchisee

Train Learn Go Franchisee

Do I need experience?

We are seeking applicants who have a passion for fitness and training, but don't worry we do not need you to have any previous experience in PT or nutrition as we provide incredibly comprehensive training. The applicant needs to be a lively and bubbly person who loves the company of others and who can be a positive influence on someone else's life. They must also have a solid work ethic and a willingness to work hard in order to achieve very strong financial rewards.

A reasonable amount of flexibility in regard to appointments is a must in order to meet client needs as is very good time keeping skills. You will need a level 3 qualification in personal training however this is quick, cheap and easy to obtain and is something that we are happy to advise you on.

So if you love working with people, have a great story to tell and think you have the right work ethic to go out and earn the lifestyle you want and others can only dream of then we want to hear from you! Could you be our next huge success story!

Train Learn Go's history

Train Learn Go Franchise OwnerAndrew Dowen founded TLG after an already lengthy and very impressive career in personal training & 1-1 nutritional consultancy. He started off at Fitness First when he was just 19 years old and enjoyed so much success that he was able to open a Birmingham City Centre PT studio at just 21 years old.

What do people want?

The experience of running these 2 businesses taught him a few lessons. The first one was that clients were desperate for convenience, in a world where we have Netflix, take aways and even grocery delivery it became clear that people were short on time which is primarily why gyms often suffer with very high client turnover rates.

The second issue is cost, by the time Andy had paid his rent on his studio (£2000 per month in 2007) paid the business rates (£1000 per month), water, electricity, broadband, city centre parking etc he had to set the price of the service so high in order to make profit that it not only limited his market but it made the service eye wateringly expensive meaning that it was the first luxury to go if life got tough for a client. This means very high marketing bills due to client turnover thus watering down your perceived hourly rate.

And lastly there was a huge issue with consistency of service when he worked at Fitness First. There was no training given, no guidelines and no procedures so each of the 10 or so PT's in the gym were all saying different things and therefore the client got confused and had less idea about the best route to go down than they did before.

Train Learn Go Franchise Julia

The solution

So Train Learn Go is a product from, and solution to the 3 previously mentioned issues. Firstly we go to the client so rather than them spending 2-3 hours going to the gym they spend 45 minutes in their own home and then they are left to get on with their day. No driving to and from a gym, no messing about and no need to think about what they need to do as we take care of everything for them.

As we have no premises and more or less no marketing costs it makes the cost to the client incredibly affordable and sustainable yet super profitable for us thanks to the low overhead/high retention model. And in regard to consistency of service and advice, each of our staff are trained by one man, Mr Andrew Dowen himself.

The information he delivers is second to none, his knowledge is endless and is laid out and delivered in his genius easy to follow format. He's been reading, learning and absorbing information since he was 9 years old. A true industry legend who is determined to share that information far and wide to benefit everyones success.

As trivia Andy met his Co-Director Adam Host on a pirate ship (yes you read that correctly) in the middle of the Caribbean Ocean whilst on holiday in Mexico. The 2 instantly became very good friends and 2 years later in 2013 Andy invited Adam to join him in officially launching Train Learn Go Ltd, and the rest as they say, is history.