Successful Franchises: Seven Steps To Promote Your Business

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Successful franchises: promotion your franchise business

It may be stating the obvious, but to become one of the most successful franchises, you must have a robust marketing plan to attract franchisees. To build an appealing franchise business for sale, you need to grab the attention of prospective franchisees and then keep them interested in what you have to offer. To do this, you need to know where to advertise your opportunity and what to say so that youll appeal to your targeted franchisee.

These seven steps should help you successfully promote your franchise business:

1. Build up your online presence

Having online presence is crucial to the success of your franchise, so invest in listing your opportunity on as many sites as possible. Ensure that your listing looks professional and comes across as an attractive proposition that is put in front of entrepreneurs who are already looking for a franchise opportunity.

At Point Franchise, we offer each franchise business for sale an individual and detailed listing providing interested candidates with information about the opportunity. The online platform has a unique search engine that helps franchisees find franchises in their preferred industry, location and price range.

2. Make your content count

In the competitive world of franchising, the most successful franchises demonstrate their authority by producing quality thought leadership content. Your blogs, articles and infographics need to be educational, informative and engaging so that you resonate with the audience and compel them to act.

You can use your content in two ways. Firstly, it should form part of your website. This content should be full of keywords so that they are picked up and ranked on search engines to enable prospective franchisees to find your website.

Secondly, your content can be shared on relevant third party websites. Not only will this allow you to get your content read by a different audience, but links can be added back to your website which increases your authority in your chosen field.

3. Use social media to reach new audiences

Social media has changed the way people communicate and allows networks to be created with friends, family and business connections. As a franchisor, you need to take advantage of several social media platforms to attract a new type of franchisee.

Remember the following when youre developing social media campaigns:

  • Unless youre confident and well-versed in social media marketing, hire a professional to run your campaigns for you. Initially focus will need to be on building up the number of followers, and then priority will be given to providing interesting content to share on a regular basis to retain those followers.
  • Dont fall into the trap of posting content for the sake of it. Unless youre offering your followers informative content, youll lose fans and credibility.
  • Social media is a great vehicle for opening dialogue up with potential franchisees. Ensure you have the functionality for followers to ask questions and have them answered.
  • Particularly if you outsource your social media activity, make sure that you frequently review the content and feedback received. It can be easy to lose professionalism or come across negative on social media. Take care to ensure that this doesnt happen to your posts as it can impact the reputation of your brand.

4. Build a professional website

If youre working hard to drive traffic to your website, you should invest time and money into making it look professional and eye-catching. Remember that youve got a franchise business for sale, and only if your website encourages would be franchisees to contact you, is it doing its job effectively.

Attention spans are ever decreasing so make your website visual, easy to navigate with a strong call to action.

5. Control the whole sales funnel

You may produce the best content with links to a killer website, but if you dont have a contact strategy in place to follow up the leads, all this time and effort will have been meaningless. First impressions count for a lot so make sure online enquiries are followed up quickly and efficiently, so that quality potential franchisees are not lost to your competition.

6. Understand the power of your existing franchisees

Your network of existing franchisees is essentially a walking advert for your franchise business for sale. If you treat your franchisees well and with respect then they will want their friends and family members to join your business to benefit as they are. The most successful franchises thrive on referrals and see them as a cost-effective way of introducing quality franchisees into the business.

7. Attend franchise exhibitions

Franchise exhibitions are a fantastic way to meet lots of interested potential franchises all under one roof. If you have a stand at an event, youll have the perfect opportunity to meet prospective franchisees face to face and answer any questions they may have.

Not only will you hopefully generate a lot of attention and awareness for your franchise business for sale, but youll also get to meet many other franchisors. Building up a network of franchisors within your industry allows you to share best practice, have peers to turn to for advice and guidance, as well as providing a channel for reciprocal lead referrals.

The most successful franchises understand that by having a good marketing plan in place, even the smallest of businesses can compete with the big brands. Particularly with the internet giving rise to more innovative ways of marketing, huge budgets dont always equate to the most effective promotional activity.

So, from blog writing to attending franchise exhibitions, make sure you stay one step ahead of the competition by delivering a realistic, creative and successful marketing plan.

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