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Footwear franchises in the UK

Originally posted on 18/04/2018. Updated on 21/05/2019.

The UK footwear industry has an established and respected heritage. Today, well-known brands such as Skechers operate successful franchise models, giving prospective franchisees across the land the chance to run their own profitable footwear business. Despite significant changes to the clothing and footwear retail industry, as shoppers turn away from the high street to online stores, the footwear sector continues to grow by responding to customers needs. In fact, according to Global Data, the footwear market is expected to grow by 13.7 percent between 2017 and 2022, to be worth £9.5 billion.

Consumer demographics are also changing. The womens footwear sub-sector has been and continues to be the largest, but it is predicted that the men's footwear sub-sector will be the growing rapidly by 2022, triggering a rise in sales of 15 percent. This is thought to be down to an increased male interest in fashion and higher investment in the sector by retailers, who will evolve to meet consumer demand.

But mens footwear is not the only category to see a surge in demand. While 90 percent of shoppers cite quality as the key influencer to their footwear purchases, comfort is also important to consumers. As a result, an extra £80 million was invested in the wide fit footwear sector between 2012 and 2017, and the market now outperforms the entire adult footwear sector.

Therefore, it is a tumultuous time for footwear manufacturers and retailers, as consumer demand and shopping habits change. But it is clear that the footwear industry will remain profitable for the foreseeable future, as just under ten percent of shoppers continue to purchase footwear at least once a month.

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Footwear Franchise Opportunities in the UK

One of the most recognisable footwear brands in the UK is Skechers. Lets take a closer look at its franchise model and what it has to offer its franchisees.


Skechers is a leading shoe store franchise that was founded in 1992 by Robert and Michael Greenberg. It has grown significantly over the last 25 years, to sell sports footwear in more than 170 countries across the world. The brand has curated a portfolio of more than 3,000 styles of shoe for men, women and children that cater for every age and activity, including walking, running, day-to-day activities and even golf. These are showcased and sold in over 70 offices and showrooms and more than 3,000 stores across the globe, which employ more than 9,800 people in total. This is a hugely successful company, and a go-to store for style-conscious shoppers and fitness fanatics alike. In 2018, the business shipped 170 million pairs of shoes, which saw its net sales soar to reach $4.64 billion.

This is a franchise at the top of its game. It has utilised the franchise system to expand to new territories and benefit from additional pools of customers. This, in turn, has enabled the franchise to maximise its profitability and become a world-renowned brand. The good news is, Skechers is still looking for savvy entrepreneurs to take advantage of its franchise opportunities and launch their own business under the Skechers brand. The business has declared a list of territories that are currently in development and therefore open to potential franchisees including Brazil, Peru, Russia, China, Japan, India and a number of European countries.

If you want to open your own footwear store and provide customers with the ultimate, fashionable sports shoe, Skechers could be just the franchise for you. The business has created a Skechers Retail Franchising PDF booklet, which anyone can download from the Skechers website and read to find out more, but here are the key facts you need to know about starting your own Skechers franchise unit:

Skechers are looking for entrepreneurs who have proven experience of store ownership and management in the retail industry. More specifically, they should have a positive track record in the footwear and clothing sector, and be prepared to launch and run their own shoe store and uphold Skechers reputation as a leading footwear retailer. They must be business-minded and willing to put in hard work and long hours to maintain the standards of the Skechers brand. Communication is also important to the footwear giant, so excellent social skills and an ability to work well in a team is a must.

In terms of funding, you will be required to invest £13,000 in franchise fees and make a total investment of between £44,000 and £88,000. Having made this payment, you will be given all the tools to manage a Skechers store successfully. This includes figures detailing the past performance of the business to guide you in your management and help you create your own financial forecasts. You will also be enrolled onto an extensive in-store training programme to give you information on the Skechers product selection and the shopping habits of Skechers and target customers. You will also be taught sales techniques and other key skills. As a franchisee, you will, of course, be required to give a percentage of your monthly profit to the Skechers franchisor. These payments will, among other things, go towards a combined marketing pot to fund national, multi-media advertising campaigns. This will benefit you and your store in the long run, boosting awareness of the Skechers brand among consumers and increasing the business profitability.

If youre interested in running your own Skechers store, head to the retailers website for more information. Alternatively, browse Point Franchises directory for similar opportunities in the retail sector.

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