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About Granite & TREND Transformations

Granite & TREND Transformations has over 20 years of franchise growth and provides a makeover solution to home-owners who want to update their kitchen and/or bathroom. The unique “Top That Fits On Top” provides customers with a quick, hassle-free solution, updating tired kitchens and bathrooms and leaving them looking new in as little as just one day. The brand manufactures, fabricates and installs its own products and with access to a bespoke range including, etherium™ by E-stone, engineered stone slabs and glass tiles. Its franchises are, thus, uniquely positioned in the market place.

The benefits

Granite & TREND Transformations is a globally recognised brand that is currently leading the tile makeover industry nationally and overseas. We provide original products that are easy, durable, and sophisticatedly beautiful; this has allowed us to work on more than 8,000 kitchen and bathroom installations each month. Franchisees get to reap the benefits of our celebrated products and unrivalled national advertising. Our exceptional performance has allowed us to be recognised multiple times; such as the Franchisee Marketing Support Award, Franchise Marketing Awards Finalist- Best Website, and Franchise Marketing Awards Finalist- best PR campaign. These are just some of the solid reasons how you can reach the top of the industry with us.


Training and support provided

Granite & TREND Transformations provides a comprehensive six-module training course for all new franchisees, allowing them to develop a thorough understanding of the brand and what it offers.

The ongoing support:

Granite & TREND Transformations continues to provide support, with training and incentives available for employees, and resources to help franchise owners develop their skills and knowledge.

The ideal Granite & TREND Transformations franchisee

What we want

Whether you want to open your own retail showroom, already have an existing home makeover retail store, or want to display a showroom at a garden centre – we want to hear from you. Overall, we want to work with business minded individuals who are committed to working with us and have the ambition to see their business through.

The Investment

The franchise fee is just £28,700 + VAT for the Granite & TREND Transformations franchise. You will also need funds to open your fabrication workshop, showroom and for working capital, which takes the total investment to c. £123,300. Given the proven success of our business model and with over 24 years of trading, the banks look favourably upon investors looking to join our brand. Our long-standing relationships with the banks / lenders, means you can secure finance for up to 70% of the investment required, subject to their usual credit assessment. .

Why choose Granite & TREND Transformations?

Very few of the other franchise opportunities out there give you the tools and resources to build a true and sustainable venture from start to finish, in addition to offering a unique product with significant consumer demand. Most other franchise opportunities also do not offer the ability to expand to other product and service areas as easily as us.

5 reasons why Granite & TREND Transformations offers a successful business model

1. Unique product
Our products are better because they are proprietary to Granite & TREND Transformations.

2. No shortage of new, repeat and referral customers
People are always looking to renovate, giving our business a significant degree of resilience in the ever-changing economy. Granite & TREND Transformations is all about giving people value – from our customers to our franchisees.

3. Unparalleled service
Over the years we’ve developed a trusted installation process that’s both essential and unique to our high quality products.

The Granite & TREND Transformations 3-step installation process virtually eliminates the need for demolition, shortening a project timeline and easing the hassle and mess of typical home renovations.

4. Multiple revenue streams
Our products may have started life as a revolution in kitchen worktop renovation, but they’ve now evolved far beyond the kitchen. You can find Granite & TREND Transformations adding a vital element of luxurious beauty across a range of uses:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Shower Systems
  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Cabinet Refacing

And more...if your customers can think of it, you can build it. For TREND Transformations franchise owners, the product’s versatility brings added value and growth potential. It adds appeal to both homeowners and commercial businesses looking to renovate or build new. It’s all about creating more opportunities for success.

5. Built from recycled materials
Granite & TREND Transformations takes great pride in using recycled materials. We’ve found it’s not just better for the environment – it’s better for business. According to recent studies, it looks as though going green isn’t just a trend, but rather a lifestyle that’s becoming the norm.

Your territory

A Granite & TREND Transformations territory is comprised of around 200,000 residential houses, across multiple postcodes; you will be able to build a name and reputation for quality home improvements with a customer base that cannot go elsewhere for your product. In the event you’d like to expand further, other territories can be reserved for future growth. 

Granite & TREND Transformations' history

Granite & TREND Transformations was founded in 1996 when Colin Mackenzie found a thin composite tile product in Australia. Colin realised this tile could be mass produced, and in 1999 a factory to produce said tiles had already been built.

Case studies

“I feel like I can be myself again.”

For one of our newest partners, joining a franchise was the perfect opportunity to bounce back from redundancy.

Whether it is by choice or just circumstances, there comes a time in your life when you need to make a serious decision about the next stage of your career. When that happens, you will want to be sure you are choosing the right opportunity. For husband-and-wife team, Tony and Rebecca Rivenell, a Granite & TREND Transformations franchise was exactly what they needed to take back control of their lives.

Whatever your background or experience, you’ve probably thought about becoming your own boss at one time or another. Tony and Rebecca had already achieved this goal running their own design business for many years, as well as a successful e-commerce business. When their daughter was born, Rebecca became a full-time mother and Tony sold his business to move into a more stable corporate position.

It was during his time working as a Marketing Manager for a leading building merchants that Tony was first introduced to the concept of franchising. As Tony told us, “The company was basically run as a franchise and that was the first time I had really come into contact with the idea. I soon came to realise that they were a really good thing and I had not had that opinion before. The job also rekindled my love of all things related to kitchen and bathroom design!”

However, unlike Granite & TREND Transformations, Tony’s employers were very hard hit by the first wave of the COVID pandemic and he was forced to accept a redundancy package. Fortunately, Tony was able to see this as an opportunity to move back into self-employment by investing the redundancy money into his own franchise.

Tony explained, to his wife, “I really need to do my own thing again.” And she said: “You know what, I have been waiting five years for you to say that!” This coincided with Rebecca deciding to work, so the couple worked together to seek out the best franchise opportunity they could.

“I first encountered Granite & TREND Transformations when I renovated my own kitchen several years ago. I decided to completely rip out the kitchen, not a makeover, but ended up regretting it when I realised how painful the demolition process was! So, for a long time after that, the Granite & TREND Transformations makeover idea was in the back of my mind and I was thinking ‘Hey, these Granite people – have a pretty smart concept!"

“After looking at all the pain and upheaval that people normally go through with their full refits and all the feedback from customers and suppliers about the need for a greener alternative, I realised that Granite & TREND Transformations had the answer to all these challenges.”

There’s never been a better time to join us

Many of our franchise partners operate their showrooms in garden centres or other similar shopping outlets, with their workshops located on a separate site. These have proven to be fantastic locations for targeting exactly the right kinds of customers. Tony and Rebecca’s franchise in Milton Keynes, however, is an all-in-one operation that provides a complete service for their customers. Since they joined the franchise and began their training back in August 2020, they have kept up the momentum by starting their marketing immediately, making their first sale by the end of September and opening their showroom in mid-November.

Starting a new business during a global pandemic might seem like a risky venture for those not already familiar with Granite & TREND Transformations but business is booming for the kitchen and bathroom industry. 2020 was one of our busiest years on record with an impressive 100% increase in lead generation. Franchise partners have every reason to feel confident about their future with us, as we launch a number of initiatives to promote this growth into 2021 and beyond. You can learn more about why we’re feeling so optimistic in our COO’s most recent webinar.

Stronger together

Granite & TREND Transformations also offers one of the most comprehensive training and support packages available of any franchise opportunity in the UK. With the backing of our team of industry experts, we are able to give our franchise partners a thorough grounding in everything they need to know and make sure they are prepared for whatever happens. We guarantee that we are there with them every step of the way on their journey to building their own successful business.

As Tony said: “Granite & TREND just get it. They bent over backwards to do what they could when they could, to give us everything we needed. They even helped us get the funding for leasing which we needed. Everyone at head office is awesome – they all genuinely want the best for their franchisees. I have nothing but positive feelings towards Danny and his team. I am really glad we went down this route

“My only advice to other franchisees would be to start hiring people early and get your team trained up as soon as possible. Things start happening very fast when you join Granite & TREND Transformations!”

Are you ready to be part of something bigger? Granite & TREND Transformations is an award-winning franchise opportunity that is at the forefront of a rapidly growing market. Request information today to find out how we can benefit from working together.