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Many of us are becoming increasingly health conscious and want more options for healthy eating when we’re out and about. This desire for healthy options extends to what we’re drinking, meaning many of us try to choose nutrient packed juices and smoothies whenever we can. As the UK’s Juice and Smoothie bar industry is worth around £87.2 million, it’s clear the industry is lucrative for those who decide to set up a business. But it can be difficult to know where to start when you’re trying to set up your very own juice business.

How to start a fresh juice business

There are lots of ways to start a fresh juice business. Many people looking to start up their own business go it alone – starting up a local juice and smoothie café or selling their products at local markets to build up awareness of their brand. The easiest way to enter the fresh juice market is to join a franchise. Internationally, companies including Jamba Juice offer franchise programmes that allow ambitious individuals to open their own branch, or branches, of the company. But is this something that’s available to prospective franchisees in the UK, or will they have to go it alone if their hearts are set on running their own juice business?

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Juice Bar business plan

Currently, there aren’t any dedicated juice franchises in the UK, meaning the industry is ripe for conquering. However, if you’re looking to join a franchise that serves fresh and tasty food alongside healthy, fresh juices, there are lots of options for you. We’ve highlighted some of the best franchises seeking franchisees at the moment in and around the juice and healthy eating industries.

The Avocado Show

If you’re a fan of the healthy green fruit and want to become part of an exciting brand that’s aiming to establish itself in every cool city in Europe, take a look at The Avocado Show. When the concept was announced it attracted lots of media attention from around the world and the thoroughly millennial franchise was shared on social media by avocado lovers everywhere.

Each one of its delicious dishes centre around the humble yet mighty avocado. Customers can dig into pancakes, classic avo toast, avo fries and even a burger with an avocado bun! The innovative healthy food franchise has also managed to create delicious sweet options using the fruit, including ice cream, cocktails and even cheesecake.

The Avocado Show is now seeking franchisees to take its cool concept global. No previous experience in the restaurant industry is necessary, as the franchise is more interested in finding individuals with a hard-working entrepreneurial mind set who share its fun and sociable attitude to running their own business.

Each franchisee will undergo an intensive two-phase training process before opening their restaurant to make sure that they have every chance of making their very own The Avocado Show a success.


Restaurant franchise HUMPIT Hummus is currently the only 100% plant-based franchise in the UK and could provide the perfect opportunity for those looking to join a health-focused company.

Serving delicious middle eastern-inspired food, including creamy homemade hummus, fresh falafel, soft pita, crisp salad and a wide range of juices, HUMPIT Hummus offers vegans and non-vegans alike a tasty, fast-food food option that’s also great value for money. Rather than seeing people turn to bland, nutritionally void foods when they’re on-the-go and in a rush, HUMPIT allows its customers to pick up a tasty, healthy bite in just a few minutes.

The franchise is seeking franchisees for both of its business models. The first is a takeaway concept, which can be operated from very small sites and requires a much lower initial investment, making it a great choice for those who don’t have substantial capital to invest. HUMPIT Hummus also wants to expand its sit-down restaurants, which allow people to catch up over a tasty bowl of traditional hummus and pita.

The ideal individual to join the franchise is someone with previous experience in the food or hospitality industry and the self-discipline required to make their location a success. Since it was established in 2014, HUMPIT Hummus has opened six locations and has ambitious plans to expand with both company owned and franchised sites all across the UK.

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt

Love ice cream, but would like to be part of a franchise that specialises in a healthy alternative? Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt offers just that.

Serving more than 120 flavours of tasty and nutritious frozen yoghurt across 25 countries, Tutti Frutti is the largest self-serve frozen yoghurt retailer in the world. There are options to suit everyone in the frozen yoghurt franchise’s stores, including gluten and dairy free, vegan, halal certified, no added sugar and soy-based flavours so that everyone can get in on the tasty fun. As well as tasting fantastic, Tutti Frutti’s yoghurts contribute to good gut health, as they’re made with thousands of active probiotic cultures that strengthen the immune system and make our digestion better.

The ideal Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt franchisee is someone who shares the franchise’s love of healthy, high-quality treats that can be enjoyed by everyone. Ideally, they should also have previous retail or hospitality experience, as well as excellent management and interpersonal skills.

For an investment of around £100,000, which includes the franchise fee and the cost of equipping your store with everything it needs, you could become the owner of your very own frozen yogurt store. You’ll also get plenty of training to make sure you get your business off to the right start, including how to recruit and manage your staff, how to operate and maintain your machines and how to market your store to people in the local community.

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