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IníNíOut Burger is something of a cult brand in its home country of the USA. However, it's yet to reach the UK and make its mark. Here, we take a closer look at IníNíOut Burger, whether it franchises, and whether it's likely to break into the UK market anytime soon.

Who is In N Out Burger?

In-N-Out Burger is a California-based fast food chain that offers high-quality burger meals, as well as many other foodstuffs. The menu is centred on In-N-Out's three core options, the hamburger, cheeseburger, and double-double. The double-double, as the name suggests, is two hamburger patties combined with two slices of cheese.

The restaurant also offers drinks and fries, as well as a ďsecret menuĒ that includes items like grilled cheese sandwiches, the popular animal style burger, and Neapolitan shakes. The restricted menu is part of the chainís appeal, as it projects an image that emphasises quality over quantity. This puts it in opposition to many of its fast-food competitors, who appeal to customers by providing them with relatively low-quality products in large numbers or at low prices.

A brief history of In N Out Burger

Harry and Esther Snyder established the chain in 1948. Its first restaurant was situated in Baldwin Park, California and was the first drive-thru burger restaurant in the entire state of California. Since that moment, the business became an integral part of Californian history and, over the years, became an essential part of its identity too.

When Harry Snyder passed away in 1976, his son, Rich Snyder assumed control of the 18 restaurants in operation at the time. Over the next 20 years, the chain expanded rapidly, opening its first restaurants outside of the Los Angeles metro area in 1990. Two years later, IníNíOut Burger opened their first location outside of California, launching a restaurant in Las Vegas. In 2007, the chainís new Tucson, Arizona store broke records for the most burgers sold in a day and a week. Throughout 70 years of business, the company has always been owned and managed by those in, or those with links to, the Snyder family.

What makes In N Out Burger special?

IníNíOut Burger is well known for the quality of its burgers but has also managed to market itself exceptionally well. All of the restaurants follow a similar white, red, and yellow design aesthetic and the business has made a concerted effort to encourage customers to share their love of the IníNíOut Burger experience. This has resulted in something of a cult following amongst fast food fans.

IníNíOut Burger has also managed to foster a sense of exclusivity by restricting their operations to the west coast of the USA. This has resulted in every store opening outside of California becoming a much hyped and publicised event. Finally, IníNíOut Burger is also well respected for their approach to staff wages and working conditions. They're one of the only fast food restaurants who pay their employees a salary thatís above the governmentís minimum wage guidelines and regularly top awards lists for the best employer.

In N Out Burger UK

There are currently no IníNíOut Burger locations in the UK, and it does not appear as though the company has any plans of expanding beyond the US at the moment. The owners of IníNíOut Burger have repeatedly stated that they will never consider franchising as a means of facilitating expansion and nor will they take the business public. Considering that the same family has owned the franchise throughout its entire existence, this comes as no real surprise. Current President, Lynsi Snyder, has been quoted as saying that she plans to pass the company on to her children when the right time comes and that she wishes the family to retain control.

In N Out Burger UK London

However, the business does occasionally experiment with events in other countries. Most notably, in 2016, IníNíOut Burger operated a one-day pop-up store in London. Set up in Swiss Cottage, the pop-up store was a resounding success, with customers queuing around the corner and selling out of all its burgers. Though the pop-up opened at 11 am, staff were telling people not to join the queue by midday, when they realised that it stretched for more than a mile. A business spokesman was quoted as saying that though the popularity of such an event may help to determine where they set up in the future, there are currently no plans to launch in the UK.

In N Out Burger UK locations

The news that IníNíOut Burger wonít be attempting to tackle the UK market any time soon will come as a disappointment to many would-be investors. However, the businessí head honchos have given many reasons why this is the case. First and foremost, much of the IníNíOut Burger appeal comes from its exclusivity. This makes a lot of sense - you donít see people queuing for a mile every time they open a new McDonalds restaurant.

Second, there are already a considerable number of US fast food imports operating in the UK, many of which would be in direct competition with IníNíOut Burger. Finally, IníNíOut Burger is concerned that large-scale, rapid expansion may compromise the quality of its products Ė an idea that it is not willing to entertain and that has prevented it from moving beyond the West Coast in the past.

Alternatives to In N Out Burger

If youíre looking for an alternative to IníNíOut Burger, youíll be pleased to know that thereís a wide range of investment opportunities available. Loaded Burgers specialise in gourmet burgers and high-quality fries and are looking for franchisees willing to make an initial investment of approximately £25,000.

Rocketís is another growing brand and now boasts 49 franchise units spread across Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Spain. It operates in the fast-casual dining sector and has developed a unique brand identity and restaurant aesthetic that makes it well suited to a variety of locations. An initial investment of around £170,000 +VAT is necessary to launch a Rocketís franchise.

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