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When we think about skilled jobs that bring in a healthy income, our minds tend to wander away from a handyman franchise to professions like doctors, lawyers and teachers, which require years of training at university. So, it might shock you to discover that the average tradesperson takes home £10,000 more than the average UK graduate, at around £42,000 per year. And, considering we spend around £16 billion every year fixing things around our homes, its no wonder that tradespeople and handymen have the potential to earn such healthy incomes.

If you think youd make a great handyman, why not explore some of our fantastic handyman franchises? But first, why is now the ideal time to become part of a handyman franchise? Lets find out

Why should I start a handyman business?

According to insurance company Aviva, more than one in five of us have had to call in a professional to fix a dodgy bit of DIY. An unlucky 9% of us have had to do this more than once during our lives, showing that some of us really just dont have the knack for fixing things around the house. But if you do have that ability, theres a chance to make a fantastic income by setting yourself up as a handyman. Three of the UKs top bodged jobs were cited as:

1. Toilet unblocking
2. Unblocking a drain
3. Fixing electrical sockets and switches

Tricky for your average homeowner, but if youre someone thats great at sorting out some of the most common problems around the house, you could command a healthy income fixing relatively minor problems like these in your local area. Becoming part of a skilled trade is also highly valuable, with calling these roles the holy grail, as youll be virtually guaranteed a job for life with constant demand wherever youre based.

Whats more, handyman businesses are more recession proof than other trades, as the diversity of their services means work comes from many sources and ensures a constant flow of jobs is heading their way. If one industry, like plumbing, takes a dive, youll still be able to fall back on something else, like gardening, home repair or drainage services.

But should you go it alone or become part of a respected franchise network?

Running your own handyman business

While setting yourself up as a handyman might seem relatively straightforward, there are so many other factors that can make going it alone tricky. Youll need to cough up for a quality handyman kit, which should include items like:
Basic tools including hammers, wrenches, drills etc.
Chemicals for unblocking sinks
Tech such as multimeters, gas detection devices (if you choose to take on more technical work)
Quality hoover for cleaning up after yourself

Depending on the kinds of services that you choose to offer, this could spiral into hundreds or even thousands of pounds before youve even secured your first client.

Plenty of franchises spread the cost of starting your own business over a longer period of investment. Thats not a privilege that suppliers are going to offer you when you start a business from scratch. Others, like Metro Rod, can offer you financial support to help fund your initial investment; they can organise loans from major banks to cover over 50 percent of start-up costs.

Building a customer base from scratch takes time. In an industry where business is gained by word of mouth, it can take years to develop enough customers to get your business running at full capacity. Starting up a franchise gives you a head start. Your partners give you access to a guaranteed stream of work through its established network of contacts and contracts.

With no prior experience, its a tough gig trying to convince customers that you deliver a job well done. When youre inviting a stranger into your home, you want the peace of mind that comes from knowing that theyve developed a good reputation by helping out other customers in the same boat. Without doing a thing, franchisees can leverage the respect that their parent brand has already gained over years of prior service from day one.

Running a handyman franchise

The safest way to start your own business is to start a franchise. Here on Point Franchise, we have plenty of opportunities on offer for those who are interested in starting a handyman business. Whatever your trade, becoming a franchisee in this industry can breathe a new lease of life into your career.

1. Metro Rod

This drainage franchise operates in a multi-billion-pound sector that suffers no shortage of demand. Metro Rod franchisees enjoy a generous stream of work that emanates from the 1,500 calls and 8,000 emails a day that are received by Metro Rods customer services.

By becoming a Metro Rod franchisee, you gain access to an established customer base, trained staff and a vehicle fleet. For a minimum investment of just £25,000, you can join 40 other Metro Rod franchisees that are feeling the benefits of becoming their own boss with the backing of a nationally recognised brand.

Metro Rod has been a member of the British Franchising Association (BFA) for over 20 years. Along the way, it has been named the bodys franchisor of the year on multiple occasions most recently in 2016. This is a seal of quality that demonstrates the commitment this handyman franchise shows towards its partners.

2. Mr Electric

Having surged across the states during the last two decades, Mr Electric is now looking for handymen who want to start up their own franchise on British shores. Those that have already signed up are generating revenues of over £1 million per year.

Mr Electric franchisees are not expected to work on the ground. Instead, they are responsible for managing teams of between two and ten members in their local area. That means you do not need to have worked as a handyman in the past to become a franchisee; all that Mr Electric asks is that you have a keen interest in the electrician industry.

Mr Electric is a proud member of the Neighbourly franchise group. By being a part of a brand portfolio that is made up of over 3,700 franchisees, Mr Electric is protected against market turbulence. If you want to join a recession-proof franchise, the minimum investment required stands at just £15,000.

3. ChipsAway

ChipsAway is a franchise that specialises in fixing those annoying nicks and scratches that frustrate car owners worldwide. Despite what you might think, this industry is a big one. Because of the rate of demand, ChipsAway guarantees that all of its franchisees will receive £80,000 worth of customer enquiries in their first year of service.

As a turnkey franchise, ChipsAway will provide you with everything you need to get started, from equipment to business mentoring. As one of the companys franchisees, you can also be sure that youre ahead of the competition; ChipsAway has 100 percent higher UK brand awareness than its nearest competitor.

4. Lawnkeeper

When a franchise has been in business for over 20 years, its fair to say that they know their market. Lawnkeeper has built a diverse portfolio of services, including moss control, feed and weed treatments and pest control, that caters to all homeowners needs. With 20 million in the UK, handymen who become Lawnkeeper franchisees have access to a limitless customer base. To help you set down your roots, this gardening franchise will supervise you in all areas of your business from sales techniques to business monitoring.

Lawnkeeper franchisees have access to an exclusive territory that contains on average around 100,000 households. With the total investment standing at just £20,000, you can be confident that your business will be delivering a return in a short timescale.

5. Mr. Handyman

Another one of the Neighbourly franchises, Mr. Handyman welcomes individuals from every background into the world of handymanning. Since it was set up in 1996, it has garnered a network of more than 500 franchisees from across the globe and continues to expand its operations to new territories every year.

Offering a full package of home repairs, covering everything from bathroom repairs to plumbing to carpentry, its skilled handypeople take on the annoying tasks that their clients dont want to. And its smashing gender stereotypes, as nearly a third of Mr. Handymans franchisees are women, showing that everyone is capable of running a successful territory with the home maintenance and furniture repair franchise.

Things to know before setting up

If youre planning on offering certain services, such as fixing boilers or taking on more complicated electrical jobs, make sure youve got the right qualifications/accreditations before doing so. Your franchisor will no doubt already have this, but its something to consider if you do go it alone.
Is equipment, tools, training and help with getting your name out there included in the franchise price?
Is there a particular trade/service youd like to specialise in? if so, find a franchise that offers this, rather than a generic handyman franchise.

Offering handyman services via a franchise

Its clear that theres demand for quality handymen and women all across the UK and that, if you can hone your trade skills, youre likely to find that work comes your way without any real effort from you. Becoming part of a franchise takes the stress and financial burden out of setting up as a handyman and allows you to reap the rewards of your success much sooner. Interested? Explore our handyman opportunities right here.

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