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There are a whopping 314,590 construction companies operating in the UK, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). This is excellent news for individuals who either work or have a desire to work, in the industry as construction-related employment hit a record high in 2017 with 1.32 million jobs.

The construction industry can be categorised into three main sectors. These are commercial, residential and infrastructure. These sectors are further split into new build and refurbishment and maintenance. This split is pretty even at the moment because although people are living in their properties longer and choosing to extend and improve their homes rather than move, there has also been an increase in new housing orders.

The value of new housing orders has surpassed its pre-downturn peak in 2006, reaching £20,998 million in 2017. This upturn is primarily due to the implementation of a series of government initiatives to increase affordable housing across the country.

The performance of construction companies can be an important indicator of the health of the UK economy. As construction is both high cost and high risk, if construction companies are making a profit then its a good sign. However, during times of economic uncertainty, investment reduces along with the performance of construction companies.

Biggest construction companies UK

And its fair to say that the biggest construction companies in the UK are performing pretty well at the moment. The top three are:

1. Balfour Beatty

Registering a huge £117 million in pre-tax profits in 2017, Balfour Beatty is a British construction firm that can rival any of the European giants. Established by George Balfour in 1872 after he had completed a five-year apprenticeship, the company has stayed true to its roots by offering youngsters opportunities to join, succeed, and grow in the construction industry.

2. Kier

With pre-tax profits of £106.2 million, Kier is a name renowned for building residential properties to cater for all budgets. Originally started by Danish civil-engineer Olaf Kier in 1928, the firm is a socially responsible and highly active contractor.

3. Interserve

Interserve is one of the world's largest support services and construction companies employing more than 75,000 people worldwide. Founded in 1884, the firm was known as Tilbury until a rebranding exercise in 2001.

Jobs in construction companies

If youre interested in working in the construction industry, then there are plenty of different jobs to suit your skill set. So whether you like working with your hands or prefer a less hands-on computer-based role, there will be a construction job for you.

The good news is that the construction industry is one of the highest paying sectors in the UK. The average salary currently stands at £40,782, which is an incredible 44.7% higher than the UK average.

But what if you would rather be your own boss? You could choose to start your own construction firm from scratch, or you could take advantage of a whole host of franchise opportunities if you'd instead benefit from being part of an established business.

Franchise construction companies

Here is some information on just a few of the franchise construction companies that are available for investment.

Daniel Moquet

Daniel Moquet Driveway Designer franchise

Daniel Moquet Driveway Designer

Designing driveways, paths and patios since 1990

DANIEL MOQUET Driveway Designer is Frances largest player in the landscaping industry. Our franchise-owners [...]

£40,000 Minimum investment
Home Improvement & Construction
Read more

All Trades Network

As the leading building repair network in the country, All Trades Network offer reinstatement services for commercial and domestic clients, as well as for insurance companies. Because All Trades Network has access to such a wide range of professionals with diverse skills, they can restore a property following natural calamity damage or provide clients with a complete makeover.

This is one of the best franchises to own if you want to work in the home development sector but would prefer to take on more of a managerial role. You could be perfect for this franchise opportunity if you have strong business skills, excellent communications skills, and the ability to build and maintain good relationships with a network of clients.

On a day to day basis, youd be responsible for managing your tradesmen and ensuring that your clients receive excellent customer service. A total investment of £35,000 is needed to buy an All Trades Network franchise. Previous background in finance and real estate is desirable, but not essential. What matters is that youll be dedicated to making your business a success and that youll continue to uphold the quality of the All Trades Network brand.

Trend Transformations

Home improvement franchises such as Trend Transformations is a globally recognised brand and has built a reputation as the leading tile makeover company in the UK and beyond. Rather than having to put up with the cost and dust of having a new bathroom or kitchen fitted, Trend Transformations can install durable, simple and attractive tiles over their existing worktops.

Once youre a franchisee, Trend Transformations will support you to make the most out of this lucrative market. Youll receive comprehensive training, an exclusive territory, technical and commercial support, finance management, and PR support. So that you also maintain a professional and quality service, youll be given branded stationery, uniforms, and product brochures.

The cost to invest in this franchise depends on your budget and circumstances. If youd like to open a display a showroom at a garden centre, the franchise fee starts at £25,000. However, if you've got your sights set on running a more extensive retail showroom on the high street, the initial fee increases to £42,000. Finally, if you already have an existing retail outlet but would like the license to use Trend Transformations products, the cost is just £17,500.

There's a franchise package to suit everyone. You need to be ambitious, committed and determined to make your business a success.

Concept Building Solutions

Offering a slightly different take on a construction franchise, Concept Building Solutions specialises in repairing properties after making a claim. The claims process is managed on behalf of the customer from start to finish, reducing stress and speeding up the restoration of homes and businesses up and down the country.

The claims management franchise assesses property damage and then provides a quote and work schedule. The proposed plan of action is then agreed with the customers insurance company or appointed loss adjuster. Repairs are then carried out by Concepts local contractor base so that work can start as quickly as possible.

If youre interested in becoming a Concept Building Solutions franchisee, you should have the skills to project manage and the ability to develop relationships. Youll also need to make an investment of £32,995 plus VAT and have working capital to finance your business until you make a profit.

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