Pest Control franchise opportunities

The UK’s battle with critters continues, with media stories of giant rat infestations and never being more than 6ft away from rodents.

Yet local authorities have been forced to slash their budgets to help with this distressing issue. In fact, around 15% of local councils have stopped providing pest control services at all []. Increasingly, it's something that many local authorities and large property owners contract out, meaning there is an even larger market for private companies.

So if you're thinking of being your own boss with a pest control business, what are your options?

Independent v pest control franchise

You could create a standalone business, building up all the equipment and technical support, and establishing your reputation around your chosen territory. However, many people find it far easier to opt for a pest control franchise. It's still your own venture, but the branding and a successful business model are provided to get you trading successfully, quickly.

Having a logo people recognise, access to lower cost supplies and help with your website are just some of the advantages for this route to self-employment. A pest control franchise also guides you on insurance and compliance issues and training. The sort of red tape that can strangle a new venture. A franchiser will often direct business referrals to you too.

What pest control companies provide franchises?

You have a choice – depending on what your particular interest is – but here are just a few examples of successful companies offering pest control franchise support. PestForce prides itself on getting new ventures off the ground, as does Whelan Pest Prevention and global brand Orkin Pest Control.

Companies expanding their network include regional SOS Pest Control and the pest control arm of prolific national franchiser Express Group.

How do you choose the right one for you? By contacting us for help. We can tackle a lot of the research nuisance, to find the right pest control franchise for you.

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