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If you’ve considerable experience in a particular trade or have always been interested in going it alone and starting your own construction company, franchising may be a good option for you. There are plenty of opportunities for business-orientated individuals who can manage a team – especially in the building industry. Here, we take a look at how you could launch an entirely new career in franchising.

Building maintenance jobs

The building maintenance sector covers a remarkable array of jobs and professions. From plumbers to electricians and carpenters to bricklayers, it takes many different talents to ensure that a building is constructed and maintained in precisely the right way. Consequently, potential investors can choose between a large number of franchises, each of which specialises in a different aspect of building maintenance.

Before beginning your research, it's vital to consider precisely which aspect of business maintenance you want to be involved in. Are interiors your speciality? Do you enjoy starting a new construction from scratch? Do you want to take a hands-on approach or are you more interested in back-office management?

Establishing what it is that you want to do will go a long way to helping you decide between franchises. As you sift through the various possibilities, you'll be presented with vast amounts of information. Knowing exactly what you're looking for will allow you to better sort and process this information and increase your chances of making the right decision.

Building jobs London

Though building franchises can be found up and down the country and their services are always in demand, there's a high concentration to be found in the country's capital. In large part, this is because there's a much higher concentration of potential customers. While this is beneficial for all franchises, it’s also important to consider the effect it could have on your chances of finding the ideal franchise territory.

The vast majority of building franchises will provide you with an exclusive territory, in which you have the sole right to provide services to customers. However, if a franchise has established itself and signed several franchise agreements in the capital already, the territories remaining may not be as profitable as those already occupied.

To avoid this, franchisees need to ensure they do their homework and conduct thorough due diligence. This will help ensure that you're entering a financially viable market and that you have a reasonable chance of turning a good profit. It may also be a good idea to look for relatively new franchises who have a more extensive selection of territories to choose between. This is a delicate balancing act, as an experienced franchisor will have developed more extensive expertise but won't have as many territories to choose between.

With this in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at five of the most promising building franchises operating in the UK.

1. All Trades Network

All Trades Network specialises in property repair, restoration, and improvement. It works closely with both individual customers and the insurance industry, to provide renovation services to those properties that need a little bit of work, have fallen into disrepair, or that have been involved in an accident or disaster.

Franchisees will be expected to take on a management role that sees them leading a large team of tradesmen and back-room staff. They’ll need excellent communication skills, a head for finances, and a desire to maintain the company’s excellent reputation. It takes approximately £35,000 to launch an All Trades Network franchise.

2. Concept Building Solutions

Concept Building Solutions also work closely with the insurance industry, ensuring customers get the best possible deal from their insurers if something goes wrong or repairs are necessary. The business focuses on carrying out property surveys, creating insurance reports, liaising with insurers, and then carrying out the repairs.

Franchisees will need to invest roughly £33,000 to open up their own business and will receive the benefit of the franchisor’s 15 years of industry experience. All franchisees will be expected to have extensive project management skills and be able to develop good working relationships with those around them.

3. Magicman

Magicman is one of the UK's leading hard surface repair specialists and a significant name in the franchising sector. Whether it's kitchen surfaces, table tops, or walls, Magicman technicians have the expertise and equipment to repair all kinds of scuffs, chips, burns, or cracks.

Accredited with one of the industry’s most thorough training programmes, the Magicman franchise boasts one of the most impressive franchisee packages of any business. You could have your own Magicman franchise for an initial investment of as little as £19,950 +VAT. However, additional working capital will be required to keep you afloat, and you'll also need to acquire your own van.

4. Trend Transformations

Trend Transformations are one of the world's most popular renovation franchises. Specialising in kitchen and bathroom makeovers, the business is mainly focused on tiling and countertop surfaces. Whether it's granite, quartz, or marble, Trend Transformations can equip a home with the finest materials on the market.

The franchise operates a three-tiered franchise deal that allows potential investors to pay different amounts depending on what kind of business they want to operate. For around £25,000, a concession showroom franchise is available. For £42,000, franchisees can buy a retail showroom in a prime location. Finally, if you already have a renovation business and want to licence the use of Trend Transformations products, you can pay £17,500.

5. Local Assist

Local Assist is a relatively new franchise that provides property repair services as part of an insurance claim. Franchisees operate on behalf of the franchise in a particular territory and receive a share of any work that is routed through the Local Assist call centres.

To become a franchisee, you’ll need to invest approximately £15,000. This will provide you with access to a comprehensive franchise package that includes assistance with marketing and help generating leads.

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