How to Choose the Cleaning Business That's Right For You

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Choose a Cleaning Franchise

With many people and businesses prepared to pay for the convenience of a professional cleaning service, businesses in this sector are sweeping up a healthy profit. But its not always easy to choose your area of expertise. Heres how to decide which type of cleaning business to start.

In the modern world, families and businesses have more on their plate than ever before. Work and recreational commitments mean were often dashing about from one place to another, leaving little time to keep our homes and workplaces spick and span. With so much demand, cleaning businesses are earning steady revenues. Franchises can establish thousands of branches across the globe; Jan-Pro, for example, has a network of over 8,500 units worldwide.

So, youd like to start a cleaning business - but not every type of company may be a good match for you. Youll need to think about how much you can afford to invest, how much flexibility you need and whether youd like to hire a team of employees or go solo. And before you can do that, youll need to work out which cleaning sub-sector youd like to join.

First of all, lets take a quick look at the advantages of launching a business in the cleaning industry.

Why open your own cleaning franchise?

  1. Most businesses in the cleaning sector are recession-proof. People will always need to clean their homes and workplaces, even in a period of economic decline.
  2. You can benefit from repeat business. If you offer a good service and impress your first-time customers, theyre likely to use your business when they next need something cleaned. This means you can rely on a steady source of income.
  3. You may not need to shell out for brick-and-mortar premises. Many cleaning professionals head out in their van to tackle jobs at different locations.
  4. People are becoming more reliant on professional cleaners. Experts believe young workers will drive growth in the cleaning sector, as a lack of practical skills means theyll be more willing to shell out for a professional service.
  5. The mental health benefits of keeping things tidy are becoming more widely recognised. Thanks to influencers like Marie Kondo and Mrs Hinch, people are increasingly inspired by images of clean, tidy homes and offices, which will support your new business from the get-go.

Types of cleaning businesses

Here are the main types of cleaning business and the factors you should bear in mind when deciding which sector youd like to enter.

1. Domestic cleaning businesses

This is probably the first type of business to pop into your head when you think of cleaning franchises.

  • Youll probably be able to choose your working hours. Your clients may give you a timeframe to carry out your work, but you should be able to work around any other commitments you have.
  • You should benefit from repeat appointments. If customers are impressed with your service, theyll probably ask you to return regularly.
  • Youll need to be trustworthy. Youll be going into peoples homes and touching their prized possessions. If you dont come across as trustworthy and reliable, youre unlikely to get much business.

Browse domestic cleaning franchise opportunities to find your ideal business venture.

2. Commercial cleaning businesses

Businesses will always need cleaners to help them keep their premises tidy.

  • Theres a high demand for commercial cleaners; nearly all businesses hire someone to keep their property hygienic and presentable. (Here are some more reasons why cleaning companies will always be in demand.)
  • Youll have a wide talent pool. If you decide to recruit a team of cleaners, youll have a lot of workers to choose from, as you probably wont be looking for someone with specialist skills.
  • Its important to bear in mind you may have to work unsociable hours. Businesses probably wont want you dusting the desks while their employees are working at them, so you may be asked to clean at weekends, overnight or in the early hours.

Browse commercial cleaning franchise opportunities to find your ideal business venture.

3. Office cleaning businesses

Franchises like Techclean specialise in keeping offices and their technology and equipment free from dirt and grime.

  • Specialising in technology cleaning could be a wise business move, as business owners will always have a vested interest in keeping their equipment in good working order.
  • Like commercial cleaning businesses, office and technology cleaning firms may have to work unsociable hours so employees can work undisturbed during the day.

4. After-build cleaning businesses

Have you ever considered who cleans up after a building project is completed? Franchises like The Kleaning Company specialise in the after-build sector.

  • This is a fairly niche area, but its businesses are in high demand. Building sites will always need someone to clear up after the construction professionals have finished work.
  • If you establish relationships with construction firms, you may be able to secure an ongoing contract with them for reliable income.

5. Kitchen cleaning businesses

This sector has a number of different sub-categories with businesses focusing on everything from oven cleaning to fryer management.

  • Youll probably be able to adapt your working hours to suit you so you can appointments at times when youre free to focus on your business.
  • You can promote your business and gain clients by positioning yourself as someone who can quickly do the jobs your customers hate. Youll have all the right tools and products to clean a grimy oven in a flash, whereas customers might spend hours scrubbing and wasting time they could spend doing something they love.
  • You can target both commercial and domestic customers, working in homes as well as restaurant kitchens.

6. Window cleaning businesses

Franchises like My Window Cleaner work in the fresh air to get building exteriors looking shiny and new.

  • Dirty windows can make even the most impressive buildings look lacklustre. More and more glass is being used in commercial buildings, and businesses want to appear clean and professional, so there should always be a high demand for your services.
  • Clients probably wont mind when you clean their windows, so you may be able to tailor your working schedule to suit your existing commitments.
  • Youll have the chance to clean windows in tall buildings, with the option to use a cherry picker or even go abseiling. This may not suit those with a fear of heights, but its certainly a fun way to spend the day; plus, youll get great views of the surrounding area!

Heres how you can start your own window cleaning business.

7. Floor and carpet cleaning businesses

Have you ever considered starting a floor and carpet cleaning franchise business? Take a look at Zero Dry Time to find out more about what the sector entails.

  • Youll offer customers a highly convenient service. Cleaning carpets usually involves buying or hiring a bulky piece of equipment and lugging it around the house. But clients can sidestep this laborious task by getting in touch with you.
  • This is another niche area, but by focusing your efforts on one sub-sector, you can hoover up jobs with customers who are looking for a business with expert know-how.

8. Car cleaning businesses

Waves and other similar franchises clean customers cars while they get on with their lives.

  • Youll have flexibility when it comes to location. Depending on the business you launch, you could drive to customers homes or set up in a supermarket car park or other busy spots.
  • Theres one factor you should keep in mind: car cleaning firms often arent as resistant to recession as other businesses in the industry. When money is tight, many people are willing to get the bucket and sponge out and clean their cars themselves.

9. Chimney sweeping businesses

You may never have considered getting into chimney sweeping before, but it could be a lucrative business move

  • Anyone who uses a chimney should get it swept regularly, so this seemingly niche sector actually caters to a high proportion of people. And with log burners soaring in popularity, demand is set to rise even further.
  • Because chimneys must be swept regularly, you can benefit from repeat business if you join this sector.

Read up on Wilkins Chimney Sweep to find out how you could set up your own business in this sector.

Cleaning business franchise opportunities

You can find a wide range of cleaning franchise opportunities here at Point Franchise.

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