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A Schmidt kitchen has the power to revolutionise the way you cook, dine, clean and socialise. The global brand strives to give its customers complete control and freedom in customising the design and functionality for their dream kitchen.

Schmidt Kitchens UK

The leading kitchen retail company in Europe vows to design, manufacture and distribute bespoke kitchens, bathrooms and home furnishings like no one else. Being leaders in innovative interior solutions, the franchise is dedicated to playing a major part in home improvement. And it does exactly that via its network of more than 450 points of sale in Europe. Offering high-end, luxurious products for a reasonable price, the entirety of the companyís output is created in six factories across Europe.

Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

The Schmidt Kitchens showroom in the busy London suburb, Barnet, is conveniently located on the Barnet High Street. The brand has over 80 years of experience in the industry, being founded in Germany by Hubert Schmidt in 1934.

The staff in the Barnet store are all incredibly friendly and knowledgeable on all things kitchens. Whether itís a quick enquiry for one product or a whole new fitted kitchen youíre after, the staff, with an extensive subject knowledge, are there to help every step of the way.

The stylish shop showcases stunning contemporary furniture and fittings, which can be adapted to the unique requirements of your home, making it the best kitchen making store on offer in Barnet. The fitting service is fully guaranteed and appliances and fixtures also come with good warranties.

5 Things You Didnít Know

1. First European Network
Schmidt is the first European retail network which operates 450 showrooms devoted to selling made-to-measure furniture in 25 countries. All of its showrooms are exclusive too - only selling Schmidt furniture.

2. State-of-the-Art Industrial Equipment
Schmidt invests in the latest industrial equipment to create its made-to-measure products. Over its time operating in the industry, the companyís talented engineers have built high-tech factories that make supplying entirely customised, exceptional quality interior solutions at a competitive price and with minimal delay, possible. It is because of this equipment that creating over 130,000 units per year and over 600 kitchens per day is achievable.

Also, in order to build your interior solution, kitchen or bathroom exactly how youíd like it, millions of pieces of data are sent from your adviserís design tool to the factory machines. These masterpieces of technology transfer information about the specific material, colour, dimensions and finish of your furniture. As a result, there is seamless interior perfection, from the initial idea to the sketch to the 3D design to the factory, and finally when its installed in your home. This data flow does not stop at the dispatch point. Schmidtís transporters and logistics platforms are fitted with tracking tools to make sure that your furniture will be made without delay and in compliance with its quality standards. In 2014, the high-tech processes were recognised by the Usine Digitale (Digital Factory) award.

3. First Manufacturer to Obtain All Four ISO Certifications
With this franchise, being ethical and sustainable is paramount. Sustainable development is realised every day and at every level; through the materials and processes that honour the wellbeing of the environment to the community and individual welfare. This philosophy has not gone unnoticed either.

With the ultimate goal of the company being to reduce its environmental impact, namely in greenhouse emissions, its efforts towards optimal and efficient energy performance have been awarded with an ISO 50001 certification.

In the factories, Schmidt achieves sustainable development everyday in its factories. It saves energy by heating the factories using its wood offcuts, there is LED lighting instead of neon lamps and local supplies are used where possible to reduce transportation requirements. On top of this, the materials and panels used in construction have a low level of formaldehyde and the brand aims to only use tough, quality, and completely renewable materials, with water being recycled to encourage material repurposing, and with its units being made from wood sourced from sustainable forests.

And its not just the planet at the heart of everything this company does - humans are equally important. Schmidt is constantly upgrading and investing in new and improved health and safety measures. These are essential in order to limit occupational hazards in the workplace and ensure that all employees feel safe and secure in their work environment.

4. Design Lab in France
The design lab is a space where interior architects, engineers and stylists come together to create and realise innovative interior solutions. They combine their expertise and creative flare to conceive unique products customised to the nearest millimetre. The team works together to plan every detail and develop exclusive, imaginative and ergonomic lines.

5. Quality as Standard

As mentioned earlier, Schmidtís processes are ISO 9001 certified, with the company only manufacturing products of the highest quality. All products are rigorously checked, approved and improved. The units are tested in the lab before being approved for release; they are designed to resist every challenge, even boisterous children. They are rechecked throughout the entirety of the production process before arriving at your nearest showroom.

Schmidt states that the factory-assembled units are resistant to wear and tear over time and, due to the strength of the unit carcases and 19mm thick shelf panels, can hold up to 32 plates. A Schmidt kitchen is built to last, due to the dowelled and glue assembly which allows it to provide a ten-year warranty on the units. Also, all of its hinges and metal parts are laboratory tested (200,000 opening/closing cycles). These shouldnít need to be changed for 25 years. Worktops also survive the test of time, as they are water repellent and have a ten-year guarantee. Drawer runners can support loads from 30 kg to 65 kg, so you can store whatever you want in drawers without worrying about damaging them.

Head to the Point Franchise website to find out more about this impressive, innovative franchise currently looking for franchisees in the UK. Interested entrepreneurs require a minimum investment of £80,000.

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