Highgate Café Rouge Is London’s New Celebrity Hot Spot

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Café Rouge is the only established Nationwide French casual dining brand in the UK

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Celebrities are flocking to new Café Rouge franchise in Highgate.

British celebrities are trading the Ivy and Soho House for Highgates Café Rouge. Come by any given late morning to the ‘Trés Parisian’ bistro style café chain in Highgate, order a demi with a croissant or a full English breakfast with a cup of tea, and sit back to watch celebrities like Liam Gallagher, Kate Moss and Jude Law. Another regular is former Kinks frontman who comes on a daily basis and seems to always place the same order. The French-bistro-café style chain offers the traditional Parisian style bistro café’s experience without leaving London that has quickly rose to stardom among the well-heeled, cool Britannia and rock star elite. Davies is just one in a string of British stars to follow the café stamping ground trend set by turn of last century’s French intellectuals, artists and writers. Jude Law is often with his children while Kate Moss sits outside with her dog whilst sipping on a cup of coffee dodging paparazzi lenses with her iPhone.

Director Christopher Nolan comes in regularly ordering the traditional French onion soup with a steak baguette and actor Matt Smith, the newsreader Jon Snow and film-maker Terry Gilliam have also been spotted brooding over the swerves and ridges of their wine glasses. Even the late George Michael, who happened to live around the corner from Highgate’s Café Rouge, was a regular. He is still remembered by friends and fans who come in to pay tribute to the musician. Liam Gallagher has become such a Highgate Café Rouge staple that he even chose to be interviewed by the Guardian on the premises.

The branch’s manager, Colin Jamieson says celebrity interviews on the premises have become common-place. “I always thought customers meant job interviews, but I’m not so sure now,” Jamieson said. He attributes the success of Highgate’s Café Rouge among A-lister, to great traditional French food combined with the many ‘nooks and crannies’ that makes it the perfect hub for people in search of quiet and discretion. Café Rouge Highgate maintains vestiges of a liberal bohemianism of a cool Britannia that is very appealing to the wealthy artists who live in the area.

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