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Bodystreet is hosting a world record attempt which will see fitness fanatic Idai Makaya attempt more than 7,600 pullups.

Pull ups are a tricky exercise for ever seasoned fitness fanatics, with most of us struggling to beat 100 repetitions (even on a good day). However, for fitness coach Idai Makaya, hell need to do 76 times this number in order to be in with a shot at breaking the current world record. To make things even harder, hell be completing the pull ups for a mind-blowing 24 consecutive hours.

Hell be attempting to break the record at fitness franchise Bodystreets studio in Milton Keynes and will be using the fitness franchises signature EMS (electric muscle stimulation) to help his muscles work as hard as they possibly can.

Explaining why he uses the technology regularly, Idai said:

[I] train using an advanced fitness technology called Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) which allows the muscles to work much harder and more fully than they naturally are able to. EMS allows the muscles to contract up to 95% of their fibres (conventional exercise uses less than half the muscle fibres at any one time) and EMS allows athletes to generate more power and better endurance from fewer and shorter exercise sessions. It also speeds the metabolism, allowing maximum leanness - meaning that I can carry less body weight during my pull-ups challenge.

He will be completing the challenge to honour his late brother Garai and has already managed to raise a fantastic £7,600. To build up his leg endurance, he has been using a stand-up cycle trainer called an ElliptiGO to make sure hes in peak condition.

Those who are looking to get themselves in similarly fantastic shape should check out Bodystreets unique fitness concept across the UK.

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