Bodystreet Coventry-City becomes the first international Bodystreet to win a RICHY award for the franchisee of the year.

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Bodystreet offers an opportunity for those with little or no time to get fit and stay fit. Our proven once-a-week 20-minute workout programme helps burn fat, build muscle, tone and shape. It even helps reduce backache and improve posture.

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Bodystreet Coventry-City becomes the first international Bodystreet to win a RICHY award for the franchisee of the year.


Bodystreet Coventry-City has been awarded Bodystreet’s ‘RICHY’ Franchisee of the Year 2022.


RICHY is the acronym for the Bodystreet brand values - RICHY - Respect, Integrity, Client focus, Have fun, Know your why - and Bodystreet Coventry-City was awarded the R Respect Award.

Respect recognises the importance of following brand guidelines, growth and other KPIs important to the success of a Bodystreet studio.


Bodystreet, the global leader in EMS boutique fitness studios, held their annual franchisee conference in Ferropolis near Leipzig in Germany last weekend. The RICHY Award was presented to the UK-based Bodystreet studio in Coventry for continuing to encompass the corporate values that underpin the market-leading company with over 300 studios worldwide.


Coventry-City became the first international franchise to win the esteemed award, providing them global recognition of their studio’s excellent performance over the last 12 months. The team was presented with the award at the Bodystreet Brand Festival in Germany by CEOs Emma and Matthias Lehner, who started the company in 2007 at their Munich studio.



Coventry-City Studio Manager Leah Woodall confirmed that ‘Bodystreet’s values are an inner compass for us, guiding us to success each day.’

She went on to thank the Bodystreet members and staff for their continued support.


’Our success this year is due to the continued hard work and commitment of our members and staff, as well as the Bodystreet franchise for providing us with a process that we can follow to achieve this success.’


The studio’s achievement - in receiving this award - demonstrates the huge growth and triumph the franchise is experiencing as they continue to expand across the UK; taking the nation by storm with the time-efficient 20-minute workout programme using the latest fitness technology.


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