Football franchise opportunities

The UK’s sports industry is showing great signs of health - and fitness - for future growth. This £23 billion sector supports around one million jobs and is the inspiration behind numerous new business start ups, which includes football franchise businesses, cashing in on the nation’s favourite sport at both a grassroots and national level. The annual turnover of the Football Association (FA) is approximately £310 million, which illustrates the revenue this particular sport can attract.

Why opt for one of these instead of going it alone?

Quite apart from the kudos of offering a well known brand for your business start-up, the franchise deal includes a wealth of training – something you will know if vital for success on and off the field. A love of the sport is great, but franchisers can provide business insights and technological support, too. You also help on key issues such as insurance and safeguarding, both of which are particularly vital if you are working with kids. To get the ball rolling and reach your business goal, contact us to be matched to a football business franchise on its way to the top.

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