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Bodystreet 20 minutes is all it takes!

Bodystreet offers an opportunity for those with little or no time to get fit and stay fit. Our proven once-a-week 20-minute workout programme helps burn fat, build muscle, tone and shape. It even helps reduce backache and improve posture.

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Bodystreet’s Managing Director, Mark Holland, has been laying out why he believes that the franchise concept is on to a winner.

It can be difficult to know which franchise opportunity is the right one for you, but Bodystreet’s Mark Holland has been explaining why he believes the fitness franchise is one of the best.

Speaking about what makes it different, Holland introduced it by saying:

“People considering Bodystreet as an investment opportunity may also be looking into other fitness franchises, but what differentiates Bodystreet from the others is the amount of resource required to launch the business. The £80,000 investment level is significantly lower than Bodystreet’s competitors. Plus, as its studios are normally found in much smaller premises (circa 1,000 sq ft), sourcing locations can be straightforward – and affordable.”

He explained that franchisees do not need previous experience in the industry (but that a passion for fitness is essential) and that each new recruit will be supported throughout their journey.

“Although Bodystreet is relatively new to the UK, our franchisees benefit not just from the assistance of the UK team but also the award-winning support of our German-based franchisor. Knowing that Bodystreet has earned the title of Franchisor of the Year in its homeland, you can rest assured that the support being offered is leading edge. [It] starts even before you become a Bodystreet franchisee; help is available to locate a suitable property, recruit the right team members, source builders and so on.”

Holland outlined how the support ensures each franchisee is fully ready to start and continue operating a successful, prosperous business.

“Once you become a franchisee, Bodystreet will go to all necessary lengths to support your launch. Startschulung (‘start training’) is an intensive, one-week, classroom-based training programme where you learn about Bodystreet, our history, the system and how to run a successful Bodystreet franchise.

“Once completed, you will then have a second week of training in a training studio –Hospitation (‘orientation’). Here, you take the theory from Startschulung and put it into practice working in a studio, eventually delivering sessions to clients. One of our area managers will be on hand to support your opening week, making sure your launch is successful and your business grows in line with your plan.

“Support and training doesn’t stop at launch. Bodystreet’s Training Academy provides a host of training courses, seminars and conferences for you and your team, to develop and hone skills throughout your Bodystreet career. An area manager will visit regularly to discuss your goals and plans and to coach you on how to achieve those objectives.”

Holland added that those who are passionate about fitness and can provide exceptional customer service will be ideal for the franchise. As well as expanding on where Bodystreet might head in the future, Holland concluded by offering some sage advice to future franchisees with any business.

“Begin with the end in mind. Once you have answered [key questions like] why this business over its competitors, consider the following: does this business you are looking at allow you to achieve these things? And if it does, can you see yourself in this industry or sector that the business operates in? There’s no point doing something you are not going to enjoy. Starting a business requires sacrifice, but if the venture is to get you where you want to be – and you enjoy the journey – then it’s well worth making those sacrifices.”

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