Is Wetherspoons a Franchise?

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is wetherspoons a franchise

Originally posted on 23/09/2018. Updated on 01/05/2019.

We’ve all popped to our local Wetherspoon at some point in time. Whether it be for a full English or a cheap pint, the pub company provides a diverse menu offering something to suit everyone’s tastes. Commonly referred to by its fans as ‘spoons’, the brand is famous for its unusual, patterned carpets and choosing unconventional yet charismatic premises to convert into pubs. In fact, in 2016, Spoon’s Carpets was published to reveal that each carpet is unique and reflects the history of the premises and the local area. There are just under 1,000 pubs dotted around the UK, the biggest being the Royal Victoria Pavilion in Ramsgate, Kent.

Wetherspoon’s Background

JD Wetherspoon plc, also known as Wetherspoon, was founded by Tim Martin in 1979 when he opened the first pub - a former bookies - in North London. In the initial years, the pubs were all located in North London and the headquarters were above The Dog in Archway. Since then, the brand has expanded across the UK to nearly 900 pubs, including the Lloyds No.1 bar chain and the increasing number of Wetherspoon hotels. There are also over 35,000 employees pulling pints and putting smiles on customers’ faces - making it one of the biggest pub chains in the UK. In 2018, Wetherspoon’s net income amounted to a staggering £66.7 million.

One of the reasons why so many customers are attracted to the brand is because of their innovative promotional campaigns where there are different food offers on throughout the week. There’s Steak Club on Tuesday, Chicken Club on Wednesday, Curry Club on Thursday, Fish Friday and Sunday Brunch. With such enticing deals on offer, regulars keep coming back for more.

Tim noticed that breakfasts were emerging as an incredibly popular eat-out meal choice. Therefore, to capitalise on the lucrative sector, in 2005, he decided to open every pub at 9am. In order to keep up with customer demand, five years later, the pubs started to open at 7am.

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A Sustainable Brand

Wetherspoon recycles in all areas of business and tries to cut back on its energy consumption wherever it can. As a brand, it also strives to limit its overall impact on the environment by encouraging efficient purchasing to limit waste and to allow materials to be recycled, employing waste management strategies that maximise efficiency and stop waste being sent to landfill, and reducing any emissions or effluents that can have a detrimental effect on our environment. For instance, in terms of waste and recycling, food waste is sent for anaerobic digestion, non-recyclable waste is sent to waste-to-energy power plants that limit CO2 and fossil fuel emissions, no waste is sent to landfill and cooking oil is converted into biodiesel for agricultural use. Also, to combat single-use plastics, in 2017, the company decided to replace plastic straws with 100 percent recyclable paper straws.

It’s important that big chains with a large national presence are constantly thinking of new, innovative ways to reduce their negative impact on the environment. And this is something that customers value in brands too. Climate change has never been more of a pressing issue, so it will serve brands well to consider how they can be environmentally friendly, not only morally, but also to attract customers.

Why is Wetherspoon so successful?

Founder, Tim Martin is dedicated to staff training and development. For this reason, the turnover of bar managers in Wetherspoons is approximately ten percent, which is much lower than the industry standard. With Martin investing heavily in training and staff development, he gets loyal, highly competent employees in return. This has a knock-on effect on staff performance, customer satisfaction and a rise in profit.

Martin is a sociable individual with plenty of connections in the industry. He claims to know the names of over 1,000 managers and bar staff, which helps them connect on a personal level and helps make them feel valued as individuals.

Wetherspoon’s Franchise

It’s clear to see that this is a very successful, established business with a tried and tested business model - characteristics that you must consider when you look for a franchise to invest in. However, unfortunately, Wetherspoon is not a franchise. Each of the locations has its own individual name, alongside the Wetherspoon brand name on clear display. However, if you are keen to be part of the brand in any way possible, then working towards becoming a pub manager could be an exciting career path.

In order to gain this position, you will need to join Weatherspoon as a shift or kitchen manager. The company believes that, due to the responsibility of the role, it is paramount that the pub manager knows the brand inside out.

Wetherspoon is known for providing excellent opportunities for staff to progress though the ranks. In fact, it has been named in the Top Employer UK for 16 consecutive years. Once you’ve made it as a pub manager, there is scope to become an area manager or take on a senior management role at head office.

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As part of the training, franchisees will be taken to the family vineyard to wise up on the roots of the company and pass on their expertise.

The ideal franchisee is someone who is passionate about the brand and keen fuel its growth and success.

In order to invest, interested franchisees require a minimum investment of £75,000 and a total investment of £100,000.

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