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chicken and waffles

Food trends originating in the US have had an overwhelming influence on what we eat in the UK and across the globe.

Half of our meat consumption in Britain is chicken, which indicates how popular and universal the protein-rich food is. As well as healthy-eaters relishing chickens low saturated fat content and high protein, enjoying it as part of a salad, fried chicken is a popular fast-food choice across the world.

Waffles are an indulgent dish that originated in France and Belgium, and are now a popular breakfast choice and sweet treat enjoyed on a global scale.

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Chicken and Waffles

Chicken and Waffles is an American dish which combines two popular, tasty foods. Its part of a few culinary traditions, including Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine and soul food, and started out being served in speciality restaurants in the US.

The soul food version is the most popular pairing and is what we imagine when we think of chicken and waffles. The waffle is served with fried chicken, with condiments such as butter and syrup. The unique duo is incredibly popular in Baltimore, so much so that it has become a local custom. On the other hand, opting for a more savoury flavour, the traditional Pennsylvania Dutch version entails a plain waffle with pulled, stewed chicken, drizzled in gravy.

The slightly obscure paring is now enjoyed globally and Brits in particular are starting to join the hype and seek out restaurants serving the delicious dish.

Benefits of Opening a Chicken and Waffles Restaurant Franchise

British people spend a whopping £29 billion a year on eating out or ordering in. So, what could be better than opening a food franchise, especially one with a USP so unique that many of us havent tried it before.

Opening a restaurant from scratch is an option, however it can be challenging to set yourself apart from big-name competitors. When spending money on food, consumers tend to trust brands that they know and trust. Why not invest in an existing American restaurant franchise that not only offers a robust brand identity, but also copious amounts of help with complex business management issues such as insurance, compliance and staff training with the large amount of legislation in the food industry, it is crucial that you know what youre doing.

Franchisers often provide invaluable marketing support, driving a large amount of traffic to your chicken and waffles restaurant. Because franchisers have buying power, supplies and equipment may also be cheaper, which means you can make every penny count when you need it most.

There arent currently any chicken and waffle restaurant franchise opportunities available with Point Franchise, however, see below for information about some other chicken and waffle restaurant franchises that can give you a taste of what investing might have in store.

Chicken and Waffle Restaurant Franchise Opportunities

Lo-Los Chicken & Waffles

The first Lo-Los Chicken & Waffles opened in 2002 after Larry Lo-Lo White had perfected his perfect fried chicken recipe. The restaurant was a great success and gained a cult-like following, and soon after, another restaurant opened, with large queues forming out the door.

This award-winning combination of savoury fried chicken and sweet, syrupy waffles has even been sought after by the likes of Muhammad Ali and Charles Barkley. The US Lo-Los has sparked its own soul food revolution - Lo-Los claims that there is no other national soul food franchise. Therefore, there is unlimited potential for growth.

The ideal franchisee is a business-savvy entrepreneur who is well-acquainted with the business world and restaurant industry. They should also have a customer service background, the ability to follow the business model, be eligible for a liquor license and be able to qualify financially.

Franchisees will receive ongoing training and support, including the initial training programme, help setting up the store and onsite training.

If you have a passion for food, exceptional customer service and a minimum liquidity of at least $200,000, head to the Lo-Los website to apply. Depending on the size of the restaurant location, franchisees can expect the total investment to be between $651,000 and $2,229,900, with an initial franchise fee of $45,000.

At the moment, the soul food brand is only looking to expand throughout the US but watch this space for UK opportunities.

Other Opportunities

The following London restaurants are not currently franchising, but they either specialise in chicken and waffles or offer them as part of their menu.


Born in Shoreditch in 2014, Bird is Londons original fried chicken and waffles joint inspired by the famous American soul food. There are also restaurants in Islington, Camden and Westfield Stratford City. As well offering waffles, they also sell fried chicken burgers, macaroni and cheese, nachos and a range of vegetarian options.

Waffle Doodle-Doo

This market-stall restaurant offers tasty waffles that come with either free range chicken, fish, beef or halloumi. This restaurant is in Lambeth and is bringing savoury waffles and bagels to the hungry mouths of Londoners.

People are clearly going doolally over Waffle Doodle-doo, with it being a finalist in the British Street Food Awards.

Stax Diner

Stax Diner is the first child of the Feed Your Soul family which serves up authentic homestyle cooking of the American deep south. Situated in the vibrant Kingly Court in Soho, Stax Diner is a cosy place to get your American food fix. It prides itself on feeding your soul, offering fried chicken breast with buttermilk waffles and maple syrup.

Dirty Bones

Another franchise offering chicken and waffles is Dirty Bones. It started in 2013 when two friends took several trips to New York, drinking, eating and loving life. They developed the idea for a NYC-inspired restaurant. When the ideal basement space just off Kensington High Street became available, the concept became a reality and the first Dirty Bones was opened. There are now also restaurants in Carnaby, Shoreditch, Soho and Oxford.

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